Tuesday, July 26, 2016

106 113 137 | Cubs acquire Aroldis Chapman 113-days after start of 2016 season, July 25, 2016


This trade came July 25, 2016, 69-days before the end of the MLB regular season, October 2, 2016.  The team sending over Chapman, is the same team that has won the most World Series, 27.

MLB = 27

It also came 113-days into the season, which began April 3, 2016.  (Or 3-months 22-days)

Chapman's birthday stands out.

2/28 >>> 228 = United States of America

2/28/1988 = 2+28+19+88 = 137 (33rd Prime)
2/28/1988 = 2+28+(1+9+8+8) = 56
2/28/1988 = 2+2+8+1+9+8+8 = 38
2/28/88 = 2+28+88 = 118

Chapman is known for being the hardest thrower in the MLB.  He also owns an MLB record, with a '106' mph fastball, the number of 'prophecy'.  You can watch his pitch below.  We'll see if this is confirmation for a Cubs World Series soon enough.

Albertín Aroldis Chapman de la Cruz = 134 (Pythagorean)
Aroldis Chapman = 134 (Simple English)


  1. Might be another streak shaping up for the White Sox. They have won three straight since the Sale incident, and they play on the 41 degree N parallel. Their record is now 49-50. The Indians are also on the 41 N parallel and had a 14 game streak, winning their 50th on July 4th. Chris Sale wears number 49. Hillary was born in Chicago, and the Sox are Obama's team

  2. cubs wont win they have too much money on them. I think theyll win next year

  3. Hey zach, I watched your video about denny greens death and how u wanted to work together with other Gematria people. At https://numbersneverlie.org/ we all work together to make our predictions.

    1. LOL thats warriyahtruths blog

    2. Lol people there just rip shit off Zachary and post it there. One guy said 112 = Andrew luck so colts and Cubs winning championships. I almost fell out of my chair reading that.

  4. Great work on this! I wonder who will win tonight's game. I am doing some decoding on it now. Favorable numbers for both teams. Sometimes I am convinced on one team winning and then it goes the other way. I do not gamble but I do want to crack the code.

  5. Working on the Phillies and Marlins game right now. A lot of numbers adding up for both. Not sure who would win this as one pitchers has (106) (prophecy) on him and the other (44) (kill). A lot of 56/65 coding as well.

    Phillies are 46-56 (losses=56)
    Zach Eflin starting pitcher is (#56)
    It will be 1056 hours since his debut. (1056)
    It will be 44 days since his debut. (44)
    He is also 3-3 (33)

    For Marlins (They are shown on the preview page in Orange)
    Orange= (33)
    Starting pitcher Adam Conley is 6-5 (65 / 56) the reverse of Phillies loss record and other pitchers jersey number.
    His stats include a 106k (106) Prophecy

    On the game preview page at MLB.com, It shows a video clip of the Phillies. The video is (28 seconds long) Before playing that video if you add the score (4) and the numbers shown on the Jerseys (5) and (29) you get (911).

    So with the (911) coding on the Phillies video and the (44) (kill) day duration on their pitcher, who wears the jersey number (56) which reflects their loss record (56). And the coding on the Marlins pitcher, (106) (prophecy) coding and (65) (the reverse of the Phillies' loss record) Would it be safe to say it looks better for the Marlins to win this one?

    1. 5-0, 5-0?

      Sox are 50-50

      Five-O. Chicago's Finest.

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    3. Looks like the Marlins did win after all. 11-1 (111)

    4. Man decode a game to game I'm in Vegas I'll bet it u can text me or call me 4049790906

  6. Steve Bartman was sitting in seat 113. The Cubs first game was on 4/4 so it was 112 days after their first game. Yankees played Astros first game of the season, and traded him same day they were playing the Astros.