Sunday, July 31, 2016

197 198 | Jimmy Walker leads PGA Championship, July 31, 2016 (Rigged sports exposed!)

JW = 10+23 = 33

I love that 187 introduction...

Notice Jimmy Walker has won the 98th PGA Championship 198-days after his birthday at Baltusrol Golf Club.

If you don't count the end date, the win also came 197-days after Jimmy Walker's, or James William Walker's birthday.


  1. Problem is, they code up at least half a dozen or more guys this much, the tricky part is picking the right one. Adam Scott, Rory McIlroy and Scott Piercy all had incredible numbers, yet only one of the three even made the cut. Insane.

    1. See that's what's so hard about golf. There were 156 players in the field this week. There were even 20 club pros (who probably wouldn't be chosen simply because they're not good enough) that couldve had numerical alignments too. It's why I think we shouldn't bother with it too much. It's still a Masonic tour, as shown by Spieth and Scott's gematria (and others) but still. Remember Dustin Johnson at the Masters? He had a lot lining up seemingly too. So did Willett. It takes too long to decode a tournament for a sport that most sports fans don't even watch anyway.

  2. I have great success with golf tournaments due to the high odds. The best thing to do is wait till day 2's finished and then you have a good idea of who's in with a shout. Narrows dont the field to maybe 5-10 players which if far easier.

    Walker was still 10/1 after leading at the end of day 2. Having said that i thought Streb was going to do this one. Had ridiculously good alignment for the US PGA and perfect for the 98th tournament having birth numerology of 98 and his birthday being the 98th day of the year.

    Still he had a top 10 finish which is big bucks.

    1. Great advice jmontz. I just learned that the hard way banking on Rory and Piercy going in. Live and learn. I put a few on Streb too. Hey, would you happen to have an email where I can reach you?

  3. Travelers Championship
    August 4 - 7, 2016
    end date 8/7/16 8+7+20+16= 51
    "Travelers Championship" in the English Reduction system equals 107=17
    "Russell Knox" in the English Ordinal system equals 170=17
    May 21, 1984 birthday to final day 47 days which is the 15th prime and also the reflection of the final day numerology.

    Let me what you guys think. Still learning so any input will help.

    1. August seventh = 47
      8/7/16 = 31. He's 31 years old.

      This tournament started 64 years ago. Knox = 64.

      His birth Numerology this year is 43/63 - both good numbers for a championship this year. 43 = Champion. 1-63 = 2016.

      Travelers Championship = 107. 107 = 25th prime.

      Scotland = 25. Russell = 25.

      The Course is called "TPC River Highlands" - 94/193. 193 = 44th prime. Russell Knox = 44.

      TPC = 39.

      His last PGA Win was back in 8/11/15. From 8/11/15 - 7/8/16 = 39 weeks.

      Has some good connections but not what i'd call a dead cert. @ 45/1 though worth each way money. I'd wait and see if he's still in with a shout after day 2. Then check the rest of the field who could still win and see if they have any other connections.

      Birth numerology and dates between birth will most likely be key, this tournament along with the US open just gone have been played weeks of schedule due to the Olympics this year. This throws perfect opportunities for other people to win big tournaments due to the dates being different to normal. Hence why Jimmy won the US.

      One thing i would add, ive never been a fan of taking out the 0 as you did above. From what i've observed it doesn't always hold true so i'd take them kind of connections with a pinch of salt. Other than that good work.

      Literally just spotted this while typing - 47 = 15th prime as you say. Fifteen = 38.

      Cromwell (Location of tournament) = 38. Florida = 38 (When Knox lives)

      38 + 41 have been huge numbers this year, around tournaments and fake news stories.

    2. You guys nailed ! Great job on the decode. Knox one shot back with the whole back 9 to play. Thanks again for the research.

  4. Another right pick Knox wins the Championship...

    Who's taking the Olympics Gold medal this week??

  5. Another right pick Knox wins the Championship...

    Who's taking the Olympics Gold medal this week??


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