Sunday, December 18, 2016

NFL Week 15 Discussion Thread

Thursday Night Football, the first game of Week 15, was made by the numbers.

It was the 38th time both teams played each other, and the 37th time in the regular season.

Fifteen = 38 (First game of Week 15)
Los Angeles = 37 (37th game in regular season between teams)
Seahawks = 24 (Seahawks won with 24)

12/15/16 = 12+15+16 = 43 (Seattle Seahawks = 43)

The Jets currently lead the regular season series 53-47-1, and all-time, 53-48-1.  Their next win will be the symbolic 54th.  Jets = 54; Bills = 54

This game will be played Saturday, December 17, 2016.

12/17/2016 = 12+17+20+16 = 65
12/17/2016 = 12+17+(2+0+1+6) = 38
12/17/2016 = 1+2+1+7+2+0+1+6 = 20
12/17/16 = 12+17+16 = 45 (Forty-Five = 54)

The Sunday games have the following date numerology.

12/18/2016 = 12+18+20+16 = 66 (NFL)
12/18/2016 = 12+18+(2+0+1+6) = 39
12/18/2016 = 1+2+1+8+2+0+1+6 = 21
12/18/16 = 12+18+16 = 46
12/18 = 12+18 = 30

Week Fifteen = 55/64/109

The Sunday games comes 49-days before Super Bowl 51, or a span of 50-days.

Super Bowl = 41/50/131

This will be the 192nd regular season game between both teams, and 194 all-time.  The Chicago Bears lead the regular season 93-92-6, and all-time 94-93-6.

Notice the date December 18, written 18/12, can be broken down to (9)/(3) in numerology.  Seems ripe for the Packers to find their 93rd regular season win tomorrow.

This will be the 30th game between both teams.  The Texans lead the series 18-11.  The Jaguars have a synch with the date numerology of the game.

Jacksonville Jaguars = 66 (Date numerology)

This will be the 20th regular season game and 21st game all-time between the two teams.  The Browns lead the series 11-8, and 12-8 all-time.

This will be the 5th game between the two teams.  The Eagles lead the series 2-1-1.

This will be the 49th regular season game, and 51st game all-time between the two teams.  The Chiefs lead the regular season 27-21, and lead all-time, 29-21.  Tomorrow is a ripe date for the Chiefs to get win #30.

This will be the 43rd regular season game between the two teams, and 44th game all-time.  The Lions lead the series 21-20-1 in the regular season, and 22-20-1 all-time.

The Giants could get their 21st win on the date with '21' numerology tomorrow.

Twenty-One = 42; NYC = 42

This will be the 24th regular season game, and 25th game all-time between the two teams.  The Colts lead the regular season 15-7-1, and all-time 16-7-1.

Colts = 24

If the Colts win, they'll be 16-7-1.  '167' is a lot like '39', and the date of this game is a date with '39' numerology.  Andrew Luck also had '39' birth numerology.  This is the game we've been looking at since before the season began.  See my prior decodes on this game that I have posted in the last week.

Minnesota Vikings = 75/93
Indianapolis Colts = 75/93

*Adrian Peterson is returning 93-days before his birthday
18/12 >>> 9/3

This will be the 93rd regular season game between these two teams, and 95th all-time.

The Steelers lead the series 57-35 and 59-35 counting the playoffs.

This will be the 29th regular season game, and 30th all-time between the two teams.  The Cardinals lead the series 15-13, and 15-14 counting the playoffs.

This will be the 77th regular season game between the two teams and the 79th all-time.  The 49ers lead the regular season 46-29-1, and all-time 47-30-1.  I suspect the Falcons pick up their 30th regular season win tomorrow.

This is the 47th regular season matchup and the 52nd all-time.  The Broncos lead the regular season 26-20, and all-time 30-1.

This will be the 114th regular season game, and 115th all-time.

The Raiders lead the series 61-50-2, and 62-50-2 all-time.

This will be the 16th regular season game, and 18th all-time.

The Cowboys lead the series 11-4 in the regular season, and 13-4 all-time.

This game is coming 142-days after Dak's birthday.  Dak Prescott = 42; Forty-Two = 142

This will be the 13th game between the two teams.  The Redskins lead the series 7-5.  A win would make them 8-5.  Washington Redskins = 85; National Football League = 85

Notice the Panthers are currently 5-8.

Huey P. Newton = 58; Oakland = 58; Freemasonry = 58; Secret Society = 58

If the Panthers fall to 5-9, I'll get the joke.


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    11. I have decided to stop engaging those guys. They live off the remarks they get back, the more angry or annoyed we seem the stupider they write.

      Check out waybelow, I laid out my reasoning for a Packer Patriot superbowl, I really made the claims through July, August and September, but it's necessary for everyone to at least glance at, especially 44 and 87.


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    3. I'm a dude!! I was being ironic!!

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    Both spreading LIES AND PROPAGANDA.

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  5. Dolphins over Jets
    Bears over Packers
    Lions over Giants
    Vikings over Colts
    Ravens over Eagles
    Bills over Browns
    Jaguars over Texans
    Chiefs over Titans
    Bengals over Steelers
    Saints over Cardinals
    Falcons over 49ers
    Broncos over Patriots
    Raiders over Chargers
    Cowboys over Buccaneers
    Redskins over Panthers

    1. In my opinion, Right on the Vikings, since the U of M Gophers are no longer on strike for men's rights. A is probably prime for what a 200 yard game, including a set of screen passes.

      You hate the Packers soo much, it's funny. You prolly reside on the south west side, Oak Park area of Chi. You would pick the Browns over the Packers if they played.

      That and the moniker you picked, tells me that. Add a Cubs logo next to your name, seriously.

    2. Chicago vs Green Bay, 194th meeting, series led by the Bears at 94-93-6.

      Green Bay wins on that alone, plus the 30 other reasons this week I sprayed like a cat.

      Excited about the 0 degree game!

    3. Check this out a couple down the list, too...The 2 PAC string.

    4. Insane, tone down the obnoxiousness a bit. You were telling me I was a fool prior to the Colts Packers game earlier this year. It's cool to have a differing pick using your own research and Gematria, no problem. Just stop acting like you're some kind of World Beater. Also:

      Green Bay equals 77 & 41
      If Chicago wins, Green Bay will be 7-7 and Chicago will be 4-10. It's also 49 days until SB 51, the product of 7*7

      12+18+20+16 = 66
      12+18+2+0+1+6 = 39

      Revelation = 49, it's the 66th book of the Bible based on the 39 books of the OT.

      With that being said, you've shown some good connections with Packers and Patriots on this blog, good work.

    5. Obnoxious is unfortunately my genetic expression, it was at 11. Then today I was thinking how about 7 so people seriously listen, it will be on mute tomorrow bro-ham. I respect you, jmontz, HarryHenderson106, tal, a few other obvious ones. Not most, but newbies, I like to give tips too, etc welcome them, warn them.

      The more I do this, I feel we are part of a complex matrix, not so much like the movie, but you know. I could probably make a strong case for any team against any team. Any of us who really do this, understand what I'm saying. The deeper you go, the more connections.

  6. NFL Week 15 (coming down the home stretch)
    No predictions, just required outcomes for Colts v Vikings/Giants

    NYJ OVER MIA (MIA needs 2 lose because NE give away their last game)
    DAL over TAM (MIN is done if Tampa wins even 1 game)
    NYG over DET (NYG cant afford to lose a game like this)
    BAL over PHI (BAL desperately needs this game for any chance)
    GB over CHI (Chicago doesn't stand a chance)
    IND over MIN (if IND loses and HOU wins, there will be great crying and gnashing of teeth on this blog -- including me)
    BUF over CLE (utterly meaningless game)
    KAN over TEN (KAN can basically clinch the #2 spot w/win)
    HOU over JAX (I wish & hope Jacksonville can pull off the improbable)
    ARI over NO (doesn't mean anything, so taking home team)
    ATL over SF (HA HA HA)
    DEN over NE (both teams NEED this game badly, hard to call)
    SD over OAK (this to get the playoff spots in the correct order)
    PIT over CIN (got to win this to stay ahead)
    CAR over WAS (MIN needs WAS to lose this game)

    Must-WIN GAME FOR THE WHOLE SEASON to this point...


    or it's all over!

    1. fool! colts aint winnin n raiders pats lions n dolphins win

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. vikings pats raiders bills texans n redskins. why? browns finish 0-16. pats n raiders r top 2 seeds. cousins n osweiler need wins n colts finish 7-9

    4. I'll probably do a parlay based off these picks tomorrow. Won't blame ya if I lose, but I'll congratulate you if I win. I too see something like this tomorrow. Really hoping the Jags pull off the upset too. I have money on the Colts on a separate bet.

      If I win, I'll donate some more to the new board.

    5. I agree man! A few minor things line up in Minnesota's favor, but A LOT perfectly lines up with a Colts win. I also think the Chiefs definitely beat Tenn in KC, it just makes sense from a dummy NFL fan perspective too. Look at this though:

      There are 7 teams currently that are either 6-7 or 7-6. I've been wrong about this before, but think about there being 6 6-6 teams a few weeks ago.

      IND over MIN
      JAX over HOU
      KC over TEN
      PHI over BAL
      CHI over GB (I know, I know....ridiculous)
      BUF over CLE (Cleveland not winning this year)

      That will make 7 7-7 teams, 49 days before Super Bowl 51. 7*7 = 49

      The home record before Thursday Night's game was 119-87-2. All seeing eye = 119 Master Plan = 119 Star of David = 119

      I think the home record this week will be 10-6, like 106 for Prophecy, going along with the 49 days until SB 51, Revelation = 49, the book of Prophecy, also the 66th book of the Bible based on the 39 books of the Old Testament. Sunday's date numerology:
      12+18+20+16 = 66
      12+18+2+0+1+6 = 39

      So here are the home record predictions:
      SEA over LA (confirmed) 1-0
      MIA over NYJ (I haven't look into it at all) 1-1
      PHI over BAL (BAL falls to 7-7) 1-2
      BUF over CLE (BUF improves to 7-7) 2-2
      CHI over GB (GB falls to 7-7, CHI improves to 4-10; Green Bay = 77 & 41) 3-2
      CIN over PIT (I'm choosing this to make the PIT BAL game more meaningful, if indeed PHI beats BAL) 4-2
      JAX over HOU (JAX imp 3-11, HOU falls 7-7) 4-3
      KC over TEN (KC imp 11-3, TEN falls 7-7; See the synchronicity? Also KC is 11 3) 5-3
      IND over MIN (Both will be 7-7) 5-4
      NYG over DET (Hopefully securing WC spot, more drama in NFC North) 6-4
      ARI over NO (Just an educated guess) 7-4
      ATL over SF (SF falls to 1-13 in 33 land. SF and ATL met in the NFC Champ game in 2012, during the Super Bowl 47 season, on 1/20/13. From 1/20/16 to 12/18/16 is 333 days) 8-4
      NE over DEN (Seems pretty solid, haven't looked at it) 8-5
      OAK over SD (If OAK wins, they might be more inclined to rest against IND next week, especially with KC and NE locking up 1 & 2 possibly) 8-6
      DAL over TB (DAL back to form? Also I think ATL wins NFC South eventually, this helps) 9-6
      WAS over CAR (No idea) 10-6

      This will make the overall home record 129-93-2. Andrew Luck has 129 and 39 birth numerology, America = 129, the home record entering Week 15 was 119, Saturn = 93 and 119 in Francis Bacon method, Sunday has 39 numerology.

      Some of those picks could be flip-flopped obviously to still meet the 10-6 record.

    6. Aren't there a lot of number line up for the jets today?

    7. I like Jets Ninja 13. If Jets win today Jets win be 29-22 all time at home vs Miami, which was also 29 days from Todd Bowles last bday. This game is also 4 months and 9 days from Matt Moore's last bday like 49 and Bryce Petty=49. And like Zach said if Jets win today all time this will be their 54th win against Miami and Jets=54. Dolphins lose today they will be 8-6, Petty=86
      This game is 11 months 1 day from Todd's next b-day
      111=Jets and Todd's birth numerology
      48 weeks, New York=48 so does Todd's birth numerology

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  10. Thetruth58December 17, 2016 at 1:39 PM

    Ram,that's gary posing as mike manning
    I dont know who either one is in the first place

  11. IND over MIN (if IND loses and HOU wins, there will be great crying and gnashing of teeth on this blog -- including me)
    both can lose tomorrow and nothing will be bad in that regard

    1. chuck pagona just said on his indy morning show if colts lose today for all practical purposes we are out of the race...........

    2. Colts are done. I want to see this pathetic team go on a run, it's going to look like the stupidest fake shit you've ever seen.

  12. I am working on a new system to decode weekly winners using franchise records and primes of franchise records backward declare the winner a very high percentage of the time. I broke down all 16 games on my blog but want to share my findings on the Jets/Fins game.

    Saturday 12-17

    Miami (438-418 or 341-321)
    New York (391-379 or 468-455)

    Tannehill was put on IR with three games left in the season and the Fins fighting for the 6 seed after week 14. That puts Matt Moore in at QB for the Dolphins the remainder of this season, Well at least this week. There is one prime number to be hit at 75 (379th loss for N.Y.) flipped (57). Matt Moore has a record of 13-12 H- 9-5 A- 4-7. If you take the last diget off the home & away loss you reach the number of (57). If Fitzpatrick was playing Fitzpatricks record at home is 21-31-1 and with a loss 21-32-1 showing Miamis all time regular season loss at 321. With Fitzpatrick out Petty will be starting. B. Petty is the Jets starter and I went to check his DOB, glanced at his stats and noticed next week his record will look as (starts - wins-losses) right now it looks like (2 1-1) next week it looks like (3 2-1) 321 is the franchise regular season loss Bryce and the Jets will hand them. That makes me very confident in a Jets when. The numbers on both backs say so too. Jets win.

    All games done on my blog.


    2. I showed Wilson gave L.A loss 552 as his record went to 55-22-1. As you can see the record appears again

    3. tomas u have Bryce with 2 wins, i have him with a 1-3 record. What site are you using for stats bud?
      I did my own numbers and I also like the jets to win as well

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  13. Brandon marshal the LB for the broncos is not playing, not sure if this means anything just thought I would share.

  14. Dolphins over Jets
    Packers over Bears
    Giants over Lions
    Vikings over Colts **100% undecided**
    Ravens over Eagles
    Bills over Browns
    Jaguars over Texans
    Chiefs over Titans
    Steelers over Bengals
    Saints over Cardinals
    Falcons over 49ers
    Pats over Broncos
    Chargers over Raiders
    Cowboys over Buccaneers
    Panthers over Redskins

    Parlay Locks (for me): DAL/NE/PIT/GB/KC/NO/BAL


  15. 12/17/2016=65 miami florida, "fifteen" in the English Ordinal system equals 65
    =45 miami
    =38 florida, todd bowles, If jets stay at 47 losses 47 it is the 15th prime, "fifteen" in the English Reduction system equals 38
    =20 Todd Robert Bowles " in the English Reduction system equals 71, 71 is 20th prime
    =29 bryce petty bday#

    1-5 at home
    1-2 vs divison
    @ pats next on the 24th(sat)

    2-4 away
    2-1 vs division
    @ bills on the 24th (sat)

    Seasons: 57 (1960 to 2016)
    Record (W-L-T): 391-466-8
    Playoff Record: 12-13
    Super Bowls Won: 1 (1 Appearance)
    Championships Won*: 1
    53-47-1, this will be 102nd meeting in reg season

    New York Jets lead series 53-48-1, this will be 103rd game (103 is 27th prime Miami=27), jets can get 49th losss Bryce petty = 49
    Alltime (gase has 103 days to next bday)

    53 is 16th prime, if jets lose bowles stays at 16 wins, but if jets win he stays at 16 losses

    Miami Dolphins Franchise
    Seasons: 51 (1966 to 2016)
    Record (W-L-T): 437-340-4
    Playoff Record: 20-20
    Super Bowls Won: 2 (5 Appearances)
    Championships Won*: 2

    "adam gase" in the English Ordinal system equals 51

    Till super bowl
    Time period between December 17, 2016 and February 5, 2017 (exclusive) equals to:
    • 50 days(51)
    • ... or 7 weeks & 1 days
    • ... or approx. 1 months
    Between December 17, 2016 and February 5, 2017 (exclusive) there are:
    • 32 working days (256 hours),
    • 18 non-working days including:
    • 8 Saturdays,
    • 7 Sundays,
    • 3 federal holidays falling on weekdays

    If jets stay at 47 losses 47 it is the 15th prime

    " dolphins" in the English Reduction system equals 43 is 14th prime

    1. But that shouldn't make a difference or Dolphins would win every week 14 by that idea

    2. Don't the number line up more for jets?

    3. I think it favors jets more but I would like to see what zachs breakdown is because I don't view this game as a complete lock

    4. YG is correct the rest of the minions are wrong

    5. I meant YS was correct, Zack was wrong again.

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    1. Drop the word prophet for starters lol

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  18. Todd Bowles also connects with the dates with numbers 38/47
    the game is also being played on the 74th meridian the reflection of 47

  19. gary is betta than zac fo many reasonz. gary had over 300 students while zac has only 33 at most. gary students r loyal while zac students like rfg chosen fag n warritard try to discredit him even mindless dan dont agree wit his pix. zac steals gary pix. gary had 10 straight nba n sb wins n ws dont matter when Gary picked cubs n switched to impress the cleveland news. gary predicts stocks elections n global politics while zac picks hillary. zac is liberal so he loses. yahoo abc n big news pick gary not zack. gary is married not zack who is jeff bf. gary will b president n zack will be homeless while numerology overtakes the bible

    1. Mike manning will be president?? Not exactly someone I want to be around..btw, Who is Jeff

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  21. Terry Bridgewater.

    "Tear a bridge water"

    Think about it. Who tore a bridge in water?
    He is Moses.

    1. oops. Remember his first name wrong.
      Just the bridge water then. Same thing.

  22. Moses and Jesus in the same team.

    1. Good catch ap say he would lead his team to superbowl, just like moses lead the children of israel

  23. December 18, 2016

    12+18+20+16 = 66
    12+18+2+0+1+6 = 39
    1+2+1+8+2+0+1+6 = 21
    12+18 = 30

    Week 15 = 55/109
    Fifteen = 38/65

    From December 18, 2016 to February 05, 2017 is a span of 50 days.

    San Diego Chargers host Oakland Raiders

    All-Time record is 62-50-2 (Raiders including two postseason games)

    Oakland Raiders = 31-25-1 at home, 31-25-1 away
    San Diego Chargers = 25-31-1 at home, 25-31-1 away

    San Diego Chargers = 81/153
    San Diego = 38/47
    Chargers = 43/79

    Oakland Raiders = 60/132
    Oakland = 22/58
    Raiders = 38/74


    Philip Michael Rivers = 113/212
    Philip Rivers = 80/161
    Philip = 43/70
    Michael = 33/51
    Rivers = 37/91
    Career record = (W/L) - 101-81, 58-32 at home, 43-49 away
    From this game to their birthday = 12/18/2016 - 356 days

    Derek Dallas Carr = 60/132
    Derek Carr = 47/83
    Derek = 25/43
    Dallas = 13/49
    Carr = 22/40
    Career record = (W/L) - 20-25, 11-12 at home, 9-13 away
    From this game to their birthday = 12/18/2016 - 3/28/2017 = 101 days


    Michael McCoy = 56/110
    Michael = 33/51
    McCoy = 23/59
    NFL coaching record = (W/L) = 27-34
    From this game to their birthday = 12/18/2016 - 4/1/2017 = 105 days

    Jack Louis Del Rio = 65/164
    Jack Del Rio = 43/88
    Jack = 7/25
    Louis = 22/76
    Del Rio = 36/63
    NFL coaching record = (W/L) = 86-85
    From this game to their birthday = 12/18/2016 - 4/4/2017 = 108 days

    Franchise Birthday

    San Diego Chargers = 8/14/59, From 12/18/2016 - 8/14/2017 = 240 days
    Oakland Raiders = 1/30/60, 12/18/2016 - 1/30/2017 = 44 days

    My Thoughts:

    I like the Raiders to win this game.

    Keep a look out for Derek Carr & Jack Del Rio , and Philip Rivers record.

    If the Raiders win this game and Week 17,
    Derek Carr would be 21-25, 11-12 at home, 10-13 away.
    Jack Del Rio would be 87-85.
    Philip Rivers would be 58-33 at home.

    Raiders final record 12-4

    Raiders win this game, lose Week 16, and win 17,

    Derek Carr would be 22-26, 11-13 at home, 11-13 away.
    Jack Del Rio would be 88-86.

    1. Oh yeah love the raiders to win and then go 13-3. Raiders will stomp SD then stomp dead horse colts. Get ready for my mega post on the Raiders. Coming soon to a blog near you.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. I'll throw mine in the mix but don't bet on them because they are near guesses. Made them in the last hour and a half. Didn't have time this week. Won't be watching the games will be working, have fun guys!

    Dolphins over Jets
    Bears over Packs
    Jags over Texans
    Browns over Bills
    Ravens over Eagles
    Titans over Chiefs
    Lions over Giants
    Colts over Vicks
    Bengs over Steels
    Cards over Saints
    Falcons over Niners
    Pats over Broncos
    Raiders over Chargers
    Cowboys over Buccs

  25. Jets first touchdown 9 (Petty) to 11 (Anderson) - 911 really? Prime time scripting.

  26. Going with Paige VanZant in the UFC tonight as I see significantly more connections and 51 connections if thats on. Heres the breakdown I did

  27. Giants vs Lions scripted
    Week 15, 1+5=6, 51- SB51
    When you add 1-15 you get 120
    This date comes 49 days before the SB
    NYG=46, like the date numerology
    New York=111
    New York Giants=181
    New Jersey=124
    DET=29, like the date numerology
    Detroit Lions=160
    Fifteen= 65
    Lions lead series: 22-20-1
    Twenty one=141
    Twenty Three=163
    One hundred four=168
    Both teams looking for their 10th win,
    Ten=39, like Gmen=39
    Also Eli Manning wears 10, Matthew Stafford wears 9, the # of win his team will have if they lose.
    Forty four=144, 44th game between these teams.
    Seventy one=144, the record the Giants will have at home with a win.
    Ninety five= 129, for 9-5 (record of losing team)

    Reply if you have any more connections.

    1. Stafford injury is fake. Of course. it's a set up to make things tighter between Green Bay and Detroit. Lions will probably Lose 3 of 3 and miss the playoffs. They force feed Stafford and Verlander to the Morons in Michigan have them kill early on and than script them to play like shit final month of the season. Stafford broke his middle finger. it's really a symbolic Fuck You to the people of Detroit.

      Detroit Fuck You" in the English Reduction system equals 67

      Interception" in the English Reduction system equals 67

      He will get picked off at a key time tomorrow and blame his finger and probably cry a little.

    2. The Lions Twitter Page has been trying to get the hashtag #OnePride to trend for a while.

      One" in the English Ordinal system equals 34

      Pride" in the English Ordinal system equals 52

      Hand injury" in the English Reduction system equals 52

      Twitter " in the English Reduction system equals 34

      Twitter " in the English Ordinal system equals 115

      Lion Loss" in the English Reduction system equals 34

      Lion Loss" in the English Ordinal system equals 115

      Where is this match-up tomorrow?

      Metlife" in the English Reduction system equals 34

      One Pride" in the English Reduction system equals 50

      Crush Hope" in the English Reduction system equals 50

      Five Zero" in the English Reduction system equals 52

    3. In the third paragraph from the bottom of the page it says Kate Fagan picked Lions to Lose out because of "The Numbers."

      Kate Fagan" in the English Ordinal system equals 66

      Kate Fagan" in the English Reduction system equals 30

      OnePride" in the English Reduction system equals 50

      Fifty" in the English Ordinal system equals 66

      Fifty" in the English Reduction system equals 30

      Kate Fagan ESPN radio" in the English Ordinal system equals 167

      Kate Fagan ESPN radio" in the English Reduction system equals 77

      Stafford's Finger" in the English Reduction system equals 77

      Stafford's Finger" in the English Ordinal system equals 167

    4. The Lions are going to win lol. You guys are goons. Plugging in shit that doesn't matter at all

  28. Hou 44 Min 57 at half. Sb 51 has date numerology of 44. Fifty seven=131

  29. can you just get that mannin guy out the blog? smh we trying to talk football here

    1. STFU - I am the top numerologist in the world and its not even close. All others will be exposed in 2017.

    2. cmen in your cup. dishonesty bleeds like disease.


  30. zack rfg warri tony n bobby career will end on sunday when da colts lose n get eliminated. gg33 niggaz take over. hotep

    1. Mike what's the true afc winner?I'm about to drop a huge truth bomb on the Colts theory and destroy it once and for all. You guys are going to love it.

    2. Mike what's the true afc winner?I'm about to drop a huge truth bomb on the Colts theory and destroy it once and for all. You guys are going to love it.

    3. Let the shill dick-suck-athon begin! You guys are a couple of faggots

  31. So minions what have we learned ?
    Germatria is 50/50
    Lean towards the winner after each game
    Pick both teams to win


    Use numbers above to code each week.
    59 is the number given to blacks

    Hello truth seekers Harry here.

    Cmon man, switch it up.

  32. Giants posted a story to their Facebook on 11/28/16=19,55,75 about a kid who had a rare disease that took his legs. Kid was a trooper. His name was Deven Jackson 42 and of course with the s exception 51. Definitely some coding in this story.

    the video length is 5:10.

    He had a 10% chance to live 10 written out equals 39

    the team he played for "west perry" in the English Reduction system equals 50,59
    "michelle jackson" in the English Reduction system equals 59,68
    "david jackson" in the English Reduction system equals 41,50
    "heart of a giant" in the English Reduction system equals 62
    "meningitis" in the English Ordinal system equals 119,128
    the boys doctor"derek flynn" in the English Reduction system equals 51
    he wore "twenty nine" in the English Reduction system equals 50

    1. 51 Days From Today until Stafford's 29th Birthday. Giants Win. Lions Lose 3 Straight to miss playoffs. Stafford throws an interception with 53 seconds remaining. Blames Finger.

  33. Joe smith jr from new york knocks out benard hopkins at age 51 .....Giants?

    1. Hopkins was born 19 days after the December 1964 NFL championship between Balitmore Colts and Cleveland Browns. The game was the last sporting event won by Cleveland whilst hosted in Cleveland - until this years NBA final. Hopkins pro debut was October 11th 1988, the night before his debut, MNF, The Giants were beaten by the Eagles. The same date this year (10th October), the Giants were beat by GB. Hopkins lost his first and last fights to NYC fighters.

  34. someone around here said Jets! show yourself!

  35. is this his picks? Thx for all the time you put into everything hubb

  36. Up on Yahoo's home page is an article on a pile-up that occurred on the I-95 in Baltimore.
    ninety five =57
    I-ninety five =66
    Baltimore = 41
    Baltimore, MD = 112
    Caton Ave. = 121

    1. The first crash occurred around 4:45 a.m. on the northbound interstate near Eastern Avenue, and one driver died after getting out of a disabled vehicle to avoid being struck and falling over the wall of the elevated highway, according to Lt. Kevin Ayd of the Maryland Transportation Authority Police.

      The second incident shortly after at about 5 a.m. on I-95 northbound near Caton Avenue, Ayd said. A tractor-trailer tanker truck was traveling on the roadway, lost control, hit the wall and flipped over the elevated portion of the highway onto the railroad tracks below. When it hit, there was an explosion and a large fire broke out, Ayd said.


  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. This week will be the 113 ritual with winners and losers resulting in a record 113. Yes Cleveland will beat the bills. Also the 77 ritual especially in AFC South with Houston and Titans losing Colts winning. 95 ritual for winning teams and 59 reflection for losing teams. 86 ritual for winners Packers and Ravens. Tampa beats Dallas and Romo saves the day...for a minute.

    1. Lmao, here we have a clear example of the table I presented above. The numbers work for both teams.

  39. 1977 first Star Wars was released. It featured the Tusken Raiders also known as Sand People. Sand People = 44 Tom Brady was born in 1977. Force = 47. Derek Carr = 47. Oakland was in the SB in 1977 and Vikki Carr sang the song America the Beautiful.

    Darth Vader = 47

    When the Raiders played Houston in Mexico City this year the final score was 27-20. total 47 in the year of 47th modern day SB.
    When the Colts played the Houston Texans this year they lost...both times!
    When the Raiders played the Houston Texans this year they won...with GREAT help from the REfs!

    1981 Eli Manning born 1/3/1981.

    Will Smith born in 1981 in Queens. First week 1 Oakland 35-34 over New Orleans. Eli Manning is 35 years old. Oakland in SB again in 1981....the year Raiders of the Lost Ark was released.

    Indiana Jones = 52
    Raiders of the Lost Ark = 224
    Raiders = 74

    Recently an attacker using a knife to slash people on the Ohio State campus was said to have brought a knife to a gun fight, just like the scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Indiana Jones shoots the guy in the film who is wielding a large sword, just like the knife attacker who was said to have gotten shot by police at Ohio State.

  40. Raiders of the Lost Ark = 89/224
    8+9 = 17

    So let's jump to 1984 to find another Raiders connection in that the sequel to Raiders of the lost Ark, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was released. Also in 1984 the Oakland Raiders were in the SB and won it..some details Marcus Allen, who became the third Heisman Trophy winner to be named the Super Bowl MVP, carried the ball 20 times for a then-record total of 191 yards and two touchdowns, including a then-record 74-yard run in the third quarter. 7/4 is Will Smith's birthdate. Game was played on Jan 22.

    Now Marcus Allen and Ronnie Lott are putting up large sums of money to help the Raiders stay in Oakland! Not moving to Vegas after a Super Bowl appearance??

    In this article about a church explosion of a Coptic Cathedral in Cairo, we see another parallel to Raiders of the Lost Ark, in the movie there was an explosion in the Basket Chase scene. The setting is Cairo. In the news article, They mention a 70 year old victim and a 22 year old suicide bomber in the article. In the Indiana Jones movie, Indy thinks that Marion has died in the explosion. It was directed by Steven Speilberg. Is it just me or does it seem like some parallels between the first Indiana Jones movie and current horrific events are happening.

    Steven Speilberg = 70
    Marion = 70
    Carr =22
    Coptic Cathedral = 138/66

    In the movie Oblivion (2013) which depicts a stadium showing 2017 as the last SB, which is 33 years from 1984, when the Oakland Raiders last won the Super Bowl. In the scene referenced, Tom Cruise is wearing a Yankees cap. a BLACK CAP. In fact the whole time he is wearing a silver uniform. Black and Silver colors. He is a part of a cleanup crew that is fighting against aliens known as Scavs.

    Oblivion = 44/98
    Raiders = 444
    Eli Manning = 98
    Scavengers = 113. Scavengers = 41

    So 33 years since 1984 we have a connection to the 1958 Giants

    Temple of Doom = 58/139
    58 = Free Masonry

  41. In a deleted Oblivion scene here, it sounds like Tom Cruise says, "its ten" at 1:07 into the clip. Eli Manning's number is 10.

    ten = 39/12

    Tuck Rule connection.

    15 years since the Tuck Rule game in 2002 against the Patriots.
    Tuck Rule = 111
    Tuck = 10
    Derek Carr will have played 48 games at the end of the regular season add 3 more playoff games and its 51 total games! Everyone is talking about Andrew Luck's 51rst win if he runs the table to the SB, what about Derek Carr's 51st game!? In fact, in Derek Carr's rookie season his first win came in week 11 against the Cheifs with a total score of 44 (24-20) and Carr's completion % was 51.43. -SB51 4 wins to 3 SB loses??

    Raiders were trying hard to lose that game to the Chiefs on TNF and they still were close at the end. the Colts are given all kinds of favors by the Jets and Packers and still are under .500 for the season. I digress...

    8 is the number that represents the infinite circle

    Trump = 88
    Jack Del Rio = 88.
    infinity = 1033
    infinity = 52

    In week 14 against the Jags, Mike Zimmer wears a white eye patch over his eye, similar to the Raiders logo.

    Eye Patch = 83
    Derek Carr = 83

    Minnesota =38
    Raiders = 38

    Brady's Birthday is 8/3, to connect with Carr. I've also notice big yardage connections in game passing yards between the two QBs this year.


    The 2017 AFC Championship game is on 1/22
    The 1984 Super Bowl was on 1/22 33 years prior to the upcoming AFC championship game.
    Since 1985 the Raiders have been in Oakland, and 2017 would be their 22nd year since moving back to Oakland from LA.

    Carr = 22 and wears 4 for 224
    Derek Carr Birth Numerology: 141, 51, 33, 122
    Khalil Mack was born 2/22!
    Amari Cooper is 22 years old.

    Oakland Coordinates: 37°45'6N 122°12'2W AFC TITLE GAME DATE!
    Oakland area code 510 super bowl 51???!

    There's been recent proposal of California separating from the United States, this would then begin the vote for a calexit...
    Calexit = 74
    Raiders = 74

    I know there is a lot of COlts connections too. Another problem I noticed is, the Colts aren't any good. To me, the Oakland Raiders look a lot sharper from top to bottom as a team. To me it matters how teams execute overall it game situations, because I believe the game is controlled but there is still a lot for the players to do on the field to determine things. I am not trying to get anyone to bet money on them just my thoughts.

    Instead of Colts/Patriots, might we get Raiders/Patriots in the AFC title game? The Movie Patriots day comes out 12-21 another AFC title game date similarity.
    If Raiders were to win the SB it would be their 4th Super bowl win and Carr wears #4. Raiders all time super bowl record would then be 4-3
    Derek = 43
    Jack Del Rio = 43

    Once again I think there are strong connections to Star Wars 1977, which shows the Tusken Raiders, 1981 Indiana Jones flick and the 1984 movie which all have George Lucas involved. In week 15, I expect the Raiders to beat the Chargers and go to 11-3

    George Lucas = 113

    Eli Manning's record against the Raiders is 3-0, with a loss would make him 3-1 in his 13th season.

    Raiders Giants = 144 Ordinal
    Raiders Giants = 666 Gematria

    Raiders/Giants SuperBowl 51.

    1. Hi guys i have a winning bet for NFL , if it loses i will shut down and go away forever but if it wins and you follow it please donate to my PayPal account through address I will give you the selection on my twitter , follow me at @The_NFLprophet it is a 100 percent winner , if it loses i will quit , give up and never return. Trust me guys it will not lose!

    2. Great work DK2!

      George and code are minions.

    3. Yes I agree with a lot of what you have said.. Oblivion also tells us 2017 the LAST SUPER BOWL. Americans have no clue what HELL is coming our way, earlier this year I remember Carr throwing a winning TD pass to number 15 and they kept showing it I thought 51......Colts are terrible, but they are coded out the ASS even though some of the posters hate the Colts they have to admit the Elite have been coding THE WHITE HORSE hard......

    4. Thanks Harry. I like my connections, and I feel that they are valid. We shall see.

    5. Shawn, I could be wrong but I think that we are being pushed into an alternate course of history. For example, Trump has changed the course of history. I started to think this when Michigan got beat by Ohio State, then I saw the knife attacker on Ohio Campus. Then we saw the Oakland fire. This is all planned but pointing the way towards the truth. Colts are going down.

    6. to me, Derek Carr is more coded for a Super Bowl win this year than Andrew Luck. Luck will get one when he gets a team and a real coach.

    7. Dk2 check out my youtube code on Trump superbowl warning from elite back in 2014.. Shawn clayton youtube. Trump has been the plan all along as i show.. Remember prepare prepare prepare back in 2014 halftime show at superbowl ?? Devils advocate movie tells whats coming. So many people are gonna be let down im afraid.....nice job on your Star Wars Raiders breakdown You make very valid points.....

  42. rip zack shillary stein born in june 21 83 in telaviv israel. he thought he got predictions right but lost all his student loan debts when colts didnt make playoffs. he stole pix from russianvids, polarization nation, jeff c, gary the numbers guy, rfg chosen fag n warriyah tard. he change his name to scientology but will now convert back to his jewish name.

    1. Some people here will lose all their student loan debt when colts dont make playoffs

  43. gg33 takin over. itz rooster year next year n rooster is friends with snake which gary is a snake. zacc will be gone n same wit rfg chosen fag. gary hotep 2024

  44. Hi guys i have a winning bet for NFL , if it loses i will shut down and go away forever but if it wins and you follow it please donate to my PayPal account through address I will give you the selection on my twitter , follow me at @The_NFLprophet it is a 100 percent winner , if it loses i will quit , give up and never return. Trust me guys it will not lose!

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  46. Does anyone know what form of gematria equates Colts with 24? I'm just not seeing that with the Riding the Beast calculators. Thanks.

    1. Colt" in the English Ordinal system equals 50

      Twenty Four" in the English Reduction system equals 50

      Colts Comeback" in the English Reduction system equals 41 / 50

    2. On ridingthebeast "colts" should equal 15 in reduction, add 9 for the s-exception then it = 24

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. If the texans win today and the colts lose today the colts are finished. Colts are still winning though. Will be in sb 51 against either vikings or cowboys. And no i am not rfg i have my own channel and do my own work so fuck off trolls.

    1. It is not gonig to be COlts/Vikings or Colts/Cowboys. more disinformation. once again the decepticon fails.

  49. These connections, correlations and predictions are based off of the numerology of the date of Super Bowl 51 on February 5, 2017, and based off of the primary gematria from ‘Super Bowl LI’, ‘Super Bowl Fifty One’, ‘LI’.
    I am attempting to show you how I still believe the Green Bay Packers and the New England Patriots are very likely to be the contenders in this upcoming super bowl. The tribute could be the 20th Anniversary of Super Bowl 31, and I will show you how. I called this very early, not February, more like throughout July, August, and September, however it was here there and everywhere between, basically had to read comments from all types of stories from flat earthing to Brady bunch passings.
    7 – Addition of the date (2/5, 2+5=7)
    Reggie White’s birth date of 12/19 is exactly 7 weeks from the date of the Super Bowl including the end date.
    12 – LI in English Reduction
    LI in English Reduction; Both Rodgers and Brady wear #12, yes this works for Luck, too; ZBT (Zeta Beta Tau, Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s Jewish membered fraternity); Reggie White passed 12 years ago and some change; this Super Bowl matchup would be the 12th meeting between NE and GB all-time.
    17 - Addition of the date (2/5/2017, 2+5+2+0+1+7=17)
    PED’S (Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers al-Jazeera story out of Ohio, links to hall of fame); Brett Favre’s birth date 10/10 is exactly 17 weeks to the date of the Super Bowl including the date; Reggie White death numerology on (12/26/04, 1+2+2+6+2+0+0+4=17); Davante Adams’ jersey number.
    21 – LI in English Ordinal
    Mike McCarthy birth numerology (11/10, 11+10=21); NRG (the name of the Super Bowl stadium, business park and field), Ty Montgomery #88 birth date (1/22/1993) to and including super bowl is 2 weeks and 1 day..21.

  50. Jim Irsay: Colts not planning to make wholesale changes

  51. 24 – (2/5/17, 2+5+17=24)
    Brett Favre was 24th overall pick in 1993 draft, Brett Favre was the 24th Packer to be enshrined in the Hall of Fame, Russia, ‘GB vs. NE’, Packer Hall of Famer Paul Hornung’s birth numerology (12/3/1935, 1+2+3+1+9+3+5=24), and Rodgers Birth date (12/2) up to and including the super bowl is 2 months and 4 days..24.
    25 – simply the date 2/5
    ‘Nelson’ in E.R., GBP (the letters the packers put on their license plates) in E.O., ‘Favre’ in E.R., ‘Curly’ (Lambeau) in E.R., ‘PED’ in E.O.
    36 – the super bowl is on the 36th day of 2017
    ‘HCSCC’ the Bull Riding/Rodeo association that shares NRG stadium, (Kevin) ‘Greene’ green bay’s past linebacker coach and was 3rd all-time me sack leader also enshrined in Canton, OH this year, remember PED’S from Ohio? And the cancelled Hall of Fame game? Most took the colts clues, those clues are strong for Green Bay as well; ‘Gillette’ the stadium NE plays at, ‘One Seven’ connects 36 to 17, ‘Bart Starr’ another hall of famer, his retired number is 15, or 51 flipped, Jordy Nelson birth numerology (5/31, 5+31=36).
    37 – These are what I call secondary links when you use the gematria of a number written out in words.
    ‘Five Two’ super bowl date flipped, ‘Two Five’ yes the two are the same (see above), ‘Seventeen’ see above, and ‘Two Four’ all express the number 37; 37 Links ‘McCarthy’ and the ‘Kremlin’ in Moscow in two ways Mike McCarthy and the Kremlin as well as Joseph ‘McCarthy’, senator from WISCONSIN who was the leader of calling out communists within the U.S. government during the Cold War, they coined the term “McCarthyism” because of him. So very interesting with Russia in the news.

  52. 39 – LI in E.O.
    ‘NRG’ in E.O., ‘James Brown’ part of the Super Bowl 31 halftime show, the time between the date of the super bowl and Clay Matthews’ birthdare, including the date is 3 months and 9 days..39
    44 – Date Numerology (2/5/2017, 2+5+20+17=44
    ‘Wisconsin’, ‘PED’s’, ‘Superdome’ where the 31st super bowl between NE and GB was held, Bart Starr’s birth numerology (1/9/1934, 1+9+34=44) He even has time to be sacrificed, bless his soul, he was 33 in his first superbowl. ‘Curly Lambeau’ = 44. Green Bay lies over the coordinates of 44 N X 88 W. (That also led to my Trump win with Wisconsin help prediction). Also on the 44th are Minneapolis and Baltimore, still no one has checked Baltimore SB connections. I also talked about Lady Gaga (51 halftime entertainment) having cheese head connections through her song and ‘Cheeseheads with Attitudes single’ that has been as viral as any song remake…and Donald Trump having Packer connections through getting a jersey this Wednesday, made in Berlin, WI by Ripon Athletic. Berlin, Wi, berlin wall, build the wall, ect. The jersey had Trump’s name and a number 45 on it. SUPERBOWL 45 was Rodgers first win, where Green Bay made it in with a low win record wildcard. Pence received a Rodgers jersey.
    51 – The obvious number to use, with some 47th modern connects, too. First few super bowls were AFL vs. NFL for those wondering what is modern.
    5 weeks 1 day into the year, ‘Bachelorette’ the show that Aaron Rodgers’ brother won and created a great side story of family controversy for the 2 time MVP quarterback, if the Packers made it to the big game and WON, they would have 5 super bowl wins and 1 superbowl loss..51; Curtis Martin (Patriots running back in sb31) birth is 5/1 (the team back then was basically Drew Bledsoe, Martin and maybe a receiver, not guessing or googling it); ‘Reggie’ E.O.; Now 47’s, 47th modern, ‘Holmgren’ packer coach in SB31, ‘Brookline’, MA where all the Patriots have homes, my favorite loose connection..If you add up the 4 super bowls won by green bay and subtract the loss you get 47 (1+2+31+45 – 32=47).

    1. Favre was the 5th Packer to go 1st ballot into the hall of fame this year..51

  53. 52 – If you were in the military or government, the date would read 5 February 2017, 5/2
    ‘Brookline, MA’, ‘Michael Jackson’ yes the King of Pop, Robert Kraft has a poster in his office of a tour that never happened. He was financing a Jackson Five 1984 Comeback Tour, M.J. was thinking solo career, hence Thriller, Bad, etc since that date. Michael Jackson “died” during his 51st year on earth, 9 weeks and 3 days before his 51st birthday. His death is 7 years, 7 months and 11 days from the date of the super bowl. Gaga is a huge Jackson fan as well. ‘Stolen Ring’ yes, the ring which Robert Kraft let Vladimir Putin try on and he kept and has on display in the Kremlin, which was talked about briefly before. The ring was for the XXXIX super bowl win. There was much controversy about if it was gifted or stolen, the point is Putin is constantly in our news with Trump who are connected to the Packers and Patriots. ‘Jordy Nelson’ is 52 in E.R., ‘Favre’ E.O., and Clay Matthews #52, because as he says ‘I’m The Best’ in his commercial.
    53 – ‘Super Bowl LI’
    ‘John Goodman’ performed with Blues Brothers at S.B.31 halftime, (Super bowl) ‘Thirty-One’, ‘Robert Kraft’ Pats owner, ‘Thirty-six’ the day of year from above
    87 – ‘Super Bowl Fifty One’ in E.R.
    ‘Super Bowl Fifty One’, ‘Rodgers versus Brady’, pretty clear with those two Un-altered or fit adjusted (not super bowl by itself which would mean your team gets there every year or super bowl five one which no one says), 87 days between McCarthy’s birth date and the super bowl. The two stars other than rodgers and brady, Jordy Nelson and Rob Gronkowski are both #87.
    126 – LI in E.S.
    ‘NRG stadium’ E.O., and ‘New Orleans’ E.O. which ties Super Bowl 31 and 51 together.
    152 – ‘Super Bowl LI’ E.O.
    ‘Thirty Six’ the day of the Gregorian calendar the super bowl lands on.
    1212 – A very important connection.
    ‘Green Bay, WI’ and ‘Vladimir Putin’, remember the media is telling us Putin used Wisconsin to win the election, by hacking something, plus Brady vs. Rodgers is like #12 vs. #12…1212.
    There’s a lot more but this stuff all comes directly from the numerology, verbiage of the specific super bowl, etc. I call them Primary connections they change each year, not like the words football, america, super bowl, and the like.

    Next is the list of 33 year old super bowl starting quarter backs. Thank you sincerely for reading this and considering for a moment.

    1. Hopefully this was reader friendly, non-obnoxious, non-offensive, unless of course you bet the house on the Colts ;)

    2. Are you saying my work is not legitimate? It's tough to deny, so I am sure I strike a few chords today, right Matt Corey, et al. I came up with this stuff when I felt the Colts connections were weak in my opinion. Plus the Colt's wont bring viewers, in my opinion.

    3. Nah, we're just saying you're a troll spreading very loose connections and spreading disinfo. If you really wanted to contribute you would put up a blog and decode on your own. Instead you come here and just attempt to spread disinfo.

      Zach should be flattered at the amount of energy trolls put into this blog. The minute he puts up a post like this and some idiot is spamming it. Pretty amazing.

      Oh no, you have legitimate work you say? You called Packers/Patriots in the summer? Cool, where's your blog? Where are your discussions with the community? Where are your older posts?

      I'll wait.

  54. 3-team Parlay NFL today: $333:

    NY Giants +6.5 (Alternative Point Spread) 1.16
    GB Packers +6
    (Alternative Point Spread) 18/12/2016 1.16
    HOU Texans +7
    (Alternative Point Spread) 18/12/2016 1.16

    Total 1.56, i.e. 56% Return

    Here is our FREE Pick today (I already WON:

  55. Upset of the week jags over texans.

    1. Reasoning? Maybe the dartboard? Because their losing streak is actually 16 games, 3 from last year, so Zach's 14 theory, will not be as accurate with the Browns youngblood. Ooo oh lol!

    2. Texans can win and still lose the next two. I think they're gonna lose to Bengals and titans. AJ green will be back for Bengals in that game, I think. That loss will be more justified if that happens.

  56. Odell Beckham looking for his 10th TD in 10 games, and Giants are looking for their 10th win for the first time since 2010.

  57. Super Bowl Starting Quarter Backs at age 33.
    Bart Starr, Packers #1
    Bill Kilmer, Skins #7
    Fran Tarkenton, Vikes #8
    Roger Staubach, Cowboys #10
    Jim Plunkett, Raiders #15
    Joe Theismann, Skins #17
    Joe Montana, 9ers #24
    Jim Kelly, Bills #28
    Chris Chandler, Falcons #33!
    Peyton Manning, Colts #44
    Aaron Rodgers, Packers #51 possibly?

    Notice almost all of the above quarterbacks have been regional and national announcers or currently are. Not surprising, very zionist.

    1. Check out the Packers vs Ravens matchup history...look at the record, 4-1. A win by the Packers would make it 5-1 in the SB. Now look at the points scored by each team, ravens-108 to packers-112...the 2 big numbers for this past year. Then, total up the past three games...51, 41, and 36... 51 for SB51, Superbowl=41, and the SB will be played on the 36th day of the year. If colts lose, I'm gonna keep my eye on ravens vs packers. Packers can easily win out or be 9-7 and get a playoff bid...same for Ravens. So there's another possibility for a 9-7 team to make the SB and win it for the 97th season, not just the Colts. Also check this out...

      Packers Ravens = 53/152/912
      Superbowl LI = 53/152/912
      Ninety-Seven = 53/152/912

    2. Right, I have written the 5 wins one loss if they get to the super bowl and win, it might be up above, but...The Ravens are also on the 44th parallel!!!

      -3 game time windchill, listen to the game time announcer clues!!!

    3. They are also 4 and 1 in super bowls, everyone thinks 41 is important for the colts, why not packers?

    4. This site actually may have skewed the colts possibility.

    5. Great stuff man, once Aaron's younger brother won the bachelorette I knew that had to do with putting Rodgers in the spotlight for the upcoming season. I knew something was up... Along with all the talk in the media of "can the packers win out?"

  58. wow insane, Im starting to like Raiders/Packers now.

    1. Thank you sir! I like the Trump effect.

    2. Also putting this out there for the third time, I do not like or watch baseball, but I feel the Oakland Ghost Ship Warehouse bonfire is pointing at Oakland A's and Pittsburg Pirates World Series, I know the A's could do it, but ya know. Pennsylvania had the 3rd election recount attempt, maybe significant. That was a dartboard prediction. I saw Rashaan Salaam death. 3 A's in his first name 3 in his last, 33, and had fun connecting the 3 all seeing eyes on the ghost ship, the pirate skeleton on the front of the building, they happened within 33 hours of eachother, definitely coincidence.

      Could be a Chicago connection with salaam, etc, but this is a hobby, I hate the city of chicago. CC, 33.

    3. After 4 game losing streak, Rodgers said they would run the table

      'Run the table' = 45 E.R.
      Kinda like the season they won Super Bowl 45.

      88 Trump tribute, Ty Montgomery #88, touchdown run.

  59. Lmao Adrian peterson has 97 career rushing tds and 33 fumbles going into this game.

    1. And U of Minnesota stopped their protest, Minnesota winning on that alone.

  60. Demarco Murray is the Titans DJ, asked what does he play for the team.
    Kenny C, country artist, Drake and Eminem.

    The Eminem album cover shown had the numbers 19946
    That's Tom Brady reference

    Originally had Patriots losing from a pattern I noticed Brady would win 4 games and lose the fifth like 4-1 and 4/5
    This season Brady came in week 5 won 4 games lost the 5th..

  61. Cowboys/Chiefs parlay seems like the most solid bet to me at -114;

    Don't see the cowboys losing 2 straight, they've demolished every team but NY, and Tampa is an average team, the league wants to prop up Dak, don't see them losing this one.

    The chiefs want to stay ahead in their division and to help the colts by beating the titans seems logical to me, plus at home, should be an easy win for them.

  62. broncos season on the line today... First white horse to fall?

  63. Wow Colts game would be on the all seeing eye network CBS. Stay tuned everyone!

    1. The packers are on Fox, 666, hard to Trump that...

  64. Replies
    1. 3-0 lead to start the game lol, kind of like how they pretty much need 3 wins to make the playoffs.

    2. Ty Hilton's first catch...12 yards...1 catch 12 yards, 112!

  65. Colts starting a bunch of rookies today. On the first drive they all look like legends/all Stars or whatever they call it. Amazing start for us.


    2. I saw they have some new linebacker too #44 Morrison.. Hope=44

  66. they don't even bother covering the best colts receiver lol

  67. Luck throwing to the ground on purpose, asshole, then throws it above everyone, how do people not see through this bs

    1. vikings got a penalty on purpose on the field goal so nullified the shit throws, 10-0 colts

  68. Colts looking good! Now hopefully they don't blow the lead like usual, ha

    1. The amount of trolls this simple blog attracts is unbelievable. Egomaniacs, trolls, and disinformation agents are clearly on this blog.

      Look at the attempts of finding connections to Raiders/Packers. Nice disinfo attempts guys. Granted, Packers is a choice of Gclub, but they are a distant choice.

      Zach really should be flattered at the energy trolls put into this blog. The minute he puts up a post and trolls jump on it. Pretty amazing.

  69. vikings can't do dick, colts have the ball again

  70. Andrew Luck and his rookie friends toying with whats supposed to be NFLs N1 defense. Zach might get this shit right. Would go down in history.

  71. Albeit still early, I like how these games are going. I'm jumping back on the colts bandwagon again!