Sunday, December 18, 2016

51 111 123 | World order 'unraveling', CNN front page, December 18, 2016

Order = 33; Secrecy = 33; Masonry = 33; Federal = 33

The one world order is not unraveling.  That is the illusion they want people to have as they transition to the "next phase".

Notice the emphasis on 'unraveling'.

Conspiracy = 51/123


  1. New York = 111

    Indianapolis = 123

    gotta love the 51 reference in there as well. this is also reminding me of Oblivion and the narrative of 2017 as the last super bowl

  2. Zach, the Colts left for Indianapolis on March 28, 1984.

    From 3/28/84 - the AFC Championship on 1/22/17 is 11,988 days.

    Trump (88) won the election on 11/9. WTF!

    From 3/28/84 - 2/5/17 is a total span including the start date of 12,003 days.

    Indianapolis = 123
    Conspiracy = 123
    Conspiracy = 51

    Indianapolis = 333, it's their 33rd season in Indy

    They also won in their 23rd season in Indy, TEN years ago.

    Ten = 39
    Indy on 39th parallel

    They won with Peyton, who would eventually win with the Broncos and retire at 39.

    Twenty three = 55

    1. 3-28 is also Derek Carr's birthday just for your info Matt.

  3. Did you watch any of the bullshit SNF game tonight? They had a very contrived "advertisement" for The Salvation Army. Ezekiel Elliott ran and jumped into a giant salvation army prop after scoring a TD. They made a HUGE fucking deal out of it:

    The Salvation Army = 77, 'S' exception
    7*7 = 49, Dallas = 49, 49 days until SB 51

    Ezekiel Elliott was born 7/22, Salvation Army was created 7/2/1865
    7+2+1+8+6+5 = 29 (Cowboy)

    The Salvation Army is 151 years old this year.
    Dallas Cowboys = 151

    The Salvation Army = 1218 in English Gematria

    12/18 what a perfect day for a scripted national event for your bs charity of frauds to rob the masses! Merry Christmas!

    Donations = 666
    151 is the 36th prime
    1-36 = 666
    Santa Claus = 666
    We all know what SANTA really spells

    1. Yeah, I saw that. Pretty pathetic bs. Americans put up with the most ridiculous shit. What kind of fucking loser scores a TD and plays peek-a-boo in a SA bowl? And then the announcers eat it up.

      Thanks for the breakdown, senor!

  4. think of writing the dates in accordance with the rest of the world:

    22/7 and 1812 or 9/3

    right there we have the numbers for Pi and Saturn, direct correlation.

    1. Both the government (2 million plis employees) in the us and the military and all of its entities use that dating system (Air Force Academy, West Point, the Citadel.) It's ALWAYS relevant to use the reverse dating. Today would be on letterhead as 19 Dec 2016.

      I've been studying Jewish jematria, ya know, we're in the year 5777, it crosses over our gregorian calendar.

      A little more difficult to work with.

  5. We all need to accept the inevitable changes which will take place in our bodies. If you're hoping to maintain the body you have now for the rest of your life, don't hold your breath.

  6. The majority of the Masonic News narratives are formulated and based on White Supremacy.

    "White Supremacy" in the English Sumerian system equals 1116

  7. ominous - 106
    meddling - 41 68 (barack obama) 119 (donald)

  8. It's planned out and we're sitting ducks.

  9. This may be why McCain specifically wants a "SELECT COMMITTEE":

    SELECT COMMITTEE = (J) -- 555 ... (E) -- 1002 ... (P) -- 167

    Other (Jewish) -- 555 :
    ENTERTAINMENT & ENTERTAINER ... (what this Russian hacking farce really boils down to)

    ROUND ROBIN ... (the back & forth "game" with Russia since WW2)

    PURPLE RAIN ... (perhaps a reference to PRINCE'S DEATH?)
    (Which happened on the Queen's Birthday -- when the Canadian/American Niagra Falls were suddenly lit up with Purple Lights ... creating "PURPLE RAIN" ...)
    Is McCain saying "Another Prince" needs to "Fall"?
    Reminescent of the "Reported" cause of WW1 -- the (supposed) murder of THE NEPHEW of Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo -- all about "nobles" & places most Americans had never heard of.

    PRISON PLANET ... (very fitting alignment for such a comment as McCain's -- just like Alex Jones, his words are meant to stoke fears of non-existent Boogeymen.)