Sunday, July 10, 2016

37 46 57 59 88 118 131 614 | Alton Bertell Sterlings, potentially dead since February 25, 2016 (July 5, 2016 Alton Sterling shooting info)

This is the man reportedly killed July 5, 2016, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Notice above the report, it was last updated February 25, 2016, and says he is deceased, but does not give a date.  If he had died February 25 however, he should have been 36-years old, not 37 as the report says.

Regarding his birthday, he was born the same day as Donald Trump, June 14, 1979.  Not only that, his name has gematria corresponding with 'Trump'.

6/14/1979 = 6+14+19+79 = 118 (Death) (Baton Rouge) (Dallas, Texas)
6/14/1979 = 6+14+(1+9+7+9) = 46 (Baton Rouge) (Hate Crime) (Sacrifice)
6/14/1979 = 6+1+4+1+9+7+9 = 37 (Age of death, reportedly)
6/14/79 = 6+14+79 = 99 (Thirteen = 19) (Lousiana) (USA & France) (Bavarian Illuminati)

With regards to the year '79, the word 'murder' has gematria of '79'.

You might also notice his name is spelled Alton Sterlings instead of Alton Sterling in the report above.

From the date of the report, February 25, 2016, to the date of the incident, July 5, 2016, was 131-days, the number connected to 'fifty-seven', kind of like '5/7', or July 5.

The 18-weeks and 5-days is also interesting.

This is very interesting to say the least.


  1. There's also another possible hidden code in the other spelling of his name on the report.

    Aiton B Sterling ordinal 165, reduction 66. Two numbers that are divisible by 33.

    33 (police) (race war)

    1. Also Alton Sterling address "Prescott RD" connects more dots.

      Prescott RD = 138, 48

      (138) Donald Trump

      (48) Hoax, Propaganda, Illuminati

  2. Donald John Trump=185 Missing Airplanes=185 Flight 804 left Paris on 18/5. Book of Revelation=185 Stock Market Crash=185 World Trade Center=185

    1. May 18th even normally the 138th day. "Donald Trump"=138

    2. "We scare because we Care" = 185......"May Eighteenth" = 68, which has a connection to Trump.

    Maybe it's all about another 'wealth redistribution' scheme?

  4. This is a Perfect Example of The SECOND CHANCE ACT -- (H.R. 1593, Public Law 110-199, signed into effect by Bush Jr. on 4/9/2008) -- & how it REALLY works. Ex-offenders are GIVEN NEW IDENTITIES (with NO Criminal Record) & RELEASED INTO A NEW LOCATION. In exchange for getting their " Second Chance" -- they are committed to "Performing Demonstrations" for The Justice Dept. -- which is "Legal Doublespeak" ... meaning they will be EXPECTED to do WHATEVER is asked of them -- from simply showing up at "controlled, mock demonstrations" ... To pretending to "grieve for a loved one" ... To possibly Faking Their Own Death -- (& everything else in-between). Yes, they ARE getting out of jail ... But they're entering into a Lifetime Of Bondage To The Justice Dept.

    Refusing to participate WILL result in the "offender" being returned to jail for "noncompliance".P ... & that's where things REALLY get sketchy. Since their "Former Identity" has ALREADY been "KILLED OFF" -- according to The Records -- [JUST LIKE THOSE SHOWN ABOVE FOR "ALTON STERLING(S)"] ... Then how DO you Return A "DEAD PERSON" To Prison -- especially when their "New Identity" HAS NO CRIMINAL RECORD? ("Non-compliance" sounds very much like a Death Sentence to me -- after all, how hard can it be to conceal the Murder of a "Non-Existent Person"?)

    The Second Chance Act is why we're seeing so much BAD ACTING -- & so many HAPPY PEOPLE -- around these "tragedies". They ARE Happy -- because they're finally Out Of Jail! And no -- NONE of those people we see "grieving onscreen" are related. They're just doing what they've been ORDERED to do ... They're complying with A System -- one that finds it more beneficial to keep the participants ignorant about the REALITY of what they've signed on for.

    Their real families "may" be brought into the program as well -- & the amount of "assistance" they'll receive depends upon the "Perceived Value" of the "Services They Provide". There is an "ESCALATING TIER SYSTEM OF INVOLVEMENT" that "Incrementally Increases The Rewards & Benefits Available" ... for Those Who Excel (sure sounds Pyramid-like...). Certain parts of the bill ACTUALLY SAY that "Higher Level Participants" may at times be asked to PERFORM LAW ENFORCEMENT DUTIES. (So those "Thuggy-acting Cops" may very well BE Thuggy ex-offenders!).

    I could go on & on ... But read up on for yourselves & you'll see that this is no joke. More than likely we're ALL surrounded by these "participants" -- who are living under New Names, with False Histories & No Criminal Past. (Looking at what the guy above was accused of, it's not hard to see why he'd want to escape from that ... But it also means that no one around him will have a clue that their children might be in danger & he could (conceivably) even wind up working at a school ...!)

    >>> The GoFundMe page is a DEAD GIVEAWAY that "Sterling(s)" is a "Second Chancer" (& so is the easily added "S" to his name). The DOJ doesn't care whether or not "THESE PEOPLE" are ethical -- or even law-abiding -- not as long as they ALWAYS COMPLY WITH THEIR ORDERS. ;D ;D

    1. Wow Do you have a link to that?

    2. Second Chance Act in Simple Gematria Equals: 118
      Dallas Texas in Simple Gematria Equals: 118

    3. Mfsyy,
      That is stunning info, thank you!

      This could go along with something I've been reading about - the mystery plays/miracle plays from medieval Europe. They were put on to teach people about the Bible and little lessons, put on by the Craft Guilds...aka Masons.

      The crap we see on the news is nothing but theater. No one is dying! It makes me nuts that I'm surrounded by people who either don't notice or dont care that they r lied to on a daily basis. Wtf?

      I can't just keep going on pretending everything is fine, paying bills to these banker fucks. It doesn't matter how good things are for me personally, it's like the Princess and the Pea - I notice and it ruins everything because I live in a lie and everywhere I turn for answers I find more layers of bullshit

    4. I have heard of this. Not the changing names bit, but that goes right along with witness protection programs, which probably have similar guidelines. One of my good friends is a bounty hunter/bondsman, and he has relocated people for the county before.

    5. It also makes sense that some of these people presented to us as relatives or witnesses seem barely literate and truly like crack hoes just handed a scrip that they can't read.

    6. Witness protection is really this program.

    7. I used to wonder where they got the actor/guests for The Jerry Springer show. It seems to me they go to trailer parks and offer them money and free booze and they get to be on TV hooray and all they have to do is say the lines the nice man gives them.

    8. Remember when Obama let a lot of people out early?

      Also, here is Obama's quote from right after he was elected......"We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded."

      You have to wonder who he was talking to???

    9. It wouldnt surprise me to find out that we are the civilian branch of the military, they just didn't tell and don't pay us. We r the audience for their hoax drills like Nielsen family for tv ratings

  5. Philando Castile in English Gematria Equals: 888
    Donald J Trump in English Gematria Equals: 888
    Trunp's giving a speech in Virginia Beach today
    Scheduled for Jul 11, 2016
    Monday, July 11, 2016: Live streaming coverage of Donald Trump's speech on Veteran's Reform in Virginia Beach, VA at The Westin Virginia Beach Town Center. Coverage will begin at 1:00 PM EDT.

  6. Thank you That Mfsyy! That is the piece of the puzzle that I had been missing. Where do they get so many people to go along with the script? I thought they chose their crisis actors from The Price is Right audience. "Come on down".

  7. Sterlings Trump" in the English Ordinal system equals 211

    Sterlings Trump" in the English Reduction system equals 67

    211-67= .. 144 ..

    Alton Bertell Sterlings Donald John Trump" in the English Reduction system equals 156

    Alton Bertell Sterlings Donald John Trump" in the English Ordinal system equals 444

    444-156= .. 288 ..

  8. Wow , yes ! Thank you Mfsyy ! The Second Chance Act IS the missing piece to the puzzle ! Time for me to start digging .

  9. No wonder why there are no local obits for these people. Still keeping an eye on Dallas obits top see if the cops get them.

  10. I checked the Social Security Death index with both spellings, date of birth, place of death and no record matches.