Monday, December 12, 2016

Reader Contributions | "94", the Giants, the Cowboys, the Colts +SNF, Cowboys @ Dallas, December 11, 2016

These comments were left in various NFL threads yesterday.  Perhaps together, they give us a picture of the road ahead for the NFL season, a road we have been talking about since February.  Giants and Colts?

Notice the gematria of Indianapolis, Indiana, '94'.

1958 and 1959, the championships were Colts and Giants.  The 1958 game, 58-years ago, is known as the 'Greatest Game Ever Played'.  Greatest Game Ever Played = 99; Thirteen = 99

So, I decided to look this up, and perhaps I found a different accident near Dallas, on August 22, 2016, but it came exactly 111-days before this Sunday Night, where the Giants upset the Cowboys.

22/8 (August 22)
United States of America = 228

Notice the wreck was near Highway 377.  377 is the 14th Fibonacci Number.

The Giants just upset the Cowboys, who were 11-1, 111-days after this wreck, in Week 14 of the NFL season.


Again, this is the man who reportedly killed Will Smith, the Saint, on April 9, a date that can be written 4/9, or 9/4.

4/9/2016 = 4+9+20+16 = 49

This is a brilliant find.  Those overall records often synch with what is going on in the games, and I normally overlook it.  There's always room for improvement.

Again, 94 is the reflection of 49, and this game came against Dallas, in the 13th game of the season for both teams.

49 = 4+9 = 13