Monday, December 12, 2016

13 14 17 41 45 99 | Giants 10-Cowboys 7, SNF, December 11, 2016, a "39" ritual & more

I love that the Giants won with 10, in a game summing to 17-points.  Eli Manning wears #10, and this year, the Giants selected Eli Apple #10 overall in the NFL Draft.  He had a big play and was complimented by the announcing crew last night.

Eli Manning earned his 106th win last night, all-time.

Elisha Nelson Manning = 106 (Prophecy = 106)

*Eli began season with 97-wins (This is the 97th season of the NFL)
*His first game against Dallas, he earned his 98th (Eli Manning = 98)

For this next part on "10", remember, yesterday's date had a '39' numerology, December 11, 2016.

12/11/16 = 12+11+16 = 39

New York was established July 26, 1788, and the United Nations in New York is 39-floors tall.  Not by coincidence.

7/26/1788 = 7+2+6+1+7+8+8 = 39

The opponent last night, the Cowboys, also have '39' name gematria.

Cowboys = 3+6+5+2+6+7+1/10 = 30/39

If you watched the game, there were a lot of '39s' put on the screen, as there always are on SNF.

There was the 39-yard field goal.  There was Dez Bryant's first fumble in 39-games.  There was big play ending at the 39, which the announcers blurted out!  There was more.  There always is.

Also, earlier this year, the Giants beat the Cowboys, in their stadium 20-19.

Winning with 20 on September 11 was a tribute to Eli himself as well.

Again, Eli = 17/26

Notice both QBs had 17 completions last night.  Now you really know why those receivers drop the ball when they shouldn't, so often on third down, the reason they should be paid the millions.

Notice Eli had 167-net-yards.

The 193 total yards connect to '44'.  193, the 44th prime.  2/5/2017 = 2+5+20+17 = 44

This was the 13th game of the season for both teams.  

This is Eli Manning's 13th season total.  With regards to 13, notice the '45' yards rushing for the top two Giants rushers.

Also, those 33 rushing attempts, and '93' total yards, the reflection of '39'.

By the way, did you see Eli Manning's face after 93 hit him last night?  His face said, "Come on.  It's scripted.  You don't need to hit me that hard!"  93 really did smash him.  He fumbled on the play.

As I said, streaks end with '14', and this was Week 14 of the NFL season, a span of 57-days from the Super Bowl.

Fifty-Seven = 131; Championship = 131; Super Bowl = 131; World Series = 57

'Fourteen' also has a parallel to Super Bowl, and 'Deflate Gate'... regarding the latest Steelers-Giants Deflate Gate 2.0 headlines.

Giants are 4-1 in Super Bowls all-time.

If the Giants make it to Houston, for Super Bowl 51, they'll have a chance to become 5-1.

Also, keep in mind the Cowboys were 11-1 when they showed up in New York last night, they exited 11-2.  They were on an 11 game winning streak and New York is the 11th State.

9/11 = 9+1+1 = 11 (Giants 20-Cowboys 19, at Arlington)

Recall when that oil pipeline busted in Alabama on September 9, 2016?  It ran from Houston to New York City.  I documented that then, as well as a riddle with the Alabama Crimson Tide and a river turned red in Russia at the same time.