Monday, December 12, 2016

33 79 205 | 'Under your spell', a song by 'Desire' and Zionist Israel

Under Your Spell = 70/79/205; The Synagogue of Satan = 79/97/223

70-year old Donald Trump has some people under a spell, but I noticed for those people it began when he was 69, perhaps at the top of the Masonic Arch.

This post was inspired by this song on a YouTube video that popped up by random.  When I noticed it was playing, it was on the chorus.  A 'lightbulb' went off.

The imagery of the video begins with this.

I know something with this that has people "under a spell".

The name of the group is 'Desire'.  Perfect.


  1. Interesting "coincidence" of Goalie's saves in an NHL game last night:

    Our NHL record is 12-4: 75%.

  2. Ever thought about the double meaning of the word "spelling"?
    When you spell something, you individualize letters (numbers) which, as combined, SPELL a certain word/number.

    "Zachary" has 7 letters/numbers which spell out 37/82/993

    What if thats what spelling means? What if spelling something actually spells something?

    1. Hadn't thought about that. I think you are on to something. Spelling bees are a big part of our programming. Why didn't we have gematria bees?

    2. Well, a spell means something is charmed or enchanted.

      So, spelling charms or enchants individual letters or characters into a meaning or understanding that is greater than the individual parts or letters.

      Spelling controls others with the use of an alphabet.
      Words are weapons and tools of enchantment.

    3. Yes, well said. Whole can be greater than the sum of its parts.

      because learning that words and numbers are tied would have been useful.

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