Monday, December 12, 2016

66 138 144 | 'Hacking standoff', Donald Trump, Russia, the FBI & CIA headlines, December 12, 2016

Putin is not looking healthy in this picture...

Today is 12/12.  12x12 = 144 (Time = 144) (Sagittarius = 144)

What a headline.

In light of the gematria, and what happened to the all4truth website, I almost feel like he is pointing at me.  Ha!  I'm sure it isn't that though.

Checkout some of these other headlines up at the same moment.


  1. "Hacking standoff" = 168 in English Kabbalah #1

    "Black Magic" = 84 in English Kabbalah #3

    OFF Topic: Amazing Gematria proving why Spurs ended their 13-Game winning streak on the road at Chicago:

    Spurs end road-win streak at 13 - Tim Duncan Tribute:

    168 is a multiple of 84, i.e. both deeply connected, so that the Terms equaled to those numbers.

  2. Gary the numbers guy is the top numerologist. Gematria Frauds! #GG33forLife

  3. milo u suk Zach king of cnn headlines

  4. Trump is playing Uncle Sam in this picture. Only missing thr hat and whiskers