Sunday, July 10, 2016

46 58 | Brock Lesnar steals the "46" show, UFC 200

Remember how UFC 200 was all about 'hit and run'?  Guess who had the name to match...

And you have to appreciate the 58 second touch.  Classy.


  1. Is that a reference to the "Hit and Run" Card with the [235-666] License Plate.

    "License Plate" = 49 & 121

  2. There was more in play than that as well. Most people with connections to the number 38 went on to win with the exception of miesha tate. Brock is 38.

    He beat Mark Hunt who had birth Numerology of 42. Age 42. The other 3 fighters on the card who had the 42 birth numerology in the main event all ended up losing as well including the champion.

    Jon Jones also has 42 birth numerology this year, he was pulled from the card and replaced by anderson silva who then went on to lose in his 42nd match.

    1. jmontz. Well done on Portugal. Glad to see you stood by your conviction.

      Are you doing anything on the British Open?

    2. Thank you, the Ronaldo injury was somewhat of a surprise but the result was never in doubt.

      By british open do you mean the golf? I find golf a hard one to break down as theres 156 people in the tournament. I'll keep some notes over the coming days and may have something towards the last few days of the tournament.

      The next thing im going to look at is UFC 201 end of July. Robbie lawlers fighting then a lot kicks of again in august with the start of seasons and UFC 202 McGregor v Diaz.

    3. Check us Out we are doing UFC 201 & 202 on our blog site.


  3. A no one questions am athlete who jumps from wrestling to pro wrestling to nfl to ufc to pro wrestling and now back to ufc. He is just that awesome, right? What happened to his liver condition that would keep him out of competitive fighting for life? That was why he left UFC before. Maybe he knows Jesus.

    1. Its like his

      Diverticulitis---180, 1338J

      Took a complete 180.

      But maybe DIVERticulitis only strikes fighters who have to fake a loss or...

      Take a Dive---78, 835J

      And now that he's winning again, he is all better.

      Liver Transplant--201, 1206

      Bionic Man--80

      Universal Soldier---203

  4. After 19 seasons tim duncan 6'11" born on 116th day. 4+ 2+5 +19 +76=106
    The big...fundamental=666 duncan=21=jersey #

    1. I just find his name too comical. Tim "DUNK" can -

      Talk about a Manchurian athlete.

    2. He is retiring today with '54' numerology.
      Sun = 54
      They say the sun is 93 million miles away
      Spurs = 93