Friday, June 24, 2016

33 40 45 65 68 88 109 146 172 216 229 | Brexit coverage and Donald Trump saying America is next while in Turnberry, Scotland

Notice the top sub-headline, Donald Trump saying America is next.  The headline has a connection to the United States as well.

Reportedly, 33,000,000 people voted in 'Brexit', with the majority voting to leave the EU, causing Prime Minister David Cameron to resign.,_2016

Recall, someone said there was an illustration of Invicta in a U.K. paper showing the U.K. leaving the EU.  That person called it, I just wish they gave an image with what they said.

In the end, June 23, 2016 turned out to be the day of Independence for the United Kingdom.

6/23/2016 = 6+23+20+16 = 65

Within the date, was the numerology corresponding with 'leave' as well.

6/23/16 = 6+23+16 = 45

Notice the gematria of 'Downing Street', connecting to the headline as well as 'United Kingdom' and the date of the vote.

United Kingdom = 65 (6/23/2016)

The question was, 'Who will lead UK?' in the headline, or, who will appear next at 10 Downing Street.  Next year the address will turn 333-years old.

Remember, this vote came 109-days before Cameron's October 9th birthday, and that number ties well to 'Parliament'.  Notice he is turning '50'.

How quickly the United Kingdom becomes the Divided Kingdom.  I like this this unfolds at 'Game of Thrones' introduces continental war to their viewers just days earlier.

In the history of the modern world, financial turmoil, especially between nations, is what has lead to war.  We've seen the narrative for war worldwide building for the last year, from Europe, to the Middle East, to Asia and back to the United States.  Remember when Japan ended their policy of pacifism?  These dominoes that are falling, it isn't by any accident.  This is the path of agenda.

June 23rd has standout gematria.

It is interesting that Donald Trump, born to a Scottish mother, was in Scotland during the time of the vote.  Turnberry, Scotland has a connection to 'America'.

Recall the recent Orlando shooting, connected to the poem 'Invictus' through the 'Invictus Games', and how there was much coding of '50' and '229' in both the shooting and the poem.  We also talked about how Invictus and the shooting points to July 11, a date Donald Trump accidentally called out on April 19, 2016.  I am pretty sure Donald Trump being in Turnberry is all part of this ongoing riddle.

William Ernest Henley, who died July 11, 1903, is the poet of Invictus.
Omar Mir Seddique Mateen is the U.S. Government stooged blamed for the Orlando shooting

Regarding Trump, notice how the section of the article CNN features him, is under the subheadline 'Taking back control'.  The gematria of this phrase connects to his name and the year he stared his business, '68.

There is also a parallel between 'Trump' and 'Scotland'.


  1. Also 'Leave' = 45
    23+6+16= 45

    That was what i was doubting before the vote, more confirmation that date gematria seems to be absolutely key above everything else. Thats what i seem to be observing anyway.

    1. I hope noone bought pounds last night thinking it would rally today.

    2. I wish you had said BEFORE the vote :C

    3. Yeah seems the death of Jo Cox was more of a sacrifice to the leave campaign i bet the federal banks made an absolute mint of the stock market today.

    4. Everyone wants out know. Order out of choas is the only thing over the horizon. The Elite get what they want (inevitable war) and total control with their World currency in 2018. Cover of the economist magazine in 1988 says it all″-the-economist-magazine/

    5. There is that 88 again. Maybe it means we all lose and that is why it keeps coming up everywhere but pointing back to the year 88.

  2. Remember how Bisbing won in 3:36 in his UFC fight. First UFC champ from UK. The word, 'Out' = 336 in standard. 336 reflection = 633 .. .the length of a day in minutes on Saturn.
    Also you see the second Independence day movie came out today? The first one came out on July 4th 1996 ( US Independence day ). The second movie releases 239 months later. The 'Out' campaign wins with 52% of the vote. 52nd prime = 239.

    Win for the Leave campaign on 24-6-2016. Summed = 66. 'Brexit' = 33. 'Thirty Three' = 66. England last won a major football tournament in 1966. Their only win. Might they win Euro 2016, after votin to leave the EU :D

    The vote also comes 223 days after the Paris Attacks. And 4004 (44) , days after the 7/7/2005 attacks.

    Barely had chance to look at much last while. Class post man.

    1. Drop that mic, Dar. That is some good stuff.

    2. No they will meet Ireland in the next round, im currently doing work on that fixture now. It will be 63 years since they last played. Ireland = 63

      It wil also be the 62nd fixture between the two teams, Ireland last beat England 89 years ago. That stands out massively to me, 89 = King James.

      King James ruled Ireland and England i believe, with England, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Wales all into the knockout stages i believe this will all be centered around the royal family.

      Check out Martin O neills Gematria. He's also actually Northern Irish which probably ties into the theme. Was 63 at the start of the year, 3/1/1952 birthday. 13 + 31 we've seen massively in the NBA finals and the 52 year stands out, 52 years since Cleveland won a championship, the Queen became the Queen in 1952 as well, 52 the prophecy number.

      From his birthday to the day of the finals is 131 days (Championship).. If they reach the final it will be his 33rd game in charge of Ireland. The finals on a date with 33 numerology. Cleveland = 33. Brexit = 33.

      Ireland the only home nation not involved in the EU debate.

      Jeff Hendrick seems the player chosen for this tournament win as well. Has the 1/31 birthday. 131.

      He's 24... 24th Prime = 89. First tournament to have 24 teams. If they reach the final it will be his 27th appearance for Ireland, Lebron scored 27 points in the final.

      So much more.

    3. Jo Cox's murderer is 52; 52% approval rating for Obama; 52% voted for the Brexit; and the Queen becoming Queen at 52.

      Heavy, heavy stuff is going on.

    4. Going again with Jeff.

      131 Days from his birthday to the start of the Euro's which started on the prophecy date.

      If he wins he will have made 27 appearances for Ireland, He plays for Derby = 27. King James died on the 27th

      Also remember how we kept wondering what the 25 meant for lebron james? He constantly kept scoring 25 through the play offs and finals, King James died 27/3/1925. March = 25, i think thats why.

    5. Also thats why Lebron scored 27 points in the final game.

    6. 52 days after the Cav's victory is September 9th
      9/8/2016 or 8/9/2016 as the case may be.
      Who dies on that date?

  3. Independence for Britain 11 days before America celebrates July 4.
    240 years like 24
    24 hours in a day, 7 days a week = 168

    When I typed 7 × 24 into the Google for the answer, this bible quote came up.

    Stop judging by mere appearance but instead judge correctly.
    -John 7:24

    Donald John Trump
    Reality star
    Has appeared on WWE
    Kayfabe - pretending that wrestling storyline and characters r real

    The "founding fathers" wore powdered wigs.
    Trump's hair looks like a wig, he's mimicking.

    1. British Independence, Independent Britian- --183

      Britian Independence---171

      The Jewish Values of the top two

      Independent Britian--518
      British Independence- -553

      When added--1071

      Matching all the 1s, 7s, 17s, 71s, and 171s we've seen the last couple months all leading back to the Royals and bye bye to the Queen. Remeber she was 1177 weeks old when Chuck was born.

    2. 1177 weeks old reminds me of Trump's 7-11 comment about 9/11. The dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza are based around the numbers 11 and 7.

    3. 711 mini market very prominent in the Orlando Pulse pics

  4. The Julian calendar is 13 days behind the Gregorian calendar. That would make July 4 equivalent to June 21st the summer solstice yeah?

    You know our calendar is only one system of counting there have been many so why limit yourself to the age you r told u are? In another system u could still be a child. Appearances deceive and belief us extremely powerful thing.

    Our culture has fakery and duping built in from the beginning. Look how we lie to kids about Santa Claus and the tooth fairy and as u get older u see its a scam u r being fooled. I don't think anyone means it unkindly it's more a part of childhood culture most raised but still why?
    And don't even get me started on religion even as a kid I could see it was a fairy story, I found it troubling that adults actually seemed to believe
    Nasal is fairy stories. I don't know what space is but I know those bitches did not go to the moon like they said they did. I don't even know that u could walk on it, it just looks like a light in the sky to me.

    Since I've been lied to about so much, everything is now suspect. Are death and taxes inevitable? Fuck no!
    I doubt all of it!!!

    1. There is no space and the planets are made up. We're in a dome with a controlled environment. Like an ant farm

    2. I think this is a really good line of thought, and you are right to doubt - everything! Queen Beatrix (Netherlands) observes her birthday as the day before Beltane (April 30/May 1) instead of her actual birthday (Jan 31st).
      QEII's birthday is April 21st and yet she celebrated officially on June 11 this year.
      They all seem to be big fans of 'duality' so maybe the mid-points between the dates are a sign also?

  5. Good Post. This thing is not binding so we will se what happens. The next could guy could come in and just stall it.

    From the article:
    "Donald" = 50 = "America"
    "Tusk" = 71 [20th Prime]
    "Seventy One" = 144
    "Donald Tusk = 121 = "Revelation"
    "President Donald Tusk" = "231" = "Hillary Rodham Clinton"

    "European Council" = 172 = "Hillary Clinton"

    "A Great Thing" = 110*

  6. Wow. These are some interesting 'revelations'. I certainly don't look forward to war, but it looks like that's where they're pushing us. :/

  7. I'm sure it was just a coincidence Trump went to Scotland at the same time of the Brexit vote ...

  8. It was pointed out to me by a friend that the leave vote was 17.4m on what is typically the 174th day of the year.
    16.1m voted remain. The golden ratio is 1.61.
    News of Cameron's intent to resign came at 7.22am GMT. 22/7=pi.
    Food for thought.

  9. Check Martin Rowson they have Ann article on Gaurdian opinion seen it a few days ago


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