Saturday, June 25, 2016

33 41 47 51 65 112 137 | Jim Irsay buys Prince's 'Yellow Cloud' guitar for $137,500 (Prince Purple Rain & death tribute)

This story comes on a date with '67' numerology.  Recall, Vanity and Prince died in span of 67-days.

6/25/2016 = 6+25+20+16 = 67 (Year of first Super Bowl)

Remember, Prince performed in Super Bowl 41, where the Colts defeated the Bears.  Prince also died on a date with '41' numerology.

4/21/16 = 4+21+16 = 41

Recall, Vanity died at age 57, just like Prince.  She died on the 46th day of the year.

Chicago = 46 (Ron Rivera, 4-6 Defense, 46-10 over Patriots, 1985)
Vanity = 46 (Dead on 46th day of the year)
Sacrifice = 46

This year's Super Bowl, February 7, 2016, was the 46th Super Bowl of the modern era.  It was also on the 38th day of the year.

As for the price paid, remember that 137 is the 33rd prime number.

Price = 7+9+9+3+5 = 33

Also, as I mentioned the day Prince died, April 21, 2016 was the 112th day of the year, and the upcoming Super Bowl will be host by Houston.

Remember, the Houston Texans are hosting Super Bowl 51.

Also, it will be the 47th Super Bowl of the modern era, and Luck grew up in Houston, where his father played for the Houston Oilers.  Recall Prince died 47-days before his birthday, and the first Super Bowl was played in the 47th season of the NFL.  Super Bowl 47 also had the 33-minute blackout, played between the 49ers and Ravens.

What else is odd about this news coming today, is that it is the birthday of George Orwell, the author of 1984.  Prince's Purple Rain album released on this date in 1984.

From the date he died until the date of this news also stands out.

Last point, the guitar's name, 'Yellow Cloud', has 'master builder' gematria.