Sunday, June 26, 2016

62 | Scotland roller coaster derails, June 26, 2016, 11-injured (Brexit and Market Instability)

Notice the 2:11 post time, 211 is the 47th prime.  Something tells me this contrived story has to do with the recent vote for U.K. independence and the very deliberate market fallout after.

Today's date can also be written 26/6, which reminds me of the 266th Pope and how his visit was connected to the train derailment in Philadelphia on May 12, 2015.


  1. From the date of the devastating asian tsunami on Dec 26, 2004 to the derailment of this "Tsunami" Roller Coaster on June 26, 2016 is a span of 4200 days.

    Tsunami Roller Coaster = 96, 105
    Freemason = 42, 96
    Masonry, Zionism = 42, 105

    1. Chilli Peppers did their version of Love Rollercoaster in '96. The Original Love Rollercoaster song was by the Ohio Players.

      The album the Ohio Players released with Love Rollercoaster on it was called Honey and it was released August 16th 1975. From that date to today is a span of 40 years 10 months 10 days.

  2. 6/26 to 12/25 = 26 weeks to Christmas

  3. "Chaotic"? Really, CNN? NO ONE in those pics even looks like they're in a rush. Standing around or posing with arms "stretched into a blurry darkened area" (the abyss?) is more like it. Even their EXPRESSIONS are "Bland" -- (is Sandy Bland about to reappear in the news?). They HAD to get that word in there ... apparently in the #22 slot.

    For a good chuckle, check out "Grey Legs" (gr-E-y instead of gr-A-y because, well ... it IS Scotland!) Find the guy on the L In the Grey Sweatsuit -- look to the R of his chest -- & enlarge. A pair of grey pants-legs is sticking out (rather "kicking out" -- & upwards too! ... that gal must have some kick-ass abs ... no signs of ANY limp weakness -- "she" must be ok ...). Now look at the black-shirted Torso "trying to extricate" her. I say "Torso" because ... EGADS! The Man HAS NO HEAD! Just a thick black collar-line where it "should be". Oops! I hope she wasn't there with Grey Sweatsuit Guy ... because HE'S not being much help. Looks like he's scratching his leg. If they ARE together, & IF The Headless Torso can manage (somehow) to Pull Her Out without paralyzing her ... you know Sweatsuit Guy is sure gonna get an earful whenever SHE sees these pics! Lol ;D ;D

    1. Yes, I hate being told what the scene is when what's before my eyes doesn't fit the description in the least. This is how the people are programmed. Great post as always friend.

    2. Thank you, my friend. I WAS wondering about that YELLOW, KID-SIZED MOTOR-TRIKE in the Lower Center of the pic? It's been staged there for some reason -- there's even a small black border around it!

      At 1st I thought they were going to say that the ball player whose cousin was killed in a hit & run had been on a scooter, but then I never saw any details. They "implied" he might've been walking, but even then they didn't give the usual details, like " he was crossing the street", etc. It seemed likely because YELLOW -- & -- HIT & RUN have been linked since the WILL SMITH / YELLOW HUMMER event in New Orleans ... which occurred right as the OTHER Will Smith was getting an award -- & there IS a new "INDEPENDENCE DAY" movie out.

      Perhaps we're about to see another "Biker" story ... Maybe out of TEXAS -- The " Yellow Rose " state! ;D :D

  4. Perhaps the MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE is in the Bright Green, Pink & Blue "THING" protruding from the CENTER of the LEFT MARGIN. Viewed from the Top Looking Down -- it's a "BOW".

    We WILL be seeing more "Bow Imagery". It's symbolic of the "9th of AV" -- or T'ISHA B'AV. This year it falls on: AUGUST 13 - 14 (sunset to sunset).

    "9TH OF AV" is the time to commemorate the WORST OF THE TRAGEDIES that the Jews "Celebrate" (THEY said it -- not me!).

    The days leading up to "9th Of Av" are marked from SHAVUOT -- which was JUNE 11 -- JUNE 13 ... EXACTLY when THE PULSE Event of JUNE 12 went down.

    SHAVUAT is 7 weeks after Passover ... Described as -- "49 + 1 DAYS For A Total Of "50" DAYS" (again, THEIR phrasing -- not mine) ... "Coincidentally" the EXACT phrasing used to describe the "Death Toll in Orlando". ;D :D

  5. Really interesting observations to consider.
    I also see (and may or may not be pertinent)...
    The named ride in the background of the initial image: "White Water"
    72/45(EG) like world/fluoride, Holy Bible, Ohio
    56(J) like Isis
    51(EO&P) like Weishaupt and Zionism

  6. Aha -- the definitive link between White Water & Zionism finally emerges! I remember White Water as being the "Benghazi-like" scandal of the 1st Clinton term (before financial scandal gave way to the never ending string of sexual "revelations"). As I recall, HILLARY was implicated far more than Bill -- but it all slowly faded out of sight after Monica, Waco, OKC, Ruby Ridge, Beirut Barracks Bombing, NAFTA, etc. (It's irritating that nowdays people are so quick to say the Clinton years "weren't that bad". Goes to show how effective these "continual crises" are at wiping out memories -- because a whole LOT of bullshit went down during those years!)

    The White Water I'm talking about had to do with the Arkansas National Guard being used to smuggle cocaine (& other drugs) into the country. The whole state of Arkansas (where Bill had been governor) was one giant landing strip & all levels of law enforcement were involved. A lot of the financial transactions were handled through a "Real Estate Investment firm" called White Water -- Hillary was their "lawyer" ... but in reality she was also in charge. There were a LOT of murders associated with this crime ring -- whistleblowers never lasted long.

    As time has passed, pretty much ALL of the "Conspiracy Theories" about White Water proved to be fact-based -- even those they REALLY worked to suppress ... such as the trafficking of children. Also receiving less attention than "cocaine" were the tons & tons of PILLS smuggled in -- especially ecstasy, amphetamines & Xanax. The acknowledged world leaders in the production of these drugs are based in Israel. That's why the Gematria connections between Zionism, Ohio & White Water caught my eye so quickly.

    Thanks for the heads-up -- these are really important IRREFUTABLE connections! (The Numbers Never Lie!) I don't see this as anti-Hillary ... I think it's a boastful nod to "past accomplishments" -- & a "promise" of the Tsunami they've got waiting in their back pocket. Sort of like waving a gun & saying "Don't make me use this" ...! ;D :D

    1. My brain went there, but I was unable to connect things let alone articulate any connections as you have done!
      Thank you :)

  7. Haha -- my keyboard runneth over! ;D


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