Wednesday, June 29, 2016

26 | A closer look at the Istanbul Airport explosions shown in the media, June 28, 2016

I keep seeing this ridiculous explosion shown on TV.  It is supposedly one of the bombs going off i the Istanbul Airport attack hoax of June 28, 2016.  Notice how the explosion takes the camera.

First the screen becomes more yellow.

More yellow.

More yellow.  Notice where the body disappeared on the screen.

Now notice how the bomb explosion comes from the left side of the screen, not where the man was who supposedly detonated the explosive.

The explosion comes from a point whee the man is not.

Truth Virus video:

And in the other shot shown of an explosion released, I notice the clip is 26 seconds.

Istanbul = 9+1+2+1+5+2+3+3 = 26

We live in a world where non-destructive, non-lethal explosions are used for special effects and military training purposes.


  1. The military and Hollywood are so entwined that it might as well be another branch. Army, Navy, AF, Marines, Hollywood/Special Effects Squad.
    And then there is us, the supposed Civilians..we are the audience/testing subjects. Perhaps we are POWs. I don't remember volunteering for anything, do u?

    I'm pretty sure that the only wars going on here are mental, the war to shape our perceptions and lead our minds, but of course, thats the only fight that counts.

    1. Yes, I think you're right on as usual.

    2. So right -- we're LIVING in the movie "WAG THE DOG". The name for these units is: TPT -- Tactical Psyops Teams. Every branch of the military has them ... but now so do ALL of the "Veins & Arteries" of the "Government & Judicial System" (that's what I call them -- because it stretches from the top down to the local level. I've SEEN the tip-offs they give each other via local media ... claiming an operation so that others know to back off. Seems to be the only way they can keep from constantly tripping over each other's Fake Psy-Ops, lol!)

      Besides all of those, don't forget the myriad "Contracting Agencies" like THE RENDEN GROUP (who pulled down the statue of Saddam Hussein on 4/9/03) ... so-called "Religious Groups & Their Affiliates" like B'NAI B'RITH ... and ... THE MORMONS (they're Both loaded with cash & "armies" of zealous followers -- & -- they ALWAYS enjoy "puttin' a good one over on the Non-Believers" ... & even FRATERNAL GROUPS -- as in "Campus Greek Orgs" -- are HIGHLY involved in these spectacles (Zeta Beta Tau might be the leader of this pack ... but ALL the major ones are "doing their part" ... EVER heard of a politician, judge or "activist" that WASN'T affiliated with these groups???!)

      I'm to the point now where I think there are so damned many people involved in this type of bullshit, that WE (who aren't out to deceive ANYBODY) are in the Minority -- & it's a VERY SMALL MINORITY at that. The Bullshitters are Bullshitting each other -- to the point that the general public is almost an afterthought anymore. Although some of the sloppy work seems deliberate ... we've seen enough now that you can tell some of them just can't get their act together.

      It's getting like "TRUMAN -- Reversed". They almost have to keep it up now -- I'm not sure they'd know HOW to stop the Crazy Train. It could be that these "Architects" will engineer their own downfall. However -- we'll have to remind each other that THEY are ONLY Middle-Men & Puppets ... to TRULY Change This World -- The SYSTEMS will have to go ... which only be done by Starving Them -- going completely LOCAL in every regard (I know YOU know that ... But it feels good to SAY IT! lol)

      The Universe WILL Seek -- & Achieve -- It's Balance ... But if we want to SEE that in our lifetime, we'll HAVE to do our part to help that happen. (Now if we could just dump all these lying, imposter assholes in a fiery pit -- poof! No more FAKE "Population Problem" -- haha)? ;D :D

  2. Dönmeh run Turkey and they have for hundreds of years.
    Turkey... Sabbatai Zevi and the Dönmeh

    1. SUPERB CONNECTION!! Yes -- this is VERY IMPORTANT info EVERYONE needs to educate themselves about. The SABBATEANS are the most powerful Zionist/Crypto-Satanists that YOU NEVER HEAR ANY REFERENCE TO -- FOR A REASON.

      To Anyone Looking for "The Top Of The Pyramid" -- THIS IS IT.

      Great Work!! ;D :D