Wednesday, June 29, 2016

26 | A closer look at the Istanbul Airport explosions shown in the media, June 28, 2016

I keep seeing this ridiculous explosion shown on TV.  It is supposedly one of the bombs going off i the Istanbul Airport attack hoax of June 28, 2016.  Notice how the explosion takes the camera.

First the screen becomes more yellow.

More yellow.

More yellow.  Notice where the body disappeared on the screen.

Now notice how the bomb explosion comes from the left side of the screen, not where the man was who supposedly detonated the explosive.

The explosion comes from a point whee the man is not.

Truth Virus video:

And in the other shot shown of an explosion released, I notice the clip is 26 seconds.

Istanbul = 9+1+2+1+5+2+3+3 = 26

We live in a world where non-destructive, non-lethal explosions are used for special effects and military training purposes.