Tuesday, June 28, 2016

11 26 31| Deuteronomy 11:31, and the Cleveland Cavaliers 2016 NBA Championship (LeBron surpassing Jordan)

Basketball = 31
LeBron is 31

As I continue to say, everything they're doing, comes from the Bible.  It is the playbook.  Now we know why Michael had the last name Jordan.  It was all part of the planned "prophecy".



  1. Even with proof, people still fail to see.

  2. From 3/22 in Belgium to today in Istanbul is 98 days.
    Istanbul = 98.

  3. Interesting stuff as always!

    Continuing with the number 43 and how much we're seeing it around, 3 big events finish on 10/7/16. Thats the 191st day of the year.

    191 = 43rd prime (Champion, Civil war) Also has 33 numerology.

    28/5/16 - 10/7/16 = 43 days. Thats when ronaldo scored the winning penalty in the champions league final. He has a lot lining up for him at the moment.

    From his 5/2 birthday to the final is 156 days. Thirty three = 156. He will make his 133rd appearance for portugal if they reach it. He won the Champions league 43 days earlier in his 133rd appearance in Europe competitions.

    He's also 31 years old like Lebron, never won an international championship. Messi has just retired from international football at 29 because he lost his 4th final with argentina. Would really push ronaldo in front of who's the best debate if he won Internationl honors with a mediocre Portugal team.

    Im very intrigued to see what happens on friday when Portgual play Poland. Ronaldo will make his 131st appearance and is currently on 60 goals. Im calling Ronaldo to score on the 33/57/61/79 min. That would really convince me if he scores his 61st goal on a championship number!

    1. This is interesting.

      Its 12 years since euro 2004 which was the 12th edition of the euros when portugal who hosted the tournament were shocked in the final against greece.

      That game was on 4/7/2004... 4/7 like 47 = France 4+7+4 = 15 - This Euro's is the 15th edition 15th prime = 47.

      Ronaldo scored his first international goal in that tournament in a 2-1 loss to eventual champions Greece on the first match, he lost the final in his 12th appearance - now here we are 12 years later.

  4. A lot of interesting stuff there. You could be on to something with Portugal. Perhaps Portugal (Instead of Belgium) v France final?

    Ronaldo loses in Championship game, just like Messi & Argentina just did?

    1. Welll... In this tournament Ronaldos had a few dicey moments.

      He missed a Penalty in the 0-0 draw with Austria in the group stages. He was making a record 128th appearance for Portugal, and he missed in the 79th Min.. (Ronaldo = 79, Champion = 79)

      The game against Hungary was on a date with 44 Numerology - The kill number.. The game ended 3-3. 33? Ronaldo scored twice and assisted the other goal.

      Hungary scored on the 19th min. If France play Portugal in the final and france win it will be frances 19th win all time against portugal.

      Nani equalized in the 42nd min. The Hungary took the lead after HT in the 47th (France, 15th Prime) Ronaldo Equalizes in the 50th, Hungary retake the lead on the 55th (If france get to the final it will be Deschamps 55th game in charge) Ronaldo scores again on the 62nd min.

      Ronaldo scores 50th and 62nd - 12 mins apart - 12 years since he lost at euro 2004.

      From the 47 - 62 mins 4 goals were scored in 15 mins, this being the 15th euros.

      I really dont no how to read this, im not sure if these are foreshadowing Ronaldos loss in the final or if there tributes/sacrifices to his win this is wear i find it difficult, finding the connections is easy enough but interpreting them is so hard!

      Anyones insight would be a help, sometimes you need another trail of thought!

      Im pretty sure Portugal meet Belgium in the next round, they have interesting numbers with each other.. They also play Poland on a date with 52 numerology on Ronaldo's 131st game and he will probably score his 61st goal... Urghgh minds boggled!

    2. " he missed in the 79th Min.. (Ronaldo = 79, Champion = 79)"
      Maybe we can interpret that as he will miss his chance at champion by losing in the finals? Your other numbers could be interpreted as Ronaldo at least reaching the finals but not necessarily winning it all

    3. Indeed, read my post below. If im right about Portugal v Germany final then the narrative is very much there for Ronaldo to win it.

      This could be a coincidence but Germany = 83. The first win Portugal got against Germany was back in 1983. 33 years ago (Finals numerology 33) They won 1-0 and the goal was scored by.. Eduardo Mendez on the 56th min.

      Fifty Six = 118 (Death)
      Eduardo Mendez = 63 1-63 = 2016
      Mendez = 67 (Sacrifice) 67th Prime = 331 - 133 backwards
      Mendez = 31 Ronaldos age
      Ronaldo will make his 133rd appearance in the final

      It was played on Feb 23rd as well, wow.


  5. Prince Rogers Nelson = 226. European championship = 226
    Prince = 38. Portugal = 38.
    Portuguese manager 'Fernando santos' = 57. Prince died aged 57.
    Prince = 65. Seven = 65. This is portugals 7th attempt in this tournament. (And Ronaldo wears 7).
    7 = completion?
    From Ronaldos birthday to princes death is 2 months 16 days. This is year 216. Or its 10 weeks 6 days. Prophecy = 106.
    Portugals 1st appearance in the Euros was in 1984, 32 years ago. 32nd prime is 131, like championship = 131.

    1. Thats fantastic work thank you so much. Perhaps we will see a Portugal v Germany final? Both Teams = 38, ill have to check out Germany's numbers.

      Looking at France if they beat Iceland Deschamps will have 33 wins as France manager.. Wouldn't be surprised if they went out the tournament to italy/Germany on 33 wins.

      If Germany were to go to the final it would be Lowes 137th game in charge 137th prime is 33.

      Germanys captain Schwingstieger currently on 118 caps and isnt likely to play anymore even if they make the final, 118 not a good number at all.

      Ronaldo has always fared well against german teams at club level... Hes scored 13 goals in the last 6 knockout games against german teams, including a hat trick when they were 2-0 down in this years CL to Wolfsburg.

      That was on 12/4/2016 = 52.. 89 days from that to the finals where they could potentially play germany. 89's been a big number in regards to King James and the NBA finals - not sure how that factors into portugal though.

      NBA finals started 2/6/16 38 days from 10/7/16.. Thats connects to Both Portugal and Germany.

      One more thing ive noticed if Belgium and Portugal get through then they will play there semi final on 6/7/16. 49 numerology... Belgium lost to Italy in the first game of the tournament.

      Italy = 67... 6/7.. 67 = Sacrifice. Presuming Belgium beat Wales they would then also be knocked out with there manager on 33 wins, like England and Potentially France in the Semis as well.

      Think were getting there!

    2. Final is at the stade de france in Saint denis.
      Ronaldo is from madeira.
      Madeira portugal = 71/161.
      Saint denis france = 71/161.
      Madeira = 51. Stade de france = 51.
      Saint denis = 42.
      Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos aveiros = 402.
      They started building the stade de france on 5/2/1995 which has numerology of 31. Ronaldo is 31.
      That 5/2 is the reflection of his 2/5 birthday as well.
      In portugals first European tournament it was france that knocked them out. I think portugal complete the 32 year circle and win it all in France. They lost that game 3-2 in marseille. This year's semi between france and Germany is in marseille. Portugal-Germany final is the way to go I think.

    3. Yeah its looking like that, Wouldn't be surprised if its Portugal v France though.

      Ronaldo would win his 18th Trophy of his career... 18th prime = 61.

      He could very well end on 61 goals for his country as well.

      The 3-3 draw with Hungary on the 44 numerology is significant as well..

    4. So your off France now?

    5. Yes im very much on Portugal to win this one, im still undecided about France or Germany in the final but im leaning towards the germans.

      I also believe Wales will beat Belgium on Friday. Who ever wins that game has been set up to lose to Portugal anyway with there managers stats but Wales beat Belgium last time on a date with 33 numerology. 55 weeks ago - A win would take there h2h record to 5-5.

      And it would leave Wales manager Coleman on 15 wins. The portugal game will then be his 38th in charge of Wales and his overall managerial career wins at 118. Both death numbers. If belgium do go through then there manager will lose on 33 wins to portugal but i like wales more. Plus If Portugal, Belgium, France and Germany all qualify then thats 4/4 favs. They need to make cash on one of them games and with beligium looking very good after the last round its probably were the money will be.

  6. They sure the Hell are scripting everything according to the Bible! Look who's named after Genesis 15:18?
    German Chancellor Angela Merkel in English Gematria Equals: 1518

  7. Quick question,Kevin Durant =49, Warriors=49, could he be headed for Golden State

  8. Cavs vs warriors

    Lebron defeats both curry and durant wins back to back and now is OVER Jordan . The discussion will be " he never won a 3peat" lol

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  10. Knicks havnt won championship since 1973. Next year 2017 will mark 44 years since last championship. Since Lebron most likely will not be in finals next year , Knicks Warriors ? NY losing in finals ? Also think it'll be Knicks 66th in existence

  11. Or the Knicks are going to sacrifice former players ? 3 come to mind. Allan Houston , Bill Bradley or Clyde. Ewing wore 33 tick toc

  12. Lebron = The chosen ONE
    Jordan = Bull GOD

    I think Jordan may be safe.
    Lebron will be remembered, may take the logo away from JWest #44