Friday, June 24, 2016

33 38 89 96 119 | The death of Ralph Edmund Stanley, Bluegrass Legend, June 23, 2016

The Virginia boy is dead at 89- born in VA, and dead there.

Notice he has died 119-days after his birthday.  We know who controls the recording industry.

Let us take the numerology of his birth and death.

2/25/1927 = 2+25+19+27 = 73 (United) (Sacrifice)
2/25/1927 = 2+25+(1+9+2+7) = 46 (Sacrifice)
2/25/1927 = 2+2+5+1+9+2+7 = 28 (Ralph)
2/25/27 = 2+25+27 = 54

6/23/2016 = 6+23+20+16 = 65
6/23/2016 = 6+23+(2+0+1+6) = 38 (Death)
6/23/2016 = 6+2+3+2+0+1+6 = 20
6/23/16 = 6+23+16 = 45

And his name gematria.

Ralph = 9+1+3+7+8 = 28
Edmund = 5+4+4+3+5+4 = 25
Stanley = 1+2+1+5+3+5+7 = 24/33
Ralph Edmund Stanley = 77/86

Ralph = 18+1+12+16+8 = 55 (Song)
Edmund = 5+4+13+21+14+4 = 61
Stanley = 19+20+1+14+12+5+25 = 96
Ralph Edmund Stanley = 212

His place of death, 'Sandy Ridge', has the 'prophecy' coding.

As for Bluegrass, it has gematria of 32/50/104.


  1. I remember reading during the Iraq bs war that the Stanley Brothers music was played in the prisoners cells before interogation as psychological conditioning because it was particularly torturous to the Iraqi ear.
    He also started a bluegrass festival that is held every summer in North Carolina mountains. I went one year, twas fun the first day, ok the 2nd, by the third I had pretty much had my fill of bluegrass music.

  2. A "STANLEY Tribute" in the news certainly fits: the UK Trump -- Boris Johnson's father is STANLEY Johnson ... & Obama's mother's name was STANLEY. Saw that Ralph Stanley died in SANDY RIDGE ... which conjures up SANDY HOOK & RUBY RIDGE. And RALPH brings to mind the John Goodman movie KING RALPH.

    Very interesting what Prunella said about Ralph's music being used as a Weapon Of Torture ... very interesting indeed ... ;D. :D

    1. Stanley
      Stan Lee
      Stand by Me
      Stanley Kubrick

      I was riffing on Steven the other day because it's an anagram of eventS.
      S and K pair together often Im thinking its for Sky/Sky King
      Steven King

      St for space time maybe
      Also Saint
      Kanye West's son is named Saint West

    2. Good call about Obama's mother I forgot she is Stanley Ann.
      John Goodman is in the movie I keep meaning to watch 10 Cloverfield Lane
      The kid who got gobbled by the alligator was named Lane, right. I need to look that up

    3. Saint & St sure DO keep popping up .... St Louis ... St Petersburg, FL ... ST Eligius Hospital was the setting for the (1980's) TV show "ST Elsewhere" -- set in CHICAGO -- the show that Introduced The Mainstrem to AUTISM (in the FINAL SCENE!).

      ST John is VERY important to Freemasons ...

      The Zionists actually "claim" ST Patrick (Judaic media has ALWAYS made a big deal out of ST Patrick's Day -- which seemed odd -- checking into WHY led me to the following ...). They have extended that CLAIM to include IRELAND as well ... (which explains A LOT about The Irish Famine & subsequent MASS MIGRATION TO THE U.S. -- wherein waves of desperate Irish were sent West to "work the mines" -- citing their history of mining experience ... & "deal with the Indians" -- since they were a 'scrappy breed'!) Also worth a mention: the Israeli flag is often (always?) flown ABOVE the Irish Flag at top government buildings ... causing tourists to post pics asking why.

      The Irish are told the bond with Israel & Jews in general is due to their "common history of persecution" ...

      But Judaic media tells another story -- saying they're "bonded" because Jews on the island protected ST Patrick when he was being sought for persecution (by Cromwell? ... I'd have to verify who was after him to be sure ...). They claim that "Without The Jews' Protection", the Catholic Church would've ended right then & there.

      Many Judaic texts further assert that -- (through MORE "extension") -- The Catholic Church is ALSO "Theirs". Reading through a history of Irish Law, I learned that there was a distinct legal shift in Ireland around that time -- & their Laws literally became an Irish version of The Talmud. "Historians" claim they "Can't be sure about the Origins of these New Laws ... but they "Think" they were Adapted from old Druidic Customs" -- which is bullshit of course ... Seeing that also caused me to notice the similarity between the words JUDAIC & DRUIDIC. (If anyone's curious about reading more, I think I can still locate the source ... though it might a day or two to track it back down!)

      Good points all around ... you've got me thinking now about MANY words, names, etc. Too many connections for ANY of it to be "random coincidence". LINGUISTICS IS KEY.

      And just think -- STAN LEE has helped morph entire generations into a state of Neverending Adolescence -- with grownups obsessing over Comic Book "Heroes"! ;D :D

    4. Hmm, Irish speak Gaelic, right or used to, some still do.
      Maybe Gaelic has something to do with the word Gay being thrown around by media on a daily basis. They r always working several layers of meaning.
      Its like this 3d picture I have (extremely tacky that a friend gave as a joke) if u look at it one way it's Jesus and the other way it's Mary. You can bounce back and forth between them and often see them blend to half n half. I swear our reality works something like that

    5. Like Element S---Sulphur Element 16

      Element K----Potassium
      Element 19

      Make a nice boom

    6. A real good boom needs a little N and O so

      SNOK---59, 190J

    7. Nevada, Oregon, Kentucky -- I just realized we have NO state that begins with "S" ...! And for some reason that seems Deliberate. Odd, isn't it? Although "S" can represent Energy ... or Source, perhaps? ;D

  3. Bluegrass -- 32 Er / 50 Er 'S' exception
    America -- 50 Se / 32 Er
    Cant get more American than Bluegrass

    Hotdog -- 69 Se / 33 Er (What?)
    Hotdogs -- 88 Se / 34 Er (Wow!)
    Apple Pie -- 80 Se / 44 Er (I've lost my appetite)

    Who knew?

    1. Hot Dog = H D = 8 4 ... Mixed Meat = M M = 13 13 = 4 4 & Master Mason! Same for "Mystery Meat" ... YUCK is RIGHT! Lol ;D :D

    2. Mystery Meat -- 47/56 ER

      I think we know what to serve at the next Masonic banquet.

    3. Ha ha! Good one!! Hot Dogs -- the Cornerstone to a Healthy Diet!! Lol ;D

  4. Kentucky the Bluegrass State.
    Kentucky the 15th state
    Race horses, bourbon, and Jesus
    Abraham Lincoln

    Kin folks/cousins
    Ken 30/21

    1. I hope you see this Prunella (got busy & then lost track of which thread this was on, lol!) -- I really think you're on to something connecting GAELIC with GAY. There's a significantly-placed STONE in the Washington Monument -- presented by "Representatives From WALES" -- & written in GAELIC. It's the ONLY stone that's NOT inscribed IN English. Damnit -- I've gotta go find that book! Now that I understand these things better, I KNOW there was something important about where & when it was placed. Thanks for the Brain Tweak! ;D