Thursday, June 30, 2016

42 51 | Number of dead in Istanbul Airport attack increases to 42, June 29, 2016

Freemason = 42/51
6/29/16 = 6+29+16 = 51 (Freemason) (Conspiracy)


  1. 42nd Prime is 181....

    June 30th is usually the "181'st" day of the year....


    Im sorry but it amazes me who ignorant the masses are. Look at them pictures, these two busses were supposedly hit with bombs that killed everyone inside.

    No blood, busses still pretty much intact. A bomb would have completely distroyed a bus, not left it still intact with a couple of dents and a few wheels missing.

    Its like they dont even try anymore, the masses are that dumbed down they dont need to put any effort into these staged pictures.

    1. It's been true our whole lives. This has been going on for a long time.

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  5. Active shooter @AFB=9

    Here we go again truth community

    1. All clear at Joint Base Andrews, after active shooter lockdown -- 571/211/4738

      I wonder if anyone dialed 211 for this staged event?

      Joint Base Andrews -- 179/62/2017

      2017 -- more likely a dress rehearsal for next year?

      active shooter -- 160/61/1201

      active shooter lockdown -- 257/95/2278

      A "shelter in place" order was given
      shelter in place -- 147/66/446

      Then "all clear"
      All Clear -- 64/28/150

      Home of Air Force One
      Air Force One -- 109/64/329
      64 -- American,I srael, Barack Hussein Obama

      Known as:
      America's airfield -- 133/79/353
      133 -- White House, Government, Paisley Park (home of Obama's Air Force One)

  6. Today must be a 42 day because I clicked on The Daily Mail and the first story headline:
    Boarding school girl, 15, her aunt and family friend die in "murder-suicide" in America's 42nd richest zip code."

    How awkward is that, 42nd richest to describe a place?
    Then the very next headline wad "Brother and sister "drug dealers" are arrested after police find record $24 Million cash hidden in orange buckets in walls of their Miami home"
    Whoever wrote this article is a fan of Breaking Bad.

  7. President Hillary Rodham Clinton---1366(J) Born exactly 99 years, 3 months, 1 week from the birth of the Womens Suffrage Movement on 7-19-1848.

    Women's Suffrage---172
    Hillary Clinton---172

    1. Psychological Warfare -- 217

    2. That birth of the Women's Suffrage is based off the Seneca Falls Convention where the Declaration of Sentiments was signed by 100 people of the 300 who attended. 68 Ladies, 32 men.

      Loaded Date

  8. Check it out ... The buildings/landmarks/lighting etc ... all set up and good to go.

    Check it ...

    1. Oh and had posted this already, but death toll rising to 42 ... with 239 injured and 41 critical. 42+239+41 = 322

  9. Few bits was lookin' at ...

    The airport is named after, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.
    'Kemal Ataturk' = 44.

    His birthday was May 19th 1881. From May 19th 2016, to this attack = 41 days ( original death toll ). Kemal Ataturk' = 134 in simple. He died on November 10th 1938.
    From June 28th (including end day), to date of his death, November 10th = 134 days.
    Date of his death summed, 10+11+38 = 59 ('Kill' in Jewish )

    His first name 'Kemal' = 66 in Jewish ( No. of passengers on flight MS804) and 42 in simple ( latest death toll )

    And as I type this, the death toll just rose to 44 :D
    Just like Kemal Ataturk :D ha
    well 47 total. 44 civilians and 3 terrorists.

    'Mustafa Kemal Ataturk' = 53/s62 in reduction.
    He died, 'November Tenth' = 62
    He was born, 'May Nineteenth' = 63
    'Ataturk Airport' = 63.

    Prob nothing but thought would pop it ...

    All the best, Dar!


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