Wednesday, June 29, 2016

51 | Andrew Luck signs 6-year, $140m-contract, becomes highest paid player in the NFL

'140' is the number that I often say goes with 'prophecy'.  Interesting he signs for this much.  I need to figure out what is behind this number.

I like that the contract comes on a date with '51' numerology.  It is Super Bowl 51 ahead.

6/29/16 = 6+29+16 = 51

2021 = 20+21 = 41 (Colts won Super Bowl 41 over Bears)

New World Order = 75 (Record $75m over three years)

This contract comes 221-days, or a total span of 222-days 'til Super Bowl 51.

That lacerated kidney is a laugher.

Broncos were 55-years old.
Elway was 55-years old.  (Drafted by Colts #1 overall out of Standford)
Luck, benched after 55-career games with 'lacerated kidney'.  (Luck drafted #1 out of Stanford)

Broncos has lost Super Bowl 24 against the 49ers 55-10.  Elway was a young QB for the Broncos then.  They would win Super Bowl 50, hosted by the 49ers, with 24-points, 24-10.  Do you see what that stands out?

Denver Broncos were a good match for where they won Super Bowl 50 at, Levi's Stadium, the home of the 49ers.