Saturday, June 27, 2015

133 | The White House on June 26, 2015

Is anyone else amazed by how fast the White House was decorated to celebrate homosexual marriage?


  1. Zach this had to be preplaned and did you notice it is the colors of the Chakra Network....
    Subliminal to the Highest Degree.
    If only Homosexuals knew they where being used to further an Evil Agenda!!!!

    1. 100%, I did not know about the Chakra Network, very interesting. Thank you.

  2. Judgement is coming to the Masonic satanist scumbag of a country.... This is going to get very real for the sheeple...
    Keep fighting a good fight brother exposing this fraud of a system....

  3. Ben & Jerry's launched a gay marriage themed flavor...the next day. They created, manufactured, & launched a parishable food product in 24 hours.


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