Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Where Grown Men's Minds Are (Part of why we're currently fucked)

Everyone should have seen it the day after September 11.  Everyone.  The movies.  The sports.  The government.  The media.  The culture.  Hoax-a-licious.


  1. There is a "strategy" game that the guys I work with are addicted to. Clash of clans. (Btw have not gematria'ed it) when I tell them about gematria and numerology, they tell me I need to get a hobby.

  2. Yuuup, my husband was very excited his L.A. Lakers got a second draft pick. I enjoy sports, but the coverage went on and on and on....I was talking to him about gematria during the NBA playoffs. He told me to stop ruining sports for him :P


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