Monday, June 29, 2015

61 74 | Bree Newsome Scales Flagpole to Lower Confederate Flag

Recall, the Civil War began in 1861, and the flag was risen in South Carolina above the Capital Building in 1961.
  • Bree = 2+9+5+5 = 21
  • Newsome = 5+5+5+1+6+4+5 = 31/40
  • Bree Newsome = 52/61
All of this "hoopla" comes in the wake of a 'Church' Shooting heavily coded with '74'.
  • Church = 3+8+21+18+3+8 = 61
  • Flagpole = 6+12+1+7+16+15+12+5 = 74

The mainstream media also pointed out that an "unidentified black man" was made to raise the flag after Bree Newsome took it down.  Think about the racial baiting.

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