Saturday, June 27, 2015

47 119 | #LoveWins, Exposing the Gay Rights Agenda

Goodness truth seeker, what did I say about 47 and 119 being coded all over this gay agenda?
  • Love = 12+15+22+5 = 54
  • Wins = 23+9+14+19 = 65
  • Love Wins = 119
  • Love = 3+6+4+5 = 18
  • Wins = 5+9+5+1 = 20/29
  • Love Wins = 38/47


  1. Hey Zach...I am politely suggesting that there might be a date that you might have over-looked. 5/24/2015 is the "Day of Pentecost" and has a date gematria of 64 and 44. Also, this day is the 144th of the year and "Pentecost" has a gematria of 117 and 36. From 5/24 plus 24 days, you get the church shooting. 5/24 plus 33 days, you get the shooting funeral & legalization of gay marriage. 5/24 plus 52 days and Jade Helm starts with 5/24 plus 114 days and Jade Helm ends. Greece and the week long bank holiday starts tomorrow 6/29/15 (185 days left, "One Hundred Eighty Five" = 116 AND 6/29/15 ==> 6/11/6) is 36 days after Pentecost (5/24).

    Day of Pentecost is typically thought of as the first day of the Christian church as it was the day the Holy Spirit descended upon the first believers. It also has ties to the "Feast of Weeks" for the Zionists. I don't find many Christians embracing this day but the Methodist Episcopalians truly dig this day and it's not surprising that their church was shot up in Charleston 377 days after Seattle Pacific was also shot up. One year and 12 days separates the SPU incident and Charleston shooting and one year and 21 days separates the SPU incident and Charleston funeral.

    If you're interested in seeing how creepy these guys are, check out their calendar:

    I hope this info adds to your already impressive insight. Take care.

  2. Also, the Day of Pentecost (5/24/15) was 769 days after Boston hoax, 100 days after Lupercalia (hundred = 74, 38), 76 days after the AMTRAK crash in NC, 70 days after "court" found Tsarnaev guilty (Seventy = 110, 29), 39 days after gyrocopter crash and 12 days after the AMTRAK crash in PA. I really would like to see a "coincidence theorist" pretend that this is all random. I'm convinced that somewhere, in some country, there is a fucking calendar hanging up on a wall with all these events laid out for past and future events. We live in a fake world.

    1. Tsarnaev court hoax guilty BS was 46 days before Pentecost. Charleston shooting was 70 days after the conviction date of 4/8/15.

  3. Good fuckin shit Pete


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