Saturday, June 27, 2015

CNN Headline, 'The Week That Changed the Nation'

The week that changed the nation?  Flags?  Are we nothing more than symbols?


  1. Whiplash=96/42.
    Maybe we're more than symbols, but symbols are used to rule us.
    "God number", no?

  2. Last weekend I took my family to visit the capital building of the state where we live. The main legislative building usually flies 4 flags on three staffs. The main/center staff has the US flag. The left staff the State flag. The right staff the County flag with the black POW/MIA flag underneath.

    On this day however, the County flag was replaced with the gay rainbow flag. About a dozen people brought this up within ear distance of me, all wondering why. We now know. Just like the hundreds of corporate logos that instantly changed to rainbows within minutes of the decision, just like the dozens of rainbow themed commercial products that launched the next day, just like the lights at the White House that changed to rainbow the same day, our state capital had the same amazing foresight.

    We are living out a script. Since the play is almost done, they are no longer hiding it.


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