Sunday, May 15, 2016

7 44 52 53 74 96 133 139 213 | All Eyez On Me released February 13, 1996 (Lupercalia)

Tupac's mother recently passed on May 2, or 5/2.

I also talked about how the Catholic Church seems connected to the deaths of Tupac, Hussein Fatal and his mother.  Remember the words 'pope' and 'prophet' both have gematria of '52'.

Notice this album was released on the 44th day of the year, 'Lupercalia', like Tupac's birthday and Machieavelli's birthday being 44-days apart, May 3 to June 16, and Tupac's mother dying the day before Machiavelli's birthday and the announcement of her death being on his birthday.

Again, Lupercalia, February 13, is the 44th day of the year.

The 322-days left on February 13 in leap years is interesting because this year is a leap year, the year of the death of his mother on 5/2.  Remember she passed at 10:30 PM, or 22:30 military time, a lot like '233', as in 'Masonic' and 'The Synagogue of Satan'.

From the date of the release of the album February 13, to his death on September 13, 1996, was 213-days later, a lot like the date 2/13, for February 13.

Also notice that was 7-months.  Tupac's final album was titled with the artist name 'Makaveli' and called the '7-Day Theory'...

The release of Makaveli, November 5, 1996, is also fascinating.

Did you catch the 7-weeks and 4-days?

Notice the album came out 53-days after his death.  Machiavelli was born on May 3, or 5/3.

The release date of Makaveli, November 5, can be written 5/11, day before month.  That is a lot like '511', connected to 'Saturn', the keeper of 'time'.

Saturn also has gematria of '93', connecting to 'Crucifix', the symbol of Jesus on the Cross.

All of this coding comes back to 'time', and seemingly the religion that has been made of it.  Religion has gematria of '53'.

Again, 44-days from Machiavelli's birthday to Tupac's.

Notice the span of 1-month and 13-days.

She was a Black Panther, controlled opposition by the Scottish Rite Freemasons who run the show.

74... see above...

9/8/96 = 9+8+96 = 113 (Afeni Shakur)
9/8/1996 = 9+8+19+96 = 132

Afeni Shakur, died on May 2, typically the 122nd day of the year, but because it is a leap year, it is the 123rd, connecting to the word 'conspiracy'.

May 2, and 122nd day or 123rd day in leap years...

Tupac again died, September 13, written 13/9, a lot like '139'.

Of course this happened in the year '96...

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