Tuesday, May 31, 2016

17 33 48 74 93 102 114 168 216 | Harambe, Gladys Porter Zoo & Jerry Stones (Cleveland Cavaliers Riddle?)

Harambe used to be stationed at Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville, Texas.

Keep in mind (216) is the area code of Cleveland, not far from Cincinnati where Harambe died.


Cleveland Browns...

They won the last pro championship for the city in 1964, the year of the Civl Rights Act.

Brownsville also has a connection to '36'.

151 is the 36th prime number.

2016 = 20+16 = 36

I've been talking a lot about '51' and Cleveland this year... notice the emphasis on 'quick action'.

September 3, 1971, eh?

9/3/1971 = 9+3+19+71 = 102
9/3/71 = 9+3+71 = 83 (83, 23rd prime)

Harambe is a Silverback Gorilla

Jerry Stones, these people!  The name connects to 'Cleveland Cavaliers'.

Jerry Fucking Stones you guys!

Did you see how old JERRY STONES was?  Ha!

And does it say Jerry Fucking Stones is holding a 17-day old gorilla?  Little Gladys.


With the Cleveland and Cavaliers connections, let us acknowledge the connection between Harambe and 'James', the start of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Thanks Kim.

The word toddler sums to 'thirty-three'.

It wasn't long ago the thirty-third overall pick of the 1986 draft dropped dead, Kevin Duckworth, who was described as a 'Gentle Giant'.

Remember, Ohio is the 17th State and the Cavs joined the NBA bringing the league total to 17-teams in 1970.



  1. I guess we'll find out soon enough if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I think its telling us Cavs win tho.

  2. At first I was like this is kind of a stretch, but lots of synchronicities or programming, I also heard that Harambe is a kenya term that the country adopted at one point. And boom kenya gets shot, is this an assassination obama foreshadow?

    1. And obama kinda has the silver back hair, gorilla black person reference added in the kenya. And this year he's been travelling the world on his apology tour, but well see. It would be crazy if both him and trump got "assassinated" or attempts.

  3. Zach you should have added the "1999" connection with Lebron also. (I thought that was pretty interesting)

    1999 the year the gorilla was born, was Lebron's freshman year playing basketball in high school.

    Gorilla was "17".......
    Lebron has been playing basketball for "17" years...


    In the article it says..

    "Family thanks Cincinnati Zoo for 'Quick Action'

    "Quick Action" = 123

    "Steve Kerr" = 123

    "Lebron Raymone James" = 1230

    "Conspiracy" = 123

    "216th" Prime is "1,321"

    Are they trying to tell us that the NBA Finals will be "Quick Action"?????

    Game 4 is on 6/10...

    "Sweep" = 1060

    "June Ten" = 89

    "Sweep" = 68

    Game 4 is in "Ohio"

    "Ohio" = 47

    "47th" Prime is 211

    "Golden State Wins Back To Back Championships = 2101


    From 1/22 - Game 4..

    Is a span of 140 days.

    The "140th" Prime is "809"

    "Eighty Nine" = 116

    "Eight Nine" = 223

    "Two Hundred Twenty Three" = 1770

    "Cleveland Cavaliers" = 1707

    "Two Two Three" = 1032

    "Stephen Curry" = 1032

    "Champions" = 98

    Game 4 is on the "162nd" day of the year.

    "Cecil" = 192

    "Champions" = 291
    (the reflections)

    Warriors beat the Cavs "132" - "89"
    on 1/18/15

    "Stephen Curry" = 1032 And Cecil The Lion and this Gorilla were killed "132" days apart (not counting the end date)

    From the game on 1/18 to Game 4 is a span of "144" days...

    Interesting to note...

    "Cecil The Lion" = 115

    And "115" days before "game 4" is "2/16"

    Also Cavaliers Played the Warriors on Christmas day.

    Warriors won "89 - 83"

    (There's that "89" again)

    That loss made Cleveland's record "19-8"

    And Warriors record "28-1"

    From that game on Christmas to game 4 is a span of "168" days..

    "Cleveland Cavaliers" = 168

    Good news for the Cavs (i think) is that their playoff record is at 96-86...

    Meaning 4 more wins will give them "100"....

    So (if they win) will their record finish
    "100-86?, 100-87?, 100-88?, 100-89?,"

    A Cavs sweep, or a game 7 win would fit the "Cleveland Cavaliers" numbers.....

    Cleveland Cavaliers = 168

    A Cavs sweep would finish their playoff record at 100-86

    They would sweep on "June Tenth" = 1098

    Cavaliers are currently 12-2 in the playoffs this season...

    A sweep would have them finish "16-2" on the "162nd" day of the year. (probably wishful thinking)

    Now a 7 game series would finish their career playoff record at 100-89

    Game 7 would be Lebron's "198th" Playoff game..

    Honestly, if this is a riddle then it's a damn good one....

    This really could go either way.....

    So many numbers lining up for the Cavs..... I Just don't know if it's a good thing or not.

    All the "123" coding could just be letting us know how the series is going to go....

    1 win, 2 loses, 3 wins.... or vice versa.

    Either way, it's pretty interesting....

    Hopefully it starts to get way more clearer in the next few days...

    1. Forgot to put...

      Cinncinati Zoo = 912

      Reminds me of "216" or "16-2" ....

      With game 4 being on the "162nd" day of the year.

      "Family thanks "Cincinnati Zoo"..... for quick action.


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    3. To help support the possibility we might see a "sweep" this series....

      If cavs get swept.... their record would end up "12-6"

      which are similar numbers as "Cincinnati zoo" and "162nd" day of the year.... plus the numbers "216"

      Warriors = 126

      Their record if cavs sweeped them, would be "12-9"

      A lot like "Cincinnati zoo" "216" and 162nd day of the year...

      So we basically would have almost the same numbers on each team..... if we in fact, did see a sweep.

      If a team jumps ahead 3-0...... this might very well be the case.

      I wouldn't mind seeing a sweep this series..... Definitely wouldn't be something people expected.

    4. There will be no sweep...

      If the series starts off 1-1, it will go 7...

      If the series starts 2-0, it will go 5...

      I'm leaning towards a seven game series.


    5. Theres no sweep cmon man lol. You are overthinking this wayyyy to much. I mean Lebron was Prince for Halloween. That should tell u something

    6. Haha I know there's only like a 1% of a sweep happening...

      I still find it interesting how certain things line up....

      But i agree.... for all we know lebron could be the child in this story.... and the nba has to shoot down steph curry to protect him.

      We'll know if curry gets "injured" in the finals.

      Prince = 197

      Game 6 will be lebrons 197th playoff game.

      Prince lebron = 131

      Championship = 131


  4. Another Cleveland coding:
    Jerry Stones - 1+5+9+9+7+1+2+6+5+5+1 = 51

    I also have to laugh at the "social justice" aspect of this
    Change.org - 3+8+1+5+7+5+6+9+7 = 51 Py

    Social Justice Warrior = 95 Py
    (Mainstream Dishonest Scottish Green Screen)

    Remember that this is the 50th anniversary of the great Hough Riots in Cleveland. Historically they started 7/18/1966. Fifty years to the day that the Republican Convention is scheduled to start. I imagine they are planning an historical reenactment. We'll see.

  5. Is it possible this was a cyborg gorilla?

    Cyborg gorilla = 144


    1. Animatronic Gorilla---191, 550(J)

    2. Country Bears Jamboree -- 230/86/1824

    3. Chuck E Cheese---96(Freemason)

      That fucking rat!!!

  6. Some fun facts:
    The "dead gorilla" (528) Harambe on 5/28 is 119 days (17 weeks) before 9/23 or 23/9

    5/28 is just 1 day after his 17th birthday (b. 5/27/1999)
    1 month 7 days after Prince died on 4/21

    5/28 is 106 days (3 months 14 days) before 9/11 (11/9)

    Gorilla = 74
    5/28 + 74 days is August 11, 8/11 or 11/8 (the 223rd / 224th day) 11x8=88

    88 days (2 months 27 days) after 5/28 is 8/23 (end of the astrological Leo / Cecil the Lion)
    There are 88 constellations which circle the heavens.

    "Dead gorilla" is also 201 jewish on gematrix.
    Mars = 201 Jewish, Mars (4th planet and Roman god of War) was at its closest on Memorial Weekend (USA)

    Harambe a Western Lowland Gorilla is of species "gorilla gorilla gorilla" ( 222)

    This gorilla (74 / Jesus) was killed just before his 888th week (888 =Ιησούς / iesous / Jesus in Greek isopsephy)

    1. Damn, forgot one...
      88 days after 5/28 on 8/23 to 8/25 Mars conjunction Saturn and Antares (meaning "like Ares") aka Archangel Uriel ( watcher of the West) in the constellation of death, Scorpius.

    2. Yes Ed!
      OH, IO

    3. And the Olympics are this summer. 8/5 - 8/21

    4. This is some very interesting stuff, lots of info everyone ...it has to mean something. It's funny how intricate the details are, and then more numbers sync up and it becomes obvios after the event happens...like 9/11, all the terror "attacks", etc.

    5. Some 528 / 88 words:
      Wal Mart

    6. http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Isaiah+8&version=KJV

  7. Maybe it's telling us this... Cleveland is going to " get the gorilla off its back" of losing for so long

  8. Maybe it's telling us this... Cleveland is going to " get the gorilla off its back" of losing for so long

    1. I like that, but instead of Cleveland it is LeBron, who is documented as long as 17 years ago saying he'd love to be the one to break Ohio's pro streak. 17 year old ape.


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