Thursday, May 26, 2016

Oklahoma standoff on N. Philadelphia, or propaganda dropping clues for the Western Conference Finals?

Here is a bullshit story that was a clue for the Warriors and Thunder basketball series.

Fake photo, again.

The detail about N. Philadelphia Street, in a story coming out of Oklahoma, just before the start of the Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder series, with the Warriors originally being from Philadelphia, is too obvious.

Shawnee = 30/39
Oklahoma = 31/40
Shawnee, Oklahoma = 61/70/79 (Oklahoma City = 61)

Shawnee = 75
Oklahoma = 76
Shawnee, Oklahoma = 151 (36th prime)

Jerod Parsons seems to represent the Warriors, and I don't think it is ever good to be found hiding in a shed... just like it isn't good to be down three games to one.

Jerod = 25
Parsons = 30/48
Jerod Parsons = 55/73 (Warriors 73-win season) (Steph Curry MVP, an award since '55)

Jerod = 52 (Oklahoma City)
Parsons = 102 
Jerod Parsons = 154

Shawnee is 39-miles east of Oklahoma City, or a 41-minute drive.


  1. So like i said the Over Under for last Warriors game was 222 which is Coded for the thunder. Also 3-3-16 the OKc Vs GSW game to the last game played recently is 2months and 22 days. Also 3-3-16 to Prince's death where the warriors played and lost is 49 days.......

    a Span of 1 month and 18 days.

  2. From Princes death to today's game is 36 days.....5 weeks and a day.....

  3. Also after 3-3 to game 7 is 88 Days.Oklahoma city thunder equals 88. Prince's death to game 7 i 38,40 days.

    5 weeks and 4/5 days.Which is coded both of these numbers to OKC.


  5. You can't really use over/unders as clues to games, different sports books have varying totals on it

  6. You can't really use over/unders as clues to games, different sports books have varying totals on it

  7. Fake photo indeed. How exactly does that neck attach to the shoulders? In this day and age of photoshop, you think they would do a better job. This isn't the 60's where you actually had to crop a paste then copy photos by hand. I have to think the photo is purposely faked.

    1. He might be related to Mummy Mason Wells. They both use the same head attachment program.

    2. They make it sloppy on purpose as a litmus test for the masses...


    3. Either a litmus test for the masses or inter-fighting between establishment groups. One group trying to embarrass the other group with amateurish behavior.

    Oklahoma City Thunder -270
    Golden State Warriors +230

    They have managed to make GSW the Underdogs........NBA is genius. NBA cant toss this opportunity.

    They need to have GSW win today......

    Plus everyone.....EVERYONE and the media is saying OKC has got this wrapped up.

    This reminds me of the Broncos vs Pats AFC championchip hype.

  9. I think GS take the next two. The game on saturday night interests me 149th day of the year with date numerology of 49. Fitting night for the warriors to tie the series 3-3. Also the champions league final is that day and the warriors points have been tributed around other events all series.

    Im confident this goes to game 7, where Oklahoma advance. Wouldn't be surprised at all if we dont get a curry injury somewhere in the next two matches.

    Completely of topic but has anybody ever tried betting on tennis? I watched two games today and every time their was a break of serve it was in a game number that tributed to the players name/age or seeding number. Was so obvious made a mint on Tsonga game.

    The game finished on the 47th match. Date numerology of 47. Tsonga's french. France = 47.

    Its laughable. Ferrer v Monaco was exactly the same.

  10. Money all over GS. Take Thunder tonight +7

    1. Mike, do you think the Thunder win or you think they cover the spread?

    2. not sure. i could see okc win.

  11. gsw will be winning this the nba wouldnt want gsw to finish at 5 games

    1. not about what the nba wants. Its what the masons want.

  12. Just wait until the live betting and hope they are down 10 points in first half to get some good odds

  13. the refs getting the job done for warriors