Thursday, May 26, 2016

Oklahoma standoff on N. Philadelphia, or propaganda dropping clues for the Western Conference Finals?

Here is a bullshit story that was a clue for the Warriors and Thunder basketball series.

Fake photo, again.

The detail about N. Philadelphia Street, in a story coming out of Oklahoma, just before the start of the Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder series, with the Warriors originally being from Philadelphia, is too obvious.

Shawnee = 30/39
Oklahoma = 31/40
Shawnee, Oklahoma = 61/70/79 (Oklahoma City = 61)

Shawnee = 75
Oklahoma = 76
Shawnee, Oklahoma = 151 (36th prime)

Jerod Parsons seems to represent the Warriors, and I don't think it is ever good to be found hiding in a shed... just like it isn't good to be down three games to one.

Jerod = 25
Parsons = 30/48
Jerod Parsons = 55/73 (Warriors 73-win season) (Steph Curry MVP, an award since '55)

Jerod = 52 (Oklahoma City)
Parsons = 102 
Jerod Parsons = 154

Shawnee is 39-miles east of Oklahoma City, or a 41-minute drive.