Friday, May 27, 2016

57 | Prince video in 57K view range for 2+ Weeks

This video has been in the 57K range for more than two weeks...

Prince and Vanity dead at 57.


  1. Interesting stats

    LeBron is averaging 23.9 points a game, and 2.3 steals a game in the playoffs

  2. So my wife has always been obsessed with 23, her lucky number, etc. Anyhow, her name( with maiden name) equals 230. Stranger still, she shares a birthday with LeBron. Even more, her first name equals 59, like Tiger, and that is also Tiger Woods' birthday.

  3. You should consider doing a post about Henry Heimlich and the Heimlich Maneuver. He was in the news today for saving an 87 year old woman at the age of 96. Henry Heimlich = 137.

    1. Very interesting. I conduct CPR training and many years ago the American Heart Association discontinued referring to the procedure as the Heimlich Maneuver and instead adopted "abdominal thrusts". When this change was implemented it was said to be because Heimlich no longer wanted his name associated (for legal reasons?). But, after further reading, it appears that the AHA, Red Cross, etc no longer wanted to be affiliated with him.

    2. So HH is a 137

      96 years old
      87 year old victim

    3. I did a vid with that, Dr. henry heimlich=96

  4. Real madrid has 2 people with 131

    Start of the week Sir Alex Ferguson commented Ronaldo 'brave as a lion' 119

    2 days later Ronaldo suffered an injury at practice
    Every media outlet just kept talking about 'ronaldo thigh' 131
    S exception

    I think the same day as the injury Gerard Pique of Barca calls out Real Madrid
    "They always complain that we play against 10 and yesterday we were the ones who had to play with 10. And what happened? We won again."

    'And what happened? We won again' could be foreshadowing RM winning again vs Atletico in ucl finals

    Real Madrid is going for their 11th ucl title
    Earlier this year Cristiano Ronaldo has became the first player to score 11 goals in the group stage of a Champions League campaign.
    He is currently sitting at 16 goals this year in ucl games like this year 2016.

    I wasn't able to find any 131 for Atl├ętico so Real seems like a lock.

    Madrid equals 49/94 Real Madrid equals 49 on the 149th day.

    "Real" equals 36, 18, and 216.


    1. Could you at least fix my typo when you copy paste my work?

      'Cristiano Ronaldo became the first player'

    2. Calm down I'm trying my best to get answers.

      You don't see me asking for Credit when I see information I've posted being used.

      What made you think I was going to take credit for some shit I don't even watch Lol

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Everyone needs to get of their high horses. He never claimed credit for it, he shared information and im glad he did as its helped me piece this final together.

      This is not about who gets credit for what, its about finding the truth together.. You guys all know the truth about what happens in the world but theirs still this divide and conquer mentality even on this blog.

      I suppose its how we've been programmed snap out of it.

    5. Its a me me me world covered in memes.

    6. Ivan looking like a dumbass so he deleted his comment

  5. James equals 156.

    Rodriguez " in the English Ordinal system equals 123

    " Rodriguez " in the English Gematria system equals 1365

    " Rodriguez " in the English Sumerian system equals 738

    738 equals Conspiracy.

    James Rodriguez has a lot of 36 came.

    Champions league equals 149........May thirty equals 149 for Game 7 on a side note.

    1. Really good work, the only thing that worries me is Liverpool had all the major connections to the final but still lost.

      A few connections for Atletico.

      Their nickname 'Atleti' = 22. This final is being played in Italy = 22.

      Simeone = 35. 149 is the 35th prime number.
      Finshed on 88 points = Eighty eight = 69.
      Date Numerology of 69.
      Beat Real Madrid 0-1 at Reals ground 69 days ago.

      Real finished on Ninety points = 33.

      This is the 55th game between the two sides. Europa League = 55.

      Real going for their 32nd win. Zidane = 32, San Siro = 32.
      Real going for their 79th trophy. Ronaldo = 79 Cristiano Ronaldo = 79.

      Ronaldo limped out of training on tuesday with a 'Thigh Injury'... Thigh Injury = 149. What ever happens in this final i think Ronaldo either scores and wins it for Real or goes of injured early.

  6. Just thought if Real and warriors both win on the 149th day then warriors will tie the series 3-3. Like the 33 connection to the 90 points real finished on.

  7. I think the Golden State Warriors will win this series in 7 games.

    Notice what it says on their shirts?

    Strength in numbers = 226

    The Gate = 226 (Jewish)

    Two hundred twenty six = 93

    Oracle Arena = 93

    A show that takes place in the city of the 'Golden Gate', called 'Fuller House', premiered February 26th, or 2/26...

    Earlier this year, there was a story that came out about a man that froze to death and came back to life out of Pennsylvania (Warriors originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania). The name of the hospital in the story was 'Lehigh Valley Hospital' = 226... Could the Warriors, ultimately awaken from their frozen slumber, to spring back to life?

    226 also has ties to 9/11(Larry Silverstein), Prince, JFK, RFK, Frank Gifford, Tom Coughlin, biker bar & black church fires and much more...

  8. 23,32,232,323 and asorted wierd numbers

    I see lots of numerical anomalies on YouTube. I just watch a Joan Jett video on YouTube "Change the World"

    Joan Jett - 10+15+1+14+10+5+20+20 = 95
    Joan Jett - 1+6+1+5+1+5+2+2 = 23 -- 161 - 51 - 522

    Change the World -- 143/71/1231

    It was posted on Feb 11, 2010

    which which was 42 days since start of year and 323 days til end of year

    42 = 2*3*7
    323 = 17 * 19

    It had 32,686 views

    32 = 3^5

    686 = 2 * 7^3

    32686 = 2 * 59 * 277

    And it had 232 thumbs up

    232 = 2^3 * 29

  9. Here's some more "connections" for cleveland..

    If one series goes 6, and one series goes 7.....

    Then the Cavaliers will play a total of "21" Play off Games.

    New Coach took over "21" weeks before game 6 of finals.

    "Champions" = 588
    (5+8+8 = 21)

    "Championship" = 786 = 21

    "Broken Curse" = 786 = 21

    Now check this....

    "Cavs Win Finals" = 1909

    Cavaliers 21st play off game this year will be Lebron's "199th"

    "Championship" = 131

    "Broken Curse" = 131

    "Broken Curse" also = 565
    (5+6+5 = 16)(Game 6 will be played on the 16th)

    "Nba Finals" = 209

    "Cleveland Curse Broken" = 209

    "Cleveland wins NBA Finals" = 221

    "Cleveland wins game six" = 221

    Coach took over on 1/22....

    "Cavs Win Finals" = 912

    "Champions" = 291

    From the hire of new coach on 1/22 - 6/16 game 6 of finals...

    Is a span of "147" days.....

    147 days = 4 months, 26 days.... (426)

    "Cleveland Wins Nba Finals" = 2046
    (same numbers as above)

    1. Also want to mention again....

      That of Raptors and Cavs go 7...

      Then the new coach will start the Finals with a playoff record of 12-3. (123)

      from 1/22 - Game 1 of the finals is "133" days with counting the end date....

      Will he go "13-3" in the playoffs, 133 days after taking over the team?

      Likely.... lol

    2. To June 16 is 147 Days. Really good work.

      June 16 was obvious.....216.....2 16s......Also 16 and 16.....2x33 is 66 for King and Lebron. I feel like 233 is important as well

    3. Cavaliers Wins Nba Finals = 233

    4. Oh that's right, it is the 51st prime!.

    5. 16 Plus 16 is 32....32 Prime is 131. Also F the 6 Letter.....Continue counting the Alphabet after the First time there is your 32 for the Fifth Age. F for Freemasons...Fifty, Society has Fallen. For Final days, Finished

      Also that is essentials 2 6s!!! Which gives you 36.

    6. 51st Prime?... 51 year drought?....Boom!.....

      If Cleveland doesn't win my mind will be blown...

      I'm going to reiterate some of my other connections from a few days ago....

      June 16th is the 168th Day Of The Year..

      "Cleveland Cavaliers" = 168

      "Cavaliers Nba Finals" = 168

      Cavs would play a total of "21" playoff games.....

      "Twenty One Games" = 186

      Cavs 21st Playoff game will be his "1,186th" NBA Game..

      The Coach Tyronn Lue took over the team "18 weeks and 6 days" (186) before the start of the Playoffs.

      June 16th leaves 198 days remaining....

      "Lebron Crowned King" = 189

      Will lebron be crowned king on the 168th day of the year? on his 1,186th NBA game?..... for the "Cleveland Cavaleirs" = 168??? ...... Talk about scripting if so!!!!

      Also the new coach winning in "21" games has a connection also...

      Twenty One = 846

      Tyronn Lue = 864

      Nba Finals = 468

      Cleveland = 468

      Lebron James = 684

      And here is a bonus....

      "Twenty One Games" = 1116

      The Prime Factors of 1116: 2 2 • 3 2 • 31

    7. Twenty first prime 73.....The amount of wins when it is all over.

      The prince sacrifice(73) will be complete.

      If I'm not mistaken 186 equals Conspiracy.

      Crown in all 3 gematria is 73.

      No way Cavs are losing.

      Also 23 is the 9th Prime.....11th Prime 31......There will definitely be another 9/11 in the future this year

    8. So IF Golden State comes back and wins....

      Then this is how i think the finals will play out.

      Cavs win game 1....

      Warriors win game 2

      Cavs win game 3

      Warriors win game 4

      Cavs win games 5 & 6...

      Warriors are "12-1" after losing a game...

      If they lose back to back games again they will be "12-2"

      "Golden State" = 122

      Lol Sound about right?

      Seems like that scenario would make good money for Vegas..

    9. And this is what i think will happen only if Cavs vs Raptors go 7 games...... if Cleveland wins tonight. Then i think they lose game 1 of the finals...

  10. LA Dodgers Julio "left eye" Urias debut today by the numbers. Wears number 78
    Left eye =78

  11. ESPN showing the history of Game 6s for Lebron.....112 equals Zionist....Zinost has the same numerology as Six six.