Monday, May 23, 2016

33 146 157 | Game of Thrones press for the death of 'Hodor'

The other week 'Game of Thrones' had some nifty talking about switching of the practice of slavery for central banking...  this show is a subtle cluing in for the brain dead masses about what has really transpired in this world.  It is also heavy on women overtaking men and homosexuality.

The 'Seven Kingdoms' also has a parallel to the United States, that celebrates its birthday in the seventh month.

38 photos?

Death = 4+5+1+20+8 = 38

Notice how all the tweets in the article about the death of 'Hodor' are from 5:28.

5+28 = 33

I don't follow the show closely enough to know what is so special about Hodor.  I did notice however he was severely overweight, so perhaps many Westerners identify with his body mass.


  1. He is mentally hanicapped and takes care of a physically hanicapped protagonist. The whole show, books more so, is immensely coded for the fall of America.

    Mostly Takes place in the

    Seven Kingdoms---157
    United States---157

    Based on the book series

    A Song of Ice and Fire---151, 906

    Revolution---151, 906

    Very much worth looking into.

    Hold the Door for Hodor---223

    1. I can blow Game of Thrones apart, Ill work on it and get you an email. Pretty huge work, but Ill keep it simple.

      The big thing to me is its central theme of revolving revolution, which is exactly what is happening to each and all of us, hence the 906. Also, the books are not done, but the show has moved passed the material that has been published. Another revolve as movies or shows will now complete before the book and you'll have to wait for the book to see how it "really" ends.

    2. I would love to read more about it. I don't watch the show but I have been a huge fan of the books for over a decade.

  2. Hodor was actually an oversized man, a giant almost. Who was extremely dense (Autistic) in this day and age. Ive not watched the episode yet so cant elaborate on what happened.

    1. The handicapped kid has special powers that allow him to see the past (travel and watch what happened) as well as control animals and other humans by taking control of their minds, one by one.
      This episode they got into trouble and were escaping the monsters while hodor was terrified, not helping at all. The girl was yelling at the kid telling him to wake up but it wouldn't work until the kid finally hears her (in his dream type vision he is in where he is watching the past - hodor is there as a kid who can speak normal). Anyways, he manages to get control of hodor while he is still in the dream and they make it out the cave with the girl telling hodor to "hold the door" closed to prevent the monsters from killing them (the girl and the boy).
      The kid wasn't ready to use his powers alone but he didn't have a chance to train. At this point, the girl's yelling of hold the door was so loud, it went into the dream the boy was in. In the dream, the boy was looking at hodor who stared back at him (they normally can't see him; lil hodor also hears the yelling), lil hodor proceeds to have a seizure yelling "hold the door".... "Hodor"... He was mentally scarred by what he saw (he got visions as well- i'm assuming lil hodor left his body and went into bigger hodor's body to act out his heroic act and his own death by these monsters).
      That was the last time lil hodor ever spoke normally again. He was scarred from that point on.

      There could be more to it, i guess we'll find out soon.
      That was fucked up what happened to him though.