Friday, May 27, 2016

42 44 137 222 235 333 | TransAsia Flights 222 and 235 (July 23, 2014 & February 4, 2015) (MH-370 & Flight 804 Connections)

TransAsia = 102
United States of America = 102
Key of David = 102

Kaohsiung International Airport = 147 (Master Builder)

The date of the crash had standout numerology.

7/23/2014 = 7+23+20+14 = 64
7/23/14 = 7+23+14 = 44

This plane wrecked on the 119th Meridian.  All Seeing Eye.

The wreck came 137-days after the disappearance of MH-370.  Again, 137 is the 33rd prime.

Taipei = 33

This plane wrecked on the 121st Meridian.  Revelation.

This plane wrecked 333-days after the MH-370 disappeared.

This wreck came 470-days before the disappearance of Flight 804, which disappeared 804-days after MH-370.

Anyhow, the numbers 222 and 235 on these two flights standout very much.  These numbers are connected to whatever is being foreshadowed, and seem to now be pointing to the date of August 22, 2016, the 235th day of the year.

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  1. 222 is all over the place. Keeps popping up for me on the most random things. Like Sharks vs Penguins---222

  2. Obama to Omaha right after his state of the union. 222 days before 8-22 Malcolm x born in Omaha-38

  3. Zach, I think there might be something to this news story about Johnny Depp abusing his wife, Amber Heard. Amber Heard's birthday is April 22, but in an article posted on E! news online, they misreport her birthday as being April 21, which jumped right out at me because of Prince

    Also, on CNN, the first emphasized phrase is "insufficient showing of need to protect the dog" which has gematria of 470 and 227! Connecting to these plane crashes maybe?

    So from Amber Heard's fake birthday and Prince's death on 4/21 to August 22 is 123 days, like conspiracy, and 17 wks 4 dys like 174 for New World Order.

    Also Heard = 216 in English Gematria and Amber Heard = 216 in Jewish Gematria