Thursday, May 26, 2016

44 61 67 74 107 | Two Navy fighter planes collide off coast of North Carolina, May 26, 2016

The Carolinas are back in the headlines with another plane accident.

This story reminds me of the Goldsboro Incident.

Goldsboro = 44/107
Military = 44/107

This news comes on a fitting date for North Carolina, May 26, 2016.

5/26/2016 = 5+26+20+16 = 67
North Carolina = 67

The Goldsboro incident happened in '61.

Super Hornets = 61

The name of the spokesperson stands out as well.

'Jayhawk' also has interesting gematria in light of them being picked up '25' miles east of 'Oregon' inlet.

Jayhawk = 1+1+7+8+1+5+2 = 25

Oregon = 15+18+5+7+15+14 = 74 (Masonic)

211, the 47th prime.

5/26/16 = 5+26+16 = 47

Fighting = 6+9+7+8+2+9+5+7 = 53
Checkmates = 3+8+5+3+2+4+1+2+5+1 = 34/43
Fighting Checkmates = 87/96 (Freemason)

Fighting = 6+9+7+8+20+9+14+7 = 80
Checkmates = 3+8+5+3+11+13+1+20+5+19 = 88
Fighting Checkmates = 168

This story comes in a span of 325-days since the July 7, 2015, when an F-16 hit a cessna in South Carolina.  Notice those numbers... it reminds me Trump's primary down there.


  1. North Carolina will be part of Championship weekend against Loyola this weekend in Lacrosse

    Lacrosse = 29/47/92

    1. Loyola Greyhounds. Wasn't there a recent incident with a greyhound? I understand lacrosse is not a sport in the lime light but is the oldest sport in North America

    2. "Loyola Greyhounds" in the English Ordinal system equals 216

    3. There's that "126" numbers again like i showed below...

    4. One more note.

      "Lacrosse championship" in the English Ordinal system equals 223

      The championship is in Philadelphia

    5. Loyola always makes me think of Hank Gathers, the forward who died on the court. He wore #44. His family sued the school for 32.5 million.

  2. These stories are put out by the date...... probably pre-packaged way before and released on the corresponding date.


    Today is the "26th"...

    "Navy" = 62

    "plane" = 126

    "Collision" = 291

    "Planes" = 67
    5/26/2016 = 67

    "North Carolina" = 148
    (14+8 = 22)(5+2+6+2+0+1+6 = 22)

    ^^^^ Both simplify to 13 & 4

    They put out stories like this..... all day. every day.

    1. F-16

      F + 16 = 22

      Like todays date

      5+2+6+2+0+1+6 = 22

      "Survivors were hoisted into a HH-60 helicopter"

      H+H+6 = 22

      Plus all the "67's" you pointed out....

      "13's and "22's" all throughout this story...

      All these numbers simplify to the number "4"

      On a date with a life lesson of "4"...

    2. H=8

      HH-60 (base 60)

    3. And 2,3,and 5 are prime in base 60...

  3. F-16 could be pointing to 6/16
    Also, 6+1+6 = 13


  4. Zach what is your take on this. CBS ALL SEEING EYE. CBS EQUALS 105 MASONRY AND ZIONISM.

    So what is this guy doing mentioning this topic on TV.

    Zach you've been fooled.

    Keep calling out the Zionists but support their doctrine while Debunking the Flat Earth which can't be debunked.

    I thought you Said Russian Vids was a stupid Christian? Well maybe now we know why you didn't make a video when he called you out.

    So if he is stupid what does that make you "Unknowing Satanist"?

    People have to understand if someone is Gate keeping something they are doing it by design and because someone is telling them to

    Good Example is RFG Chosen one.....

    I'm just brining this up because you made a multiple part video more than 20 minutes about Flat Earth.

    Which is what RFG did as well. Both of your names equal 66.

    So Flat Earth a waste of time? Well your debunking video of the Flat Earth was disinformation and a Waste of time. Complete contradiction.

    Keep worshiping Gravity which equals 39/93.

    As well as your Zionist Boy Einstein and "The Sun" which equals 33 and the Sun God Amen Ra. Amen equals 33.

    Nothing but a gate keeper asking for donations.

    1. WarriYahTruth, can you please stop posting here? You are a retarded fucking loser and you demonstrate this fact again and again. You have to be fucking stupid to think the earth is flat.

      Why can't a telescope see Japan from the West Coast ? Or why can't a telescope locate the sun at any time of day? Answer: Because the earth is not flat. Only fucking morons think the earth is flat.

      And why does your stupid ass bring up that I said the Patriots would win the Super Bowl over and over? I made one point about that. One. I made 100 points about the Broncos, and I also predicted a lot more than just the football game, including Black Panthers tribute and MVP. Plus, my work on the Patriots in that video I made talks about a lot of other really important things, including the scripting after September 11 for the Patriots, and Eli Manning's facial expressions, which also became a two week topic after the Super Bowl this year..... I'm on top of things, I also make mistakes.

      A worthless fucking faggot like you though, what do you contribute? Not shit, you just run your mouth with posts that seem like they come out a bi-polar lunatic. Move along, stop posting here, stop making new aliases pretending to be someone else every two months. Maybe you're the character "Joseph Gastelum" as well, the idiot who posted 500 posts the week before the NFC Championship saying it was going to be the Cardinals.

    2. Zachariah, please ignore this character...

      Full disclosure, he is the same guy who used to go by the name lupefiasco... He may of changed his name to warriyah, but the youtube url to his channel was grandfathered in from his old username.

      As you can see, these separate identities are the same person...

    3. The south celestial pole (which I have proof of:, the movement of the sun in the sky, and the southern hemisphere flights all disprove the Flat Earth model. They're lying about something to do with Earth and space, but Flat Earth is not the correct answer.

      Time to move on.

    4. Whatever shape the earth may be our eyes are round. Like the fish eye lens on our cameras.

    5. Fisheye lens effect I mean. Our perception of the world is influenced by the tools we have been given to view it with.

    6. Lol two raptors players were at a Cleveland casino. Shit is getting exposed.

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. Hey.. Not all of us are idiots Zach! 😉. Love your work (you know this), but it must be the biggest coincidence of all time that The Sun and The Moon are the same size in our sky.. lol I mean we call out the coincidence theorists on the daily here.. It's not fair to just assume The Sun (93 million miles), and The Moon (a few hundred thousand miles) are in the perfect position to appear the same size in our sky. They're definitely lying to us about what we live on...

    9. @thelegionary07 Yes I agree, and Zach has done good work to expose the bullshit in official science.

      P.S. here's another disproof of the Flat Earth model

    10. Legionary, if anything the moon is bullshit and is a control mechanism. But anyone who has flown in a plane can tell the earth is not flat

    11. Lenny.. That link is broken for me, so I can't see it.

      But anyway.. I think you're missing the big picture here. If they lied about the distance of The Sun and The Moon, that means they've lied about the sizes of both as well, so what does that mean ultimately? To me, it's just further proof that both are circling around us. We know The Moon landing was a hoax 100% (anyone with eyes to see can see that!), but for what reason? Is The Moon even something we can land on?

      All I'm saying is there's many "proofs" that are legit on the Flat Earth side of things too.. None of us will ever know 100% what The Earth is. Everything can be CGI'ed, and sometimes hilariously so. These Zionist freemason shitbags are keeping tons of secrets.

    12. Its ok you got the media saying the Earth is Flat as a form of Programing as I showed jn the link below.

      It is pretty obvious what is going on.

      Also RFG Chosen one is a free mason his father worked at area 51 so why did he push the Flat Earth and NASA? No flat earther pushes NASA. Surely enough 3 months and 11 days later from his first FE VIDEO He makes a debunking video saying NASA is legit.

      So why did his Dad and Secret society tell him to start Pushing the Globe since it was all setup?

      Give me a break


      So why are the masons telling him to push the Globe?

      3 months and 11 days later.

      That's basically 103 days.....RFG equals 103 Lol

      So if you watched the Hennessy commercial and the link below and if you look at Freemasonry Symbolism/Art it shows the masons know.

      Also This nonsense about Getting a telescope and being able to see Japan.....Is the same thing RFG Chosen one is saying.

      Also Zach you joke why do you only Expose the Flat Earth but not the Globe Earth?

      Everyone knows if you apply Gematria To this Globe it will be destroyed

      Lol Pythagoras of Samos Mr 444 is the one who created the theroy of this Sun worship.

      Also Zach Explain why there was Experiments done by credible individuals who studied the Stars for months and they came to the conclusion that the Stars are stationary?

      I mean that is a better question then asking why I can't see Tokyo through a telescope.

      Why are the Stars Stationary?

      What a joke it is obvious who is lying

    13. Sorry for anyone's feelings I hurt about what I said about the flat earth theory. I really don't care what shape people think the earth is, unless they're attacking me for not agreeing with them. As for the moon and the sun, I agree, something is up. But just because we have been lied to, does not mean the earth is flat. I cannot come up with any way of explaining how the lid could be kept on that secret at this say in age with air travel, ships all over the sea, etc. If I am ever proven wrong, I'll be the first to apologize and I'll do it with a video, where on my forehead, in sharpie, it will say, "TURNS OUT I WAS THE FUCKING MORON". =)

    14. Explain why the Stars are stationary? Please I'm a moron and I'm sure your globe model can prove why the stars are stationary while we are spinning and moving through Space at thousands of miles per hour around the Sun.

    15. Explain why the Sun is Below the horizon and smaller than the Entire Flat Plane. As well as the Moon being Visible.

      You're like Kent Hovind " If the Earth was Flat Night time wouldn't be possible"

      Sun is Very Small! So what is going on here since you're positive the Earth is a Globe and you have to be a moron to Question something that can't be debunked?

      You're a joke

    16. WarriYahTruth,
      The stars are not "stationary". They rise and set due to earth rotation. Your mental model is incorrect. You are also not accounting for extreme distance.
      Earth diameter is only ~8000 miles.
      Distance to The Sun, 93,000,000 miles.
      Distance to Jupiter at perigee, 365,000,000 miles.
      Distance of Earth to Proxima Centauri (next closest star) is 4.24 light years.
      Or about 24,924,839,194,400 miles.

    17. Zach.. None of us here are morons (and definitely not you! You helped awaken many people).. We all came here because we were smart enough to know that we were being lied to on a grand scale. How far the rabbit hole goes? I don't know, and neither does anyone else who's not a 33rd degree mason.

      WarriYahTruth.. The stars thing is definitely a Flat Earth proof.. Very hard for anyone to explain that on the heliocentric model. Again, I don't know for sure! Just a man with questions! :)

    18. Reid.. That's assuming those distances are correct. How the fuck can they even be so sure at measuring from such far away distances anyway? lol.

    19. Now ask yourself WHY Proxima Centauri is about 24,900,000,000,000 miles from Earth and Earth's circumference at equator is about 24,900 miles?

    20. The legionary,
      They're not "sure" they are using the best calculations.
      Accurate enough though to occasionally land a craft on Mars without crashing! (249 million miles away). ;)

    21. I'm sure even the morons in the crowd can see a rather odd astronomical pattern here. (For the extremely moronic: 249)


      If it all seems too mind boggling ... It is!
      Because our brains are simply too small to adequately fathom the awesome vastness of the cosmos.

    23. What's the flat earth explanation for why the stars are stationary and every thing else moves.

    24. Ed,
      What I want to hear about is the flat ATOM theory.

    25. Hmm. I never heard of the flat atom theory. I'm lost.

  5. My sister was at an airshow 12 days ago where a pilot died in Atlanta. Not sure if its related.

    1. Pilot was Greg Connell of Trenton, South Carolina.

    2. Greg Connell = 58, 112
      Trenton = 34, 106
      Trenton, SC = 38


    I remember you in your NCAA Tourney Syracuse video where the Player had the double 666 Sign over his eyes. Question is why did you Copy him and do it instead of just telling them to look at the picture? Lol man oh man.

    1. Please, stop WarriYah... err umm, Lupe?

    2. Something wrong with that dude.

  7. Keep deleting my comments you zionist lovin' freedom hatin' baboon.


    Flight mishap = 128 (reverse 8/21)

    Today (5/26/16) to 8/21/16
    Is 88 days (2 months 27 days or 12 weeks 4 days)

    Norman Percevel Rockwell (February 3, 1894 – November 8, 1978)

    Rockwellpate ?
    Rockwell Plate?

    The "L" (12) is missing

  9. I hope you're working on a piece about this TI concert "shooting " in NY...

  10. Super Hornets? Maybe Supersonics (OKC Thunder).
    Jayhawk? Kansas train wreck in the NCAA. Now plane crash.