Tuesday, May 24, 2016

16 42 53 113 143 222 223 | Alex Jones predicted Trump assassination February 22, 2016


Notice this article was written on February 23, and it says the statement was made February 22, or 2/22.

Let us examine the gematria of the emphasized phrase in the headline.

May 23 is typically the 143rd day of the year, and it is the day that leaves 222-days remaining.  I find this very interesting, even though May 23 has already passed.

Recall '143' also has a connection to one of our favorite numbers, '113'.

Again, this claim came from Alex Jones, on the 53rd day of 2016.  53 is the 16th prime number.

Alex Jones = 42 (Freemason)
Alex Jones, born on the 42nd day of the year, February 11

It would be something to find out that we stopped a planned psy-op.  That said, I don't think we have nearly enough clout to achieve such a thing.  Maybe I'm wrong.


  1. Dude some bot is spamming the shit out of your gematria blog post

    1. And you never know man. It's nice to think we did stop it, then again, perhaps post 9/11 they started throwing up a lot more red herring clues that go nowhere. Its strange to think murdering madmen even leave clues to their wrongdoing; is it pride? Or guilt? Or maybe they're just touched in the head. We already knew that I guess.

  2. Perhaps.. I do know that I was ready to share the shit out of your videos from months back, when you mentioned May 23rd. Maybe they were scared that this event could awaken many more people. There's always gonna be those idiots out there that think everything's a coincidence though, so I'm not quite sure they even care what we say. We'll never know the answer, but I do still expect an assassination to happen.

  3. I'm hoping for aliens. I'd rather see Donald get beamed up than blown away.

  4. May 23 might have passed, but August 9/10 has not (Nagasaki 63 )
    222 day of 2016 with 143 remaining
    And mid of the "Games of the XXXI Olympiad" (113)
    "The Games of the XXXI Olympiad" (3368/308/128)
    Rio twenty sixteen (83)

    8/6 Hiroshima
    8/9 Nagasaki

    1. The movie,
      "Now You See Me Two " (218) opens June 10
      It's poster tag line is
      "NYSM two Reappearing June ten" (1968/121)
      Reappearing (660/110)

      Day 218 is August 5, opening day of Rio Twenty Sixteen
      The Olympic city chosen by 121st IOC
      Closing day is 8/21 (or 21/8 in Rio)

    2. I missed one,

      Eight twenty one = 1999

      Party like it's "1999" - Prince

    3. X Men Apocalypse opens May 27 (North America)
      May 27 is day 148 with 218 remain
      Apocalypse = 113

    4. I watched X Men the other day. I figured it would be coded and it is just like the X Men apocalypse TV Series, Comic books, and games are. It all comes down to a fight in the mind.
      The headline on CNN right now is Trump Campaigning like it's 1999.
      Trump Campaigning like it's 1999. = 114/123/132/267

  5. I don't see how you guys haven't caught the news of China warning the US about selling arms to Vietnam, all starting with the May 23rd US/Vietnam treaty. This might be the beginning stages of WW3

    1. I haven't caught it? I documented it on this blog.

  6. Replies
    1. and Alex Jones is Bill Hicks ;)

    2. No, Alex Jones is not Bill Hicks. The only people who think this are people who follow internet rumors without doing any real research. There isn't a person on this planet who is familiar with Bill Hicks that thinks he is Alex Jones.

    3. Yes... In the context of my comment...

      Alex Jones is Bill Hicks

  7. August 9 is a Tuesday that is the 222 day of the year and leaves 144 days left.
    8+9+2+1+6 = 26
    8+9+20+16 = 53
    8+9+16 = 33

  8. Alex jones is a shill so maybe he's right

  9. Seems like Brazil is the next big target ... so much with their flip floppin' government, Zika Virus ... and Olympics startin' August 5th in Rio. ( Rio = Duran Duran's most famous song ... Duran Duran's song 'Save A Prayer' was from the album 'Rio' ... The anthem of the Paris Attacks, just a thought connect wise ) ...
    Starting August 5th (218th day), end August 21st. August 21st = 233rd day of the year. 132 days remain. Leap year means August 21st = 234th day of year. 'May' = 234
    Anyway ... if you add 218 + 233 = 441 ( Reflection of May 23rd ) ... 233rd day, August 20th = me thinks one to watch.
    233 was used as the hashtag/photographer name, ( #233 ), by journalists sharing the first pictures coming out of Paris Attack. It was something along the lines of, 'Photographs provided by (photographers name) and the #233. Was very odd. Mostly on the BBC & Sky News( Biggest cunts in propo'G :) )

    Anyway ... just some thoughts ... I'm usually kinda dumb with things :) , but thought would pop it anyway. ha

    All the best, Dar!

  10. Hey Zach, I figured out an even deeper connect to the Atlanta Superbowl announcement yesterday.

    From the day that General Sherman captured Atlanta(11-15-1864) near the end of the Civil War to yesterday was....

    151 years, 6 months, 9 days

    Atlanta United FC---151

    Atlanta- --69



    Announce SB 2019 in 2016.

    1. That is also 7906 weeks or 55, 342.

    2. Above date is actually the day he left Atlanta and began his march to the sea, it was captured 8-2-1864.

    3. Makes me wonder if Atlanta should be looking out for the

      One Hundred Fifty Second Anniversary---380, 2280, 2592(J)

    4. Sherman's March---140, 840

      Sherman's March to the Sea---233, 1328

      233 is a coded 66

      151 years ago, I always do a little split and add on these numeric palindromes, 15+51 another 66.

      Put the A on the target list.

  11. The protesters yesterday at the Trump rally were yelling "F*** Donald Trump"
    F*** Donald Trump = 54/144

  12. Curry says

    This is not the way we're going to go out---380...is that 38 for the Warriors?

    1. I was looking at that if I'm not mistaken there was an 118? Unless it was for the " series isn't over"

      I've seen 38 timestamps for him before the series and 118.

      Also on Game 2 Curry hurt his "right elbow" this equals 118.......remember they scored that.
      Also equals 119 and 911.

      Stephen equals 38 like Prince....

    2. Stephen also reduces to 33. How often is the 33 sacrificed?

  13. I wouldn't be surprised if we are stopping plots. These people who work in the shadows are cowards. Once their methods are exposed and become mainstream knowledge people are going to be outraged at all the problems they're responsible for and how they've deceived us. If they can hide they're okay but when they can't they change plans, imo

  14. Totally aside....what's up with all the 7s today?

    Star Wars celebrates its 39th anniversary from 5-25-77(7777)


    Ian McKellan celebrates his 77th in Dubai at the 7s(777)

    The McCaughey Sept(7)tuplets graduate highschool.

    The world population hit 7.4 billion today. (Lil 47 for the Big Brass)

    And today is 5-25-2016
    5+2+5+2+1+6=21 or 7+7+7

    Sevens are in play---111

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    1. Milo, I don't give a fuck about gold because at the end of the day, gold doesn't mean shit. Imagine having gold in a fallout scenario after the dollar collapses. What are you going to do with it? Probably get murdered for having it.

    2. Gold actually becomes highly contaminated when exposed to radiation. All that gold will get you killed.

    3. When some clown trades me his kilo bar of gold for a crap generator I am going to laugh for days.

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  17. Zach, I am in the financial area-expert for over 20 years, allow me to explain to you, that the dollar would never be allowed to collapse because we owe 21 Trillion dollars, second in case ALL currencies collapse, Gold will appreciate, so you would be able to BUY those currencies in far greater discount than you could do now, so your purchasing power would be much stronger, this is it, end of story, YOUNG FELLOW...