Sunday, May 29, 2016

33 49 96 121 223 | Bryce Dejean-Jones started season January 21, played last game February 23

8/21/92 = 8+21+92 = 121
5/28/16 = 5+28+16 = 49

Bryce died in "Dallas".

Notice below, that Bryce DeSean-Jones made his debut with the team on January 21, or 1/21.

Further, notice below that he played his last game of the season February 23, or 2/23...

Recall how Flip Saunders died to start the season, born in Cleveland, on February 23.

The Timberwolves would defeat the Lakers with 223 combined points to open the season, just days after Flip Saunders death.  The Lakers are originally from Minnesota.

That game was played at the Staples Center.

Below is the game log for Bryce Desean-Jones. 

Notice his last game was against 'Washington'.

Washington = 5+1+1+8+9+5+7+2+6+5 = 49

His playing time on the team lasted 33-days... and he died before 'Game Six' of Oklahoma City and Golden State.

From his last game until the date he died, was a total span of 96-days...

Bryce Alexander DeSean Jones has died in the time the United States of America was 239-yerrs old.

When the Warriors and Thunder played on February 27, they combined for 239-points.

2/27 is a lot like '227'.

His death came 49-days after the death of Will Smith, the New Orleans Saint.  Will Smith died 4/9.

Will Smith shares the birthday of the 239-year old nation.

Prince also died 49-days after attending the Warriors and Thunder game on March 3, 2016

Notice the Warriors won the game Prince was at 121-106, for a total of 227-points, the 49th prime number.

Listen to Prince say all we can do is go by 'prophecy'.  Revelation is the book of prophecy.


  1. 6-6 203? Another lil 666 right in his body makeup.

  2. NBA has corrected Steph Curry's points in Gm 6, from 29 to 31.
    His last basket was credited to Green.

    I didn't watch but seems odd
    31 is lebrons age

  3. Hi Zachary anything in this? Looks shady
    I'm well aware shit like this goes down on a daily basis in Mexico but this just seems BS.

    1. Have a go at decoding it yourself dude! Post if you find anything.

      Its good to have a go at this yourself, more people doing it the more the truth comes to light!

  4. The Game Seven Oracle Miracle---239, 1303(J)

    Warriors Win Three in a Row--303, 3517(J)(3+5=8,1+7=8=88)(8+8=16)


  5. They were all in love with dying---330

    They were all in love with dying, they were doing it in Texas---690

  6. He played 33 games at Iowa State too. CNN makes sure to show us him playing Kansas when he was at Iowa state. Prince=65 Kansas=65, Iowa state Cyclones=65 Bryce Dejean Jones=65 Iowa state beat Kansas all 3 times they played last season(14'-15'). The last time was on 3/14/15. So the Kansas Amtrak Derailment exactly 1 year later. They even show the tweet from the Pelicans at 3:14pm. Remember Iowa state was the last team to beat Kansas this year before they lost to Villanova too. Philadelphia=65 3/14 was the 74th day this year. 3/14 to 7/4 is 112 days. Like Queens Bday and Prince death on 112th day. 4/21 to 7/4 is 74 days. 3/14 to 5/28(Jones Death) is 75 days. First time Thunder and Warriors played this season was on 2/6(Queen anniversary) which is 75 days before 4/21. I also feel like there's something connected to Anthony Davis(Pelican) who just days before said he lost 24 million by not being named All NBA. His contract went from 145 to 121 Million. Davis won the NCAA Championship with Kentucky(Wildcats)..Villanova Wildcats.Black Panther? Kentucky coached by John Calipari who was thrown out after 146 seconds on 2/13 this year. Dejean Jones also went to Taft High School. Named after the 27th president who was the last president before WWI. Of course his dad cofounder of Skull and Bones too. "Taft"=207(Jewish) Charles=207(Jewish) Two hundred Seven=197 Prince=197(Jewish) Lebron=197(Jewish) Taft from Ohio.

    1. Notice all the 24s as we approach year 240 for 'Murica??

    2. Notice all the 24s as we approach year 240 for 'Murica??

  7. Smith (91) + Jones (31) = 122
    Golden State = 122