Saturday, May 28, 2016

49 91 227 239 | The deaths of Bryce Desean-Jones, Will Smith and Prince in connection to the Warriors-Thunder

Recall the Warriors and Thunder, who play later today, the day of the death of Bryce Desean-Jones, scored 239-points when they made on February 27, 2016.

That game came 91-days before today, which reminds me that #91 of the New Orleans Saints recently died, Will Smith, on the date April 9.  The baseball player who just died also plays in New Orleans.

The number 227 is the 49th prime, see how 2/27 and 4/9 connect?

Think about how New Orleans is "French" and they go by the French Republican Calendar, that begins September 23, or 23/9.  This year the United States is 239-years old... the French Republican Calendar is from the French Revolution which followed the American Revolution.

From Will Smith's death to today's May 28 death, is 49-days.  Will Smith died 4/9... 49-days later...

On March 3, the Warriors and Thunder would again play again, scoring 227 points, the 49th prime, kind of like the date 2/27, from when they had played less than a week earlier.  Notice the Warriors won both games with 121 points.

Warriors = 49
Revelation = 121

Revelation = 49
Revelation = 121

Prince was at the game, known as the 'symbol'.

From March 3 until today, is 86-days.  '86 was the year of the first NBA Finals.

Symbol = 86
Triangle = 86
Pyramid = 86

Notice it is also 12-weeks and 2-days.

Golden State = 122