Monday, May 23, 2016

44 71 101 144 157 | Supreme Court rules on Georgia death row inmate, May 23, 2016 (Race War Programming)

Remember, 'Supreme Court' has gematria of '174' like 'New World Order' and 'Number of the Beast'.

This case comes out of Georgia, a state having gematria matching today's date numerology.

Georgia = 44
5/23/16 = 5+23+16 = 44

The decision is about race, paralleling the other big headline right now, the Freddie Gray officer's ongoing trial.  It is about a black man who was punished by a purposefully white jury in 1987, 29-years ago.  Out of the eight Supreme Court justices there currently are, all but one voted to overturn the decision and give the man another trial.  Who didn't agree?  The one justice who is black, who is truly the whitest Supreme Court Justice, Uncle Clarence Thomas.

The 7-1 decision is a lot like '71'.

Forty-Four = 144
Seventy-One = 144
Today, May 23, is the 144th day of the year

This also reminds of Scalia passing on the 44th day of the year, 'Lupercalia'.

Prior to the decision, 'Timothy Tyrone Foster' was set to be executed by the state, he had a fitting name for execution.

Timothy Tyrone Foster = 101 (Assassin)

Notice that the man on death row supposedly killed a 79-year old woman...

Murder = 79

As I've been saying since I started this work, it is obvious the Supreme Court largely rules on bullshit cases, that are fictional, and are made up narratives to create the laws of the land for the real people who live here.

Can we fucking burn this bullshit system to the ground already?

Who is named 'Queen Madge White' besides a character in a story written by Jews?