Wednesday, May 25, 2016

96 213 | 'Black History Month'

Black = 2+3+1+3+2/11 = 11/20
History = 8+9+1+2+6+9+7 = 42/51
Month = 4+6+5+2+8 = 25
Black History Month = 78/96

Black = 2+12+1+3+11 = 29
History = 8+9+19+20+15+18+25 = 114
Month = 13+15+14+20+8 = 70
Black History Month = 213

Warren G, where you at?

We know what's up with '213', and the February 13, Lupercalia connection.

"All Eyez on the 213"

All Eyez On Me released 2/13, and Tupac died 213-days later.  His death also came in '96.


  1. That made me thing of Ludacris's song Area Codes.
    Ludacris = 33/42/87
    Area Codes = 35/44/71
    I've got hoes, in different area codes = 153/171/189/306
    Hoes, hoes, hoes, in different area codes = 160/196/322

    He mentioned a lot, but the one I thought of was 804 which is the area code for the east central portion of commonwealth of Virginia.
    It is the area code for Virginia's capital Richmond.
    Richmond = 48/84
    Richmond, Virginia = 101/119/173

    1. Ha! Well done. Area codes are key. Look at how many passing yard Russell Wilson had in the Super Bowl win, 206, like the Seattle area code.

    2. The area code of Cleveland and the surrounding areas are:


    4. Another link between Atlanta taking over the cursed city crown once Cleveland wins, Atlanta has the 404 and is on the 33rd.

  2. 20, 47, 153

    Another 153

    Hoes - 8+15+5+19 = 47 Simple English
    Hoes - 8+6+5+1 = 20 Pythagorean
    Hoes - 8+50+5+90 = 153 Jewish

    Vice Squad's miraculous catch of hoes.

    With Bacons method Vice Squad also add up to 153

    Vice Squad - 48+9+3+5+45+17+21+1+4 = 153


  3. Korey? Does it mean anything if you add those things together?
    Like... Hoes, hoes, hoes, in different area codes = 160/196/322
    160+196+322=678 or 2 × 3 × 113

    Which leads me to another question... Do digits that consist of consecutive numbers (like 678) have any additional significance?

    You guys will tell me to STFU if I'm bugging the crap out of you, yes?? ;-)

    1. 123---conspiracy

      321 always looks like a countdown. I am not sure abouy special meaning, buy sequential numbers always get my attention.

    2. I know you asked about consecutive ordered digits but I thought I'd just share this anyway.. 678 is the product of 113 x 6. Any word with 113 simple english gematria will be 678 in English gematria because English gematria is every letter x6. A good example of the significance of 678 to the masons is Kobe Bryant's last game was 678 weeks after Michael Jordan's last game.

      Michael Jordan =113
      Kobe Bryant =113

    3. I just read Koreys comment down below. Lol

  4. Not that I know of. I put what forms of Gematria I used to get the numbers below. They are the 2 forms of Gematria that is coded often in the media. Whenever you get creative with the numbers it seems more times than not they will equal to something that is significant. I think it is just because the entire world is created by these numbers which are just different energies programming our subconscious. It just happens because of the grand scale of the system we are apart of. The numbers are literally all around us when you start to look. It is what holds this world in the current state it is in.
    160 = Simple English Gematria
    196 = Simple English Gematria with S exception (each S can either be a 1 or 10 due to it being reduced twice from 19 and is the only number that is reduced twice in Simple English Gematria)
    322 = Pythagorean Gematria

    Some digits that are consecutive are significant like...
    123 = The Holy Bible, Conspiracy - Pythagorean Gematria
    234 + 432 = 666
    678 = Apocalypse, Universe, Salvation, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryan, Trumpet, The Creator - English Gematria
    It also is 113 x 6 = 678

    1. Thank you so much for that explanation!

    2. Absolutely You Are Welcome!
      I have a YouTube channel where I talk more about how the numbers control and program us and the world around us. I dont get into the numbers specifically much it's more philosophical with how I see the world after learning all of this.

    3. Thank you. I've been slowly trying to get up to speed, reading older and newer posts of Zach's along with his YouTube channel. I'll subscribe to yours too. So hard since I'm trying to not freak out my 9 year old, but also trying to teach him.

    4. mir, I like your posts, you don't bug me at all.

    5. I understand that. I have a 5 year old daughter. I just try to keep anything that takes her out of her own mind, thoughts, and away. That was a process though because she was a "normal" child that watched TV and had all the princess garbage as well. She understands now that the only things that matter are herself and the people/beings around her not what she sees or hears on TV, Internet, etc. Also to listen to herself and what makes sense to her and ask as many questions as it takes until she understands. Relaxation and self understanding is key to connecting to your mind and understanding the world around us. None of it is really scary once you realize that it is all really a game being played around us. The only thing that can hurt us is fear and doubt which is really programmed into us. Once you overcome that there is nothing we can't do and nothing that can stop us.
      The Freemasons and people in control of the world count on us having fear of some sort which most people at least fear death. Also on us doubting ourselves and what is possible in this world with the programs that have been set around us. They always say the only thing to fear is fear itself and to never say anything is impossible.

    6. Thanks Zach. Sometimes I see a tenuous connection and post something, but am trying not to purposely post using the spaghetti method (throw it all at the wall hoping something sticks). It'd be all too easy to get all far-fetched and unreasonable. Trying not to look for elephants when hunting zebras seems the good thing to do. Really though, just tell me if I'm so off-base as to be ridiculous. I can take it! :)
      Korey: I suspended my career and started homeschooling mine a few years ago because we could/see and feel this world was not right. I couldn't bear the thought of him being brainwashed by the bs in the schools. I'm really trying to keep it REAL for him. He will need these tools to survive what comes in the future. Thankfully, he's kind and good-hearted, but I am working hard to avoid those traits being used against him at a future date. Young minds are malleable and while they are resilient,they ARE impressionable. While we have technology, we live a very simple life with little extravagance. I think this will serve us best in the long run, but it has helped to keep us all grounded in reality. Not sure what 'reality' we're in, but we've not been sucked into all the social and media hype of the times.

    7. My daughter was in pre-school too for a short period of time. I could see it as well and we took her out and she is never going back to school. Simple is the way to go. Nothing is complicated it just is made that way to confuse us.
      Reality is whatever you make of it.

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  6. I think these numbers are energies for sure, thats a good way to put it. People have given them names/identities and assigned various attributes to them throughout history. The gods and goddesses of mythology, the planets, the prophets and saviors and devils of all the religions, are all just masks for these numbers, and the history of our world is really just a story built from these numbers that go on adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing endlessly.

    You can see why the Freemasons are so obsessed with measurements.