Friday, May 27, 2016

33 74 96 142 | Henry Heimlich, at age 96, saves a person with his maneuver

Maneuver = 36
2016 = 20+16 = 36

You have to love that the maneuver was named in 1974.

Masonic = 74
Freemason = 96

Can you believe truthseeker?  They even have their stamp on the anti-choking procedure.

Deupree = 74
House = 68
Deupree House = 142


  1. Bacon Gematria...

    Henry = 96

    Heimlich = 93

    1. Eight Hundred and Eighty Eight = 148

      Eight-Eight-Eight = 93

      Triple Eight = 66

      Thirty Three = 66


    2. Six Six Six = 936 in English 156 * 6

  2. So many jokes. So little time.

  3. "AMA" in the English Gematria system equals 42 (1+40+1), which reduces to 6
    "AMA" in the English Ordinal system equals 15 (not prime, but the 15th prime is 47)
    "AMA" in the English Reduction system equals 6 (1+4+1)

    Think I covered this pretty good if you guys didn't see. last half

    1. Dr. Henry Heimlich =96, that's what dailymail article said, Z did you see my vid first or we just both saw the article?

    2. I didn't see... but have now subscribed to your channel to see what I can see in the present and future!
      Soooo much to watch, so little time!
      I see dupes at different sites, but I think it is bound to happen and it would seem most have a slightly different insight, so worth reading various interpretations.
      I seriously don't know how Zach is so proliferative on his own, let alone how he manages to read/watch anything else! He seems to have some time management skillz (better than sweet little me!).

  5. Don't miss the most important one!!

    Choke = 96 (eng)

    1. And 33 in Pythagorean with exceptions.

    2. OMG! I did miss that! Thanks!

    3. Choke=42, 76(J) not sure where you got 96

    4. I got the same (96) because I went to the "Riding The Beast" site instead of Gematrix.
      The versions of "English Gematria" seem to be different between the two sites.
      Riding the Beast English Gematria:
      "choke" in the English Gematria system equals 96 (3+8+60+20+5), which reduces to 15, which reduces to 6
      RTB does not offer an English/Jewish Gematria calc option
      Gematrix English Gematria:
      choke in English Gematria Equals: 252
      and the other values are...
      choke in Jewish Gematria Equals: 76
      choke in Simple Gematria Equals: 42