Monday, May 23, 2016

39 44 119 193 | Japanese pop star stabbed and in critical condition, May 23, 2016

The location of the stabbing has gematria of '119'.

The assassin has name gematria of 193, the 44th prime number.

Kill = 44

Today is '44' numerology and is the 144th day of the year.  5/23/16 = 5+23+16 = 44

The victim has interesting name gematria as well.

The star is said to be twenty-years old but I cannot find her birthday or much about her.

Again, this news comes from Asia, while Obama, the 44th President, is traveling in the region, today.


  1. Syria..........
    Over 100 feared killed as blasts hit near Russian military bases in Syria’s Latakia province (VIDEO)
    Bombs went off in Tartus! That's where Russias military base is!

  2. Another 193

    slashing with a saw - 19+12+1+19+8+9+14+7+23+9+20+8+1+19+1+23 = 193 in English Ordinal

    Only in Japan.

  3. 1-25-1993

    That's a 119, 138, 30

    Thats 23 years, 3 months, 26 days since his birth to the attack and 117 days since his birthday.

    1. And the attack happend on a day leaving 32 weeks 1 day left in the year...3,2,1...what happens at zero?

    2. My bad, apparently there are two J-pop stars with the same name. This is the older. Which is strange, because she was in the group AKB48 who were involved in a knife attack


      Which is a nice even 104 weeks, 728 days.

    3. Pretty fucked up reading about them. All the media has the two girls mixed up, giving details on one and attributing them to the other. Can't quit understand, but apparently they are both in that group or were or they are clones or one became the other or one grew out of the other...i dunno man. Japan is a strange land.