Saturday, May 28, 2016

49 79 | Cristiano Ronaldo makes winning score in Champions League title game, May 28, 2016

Madrid = 13+1+4+18+9+4 = 49
5/28/16 = 5+28+16 = 49

Notice the 188-second clip.

This was for the 'Champions League'.


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  2. Oklahoma city is 54% to cover -3
    Golden state is 46%

    Golden state is 61% for 221.5 over
    Oklahoma city is 39% for 221.5 under

    My source is oddsshark

  3. It is 12-weeks and 2-days since their March 3 game I think...
    Golden State = 122

  4. Shoutout to Jmontz for decoding the brakes off this one!!!


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    2. WarriYahTruthMay 28, 2016 at 8:58 PM
      Real Madrid scored Ninety goals ninety equals 33.

      JMontz great call dude seriously. You did say when it was in penalties that they might lose doubting yourself.

      Real equaled 216 it was obvious.

      May Thirty equals 149 if I'm not mistaken.

      Also I will just do less talky.

      JMontz it was funny how they setup Ronaldo. Ironically I was watching with my dad as well.

      Also before 2nd extra time they were saying. "Ronaldo hasn't had a superstar shining moment in the past 6 years ever"

    3. Check the comments section in this post...

    4. My bad, that's not the right post... I can't find it right now but it should be within the last couple days or so.

    5. Cheers guys i appreciate that!

      Zach, the script was set for Ronaldo from the start!

      That was Real Madrids 79th trophy, Ronaldo = 79 Cristiano Ronaldo = 79.

      May Favorite was the interview after "Ronny it seems like the script was set for you". That killed me

  5. Few random things thought would pop :) ...

    May 28th summed, 28+5+16 = 49. 'Real Madrid' = 49

    The two goal scorers in normal time. Ramos for Real and Carrasco for Atletico ( Carrasco in the 79th minute :D ha ).
    'Ramos' = 66. 'Carrasco' = 33. 'Thirty Three' = 66. Atletico's manager, 'Diego Simeone' = 66
    'UEFA' = 33

    Ramos scored in the 15th minute. 15th prime number = 47.
    Antoine Griezmann missed a penalty in the 47th minute.
    'Antoine' = 33. Griezmann & Ronaldo, the two big game changers, both wear the number 7. 'Seven' = 47

    Real Madrid, known as, 'The Merengues' = 59.
    Their manager, 'Zidane' = 59
    Ronaldo wins it on penalty's. 'Penalty's' = 31. Ronaldo is currently 31 years old.

    'Ronaldo' = 34. 34th prime = 139. 'Sergio Ramos' = 139.
    Guess who announced Ramos as man of the match? :D
    A match official named, 'Loan Lupescu' = 139
    'Lupescu' = 34

    All the best anyway, Dar!