Wednesday, May 25, 2016

95 96 | Thunder defeat Warriors in back-to-back playoff games, May 22 and May 24, 2016

'Eighty-four', eh?  It reminds of LeBron and former owner David Stern, who came into the picture in 1984.

You have to love the 12-points in the fourth quarter and the Warriors (49) losing with 94.  That combined sum of 212 was big in the World Series, seemingly connected to the royal family.  I'm thinking about the Prince and Royal family connection...  118 also connects to 'death' as well as 'Just Do It'.  Perhaps Steph should have signed with Nike?  Ha!

You have to appreciate Golden State making 33-shots and shooting 41% from the field.

Golden St. = 33
Golden State = 41

The Thunder have defeated the Warriors in back-to-back games, the first time the Warriors have lost two in a row this season.  It is interesting the Warriors lost their 95th and 96th games of the season, when the Seattle Sonics (the team that became the Thunder) lost the 95-96 NBA Finals to the Chicago Bulls.