Sunday, May 22, 2016

33 44 68 114 193 411 | 68th Governor of Massachusetts, Bill Weld compares Trump policies to Holocaust

Notice the post time.

Assassin = 411 (Jewish)

Holocaust = 114 (Simple English)

11-million, eh?

'Governor Bill Weld' connects to '44'.

193 is the 44th prime.  Tomorrow has '44' numerology and is the 144th day of the year, May 23, 2016.

5/23/16 = 5+23+16 = 44
Forty-Four = 144 (Simple English)

Bill Weld was the 68 Governor of Massachusetts.

Massachusetts = 33

I'll remember this article more clearly tomorrow should any funny business go down.

A phrase that stands out is "send Hillary Clinton to the White House".


  1. Don't forget, the full moon just started a month long cycle, where two full moons will land within the zodiac of Sagittarius. Actually much more rare than two full moons in a calendar month. Saturn is also visible to the naked eye through this cycle. Whatever is starting/started may take a whole 28 days.

    1. Blue Moon and Visible Red Mars is also soon. Purple skies.


  2. Well here we go guys. The day we've been waiting for. I hope nothing happens. Well i guess whatever happens happens. They would try to pull this shit transitioning to the summer solistice.

    1. If nothing big like an assassination takes place, no one should overlook the lifting of the weapons embargo that Obama preformed today in Vietnam. It is a big big deal for a conflict between the US and China to play out. Imo, a biggest enough deal to mark the 5-23.

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    3. Officer not guilty in Freddie Gray case. Should start up the riots again...

  3. What site do you use to get the number properties?

  4. Any Game of Throne fans?

    Hold the Door---124, 744, 379(J)

    Expect Tshirts that say

    Hold the Door for Hodor---223, 1338, 707(J)

    Pop Culture Randomness Lookup of the Day.

  5. what site are you using to show properties of a number?

  6. Weld is a Koch funded fraud.
    Libertarian party is way to jewy.