Sunday, May 22, 2016

42 84 99 107 142 523 | Raptors defeat Cavs, May 21, 2016, 99-84

LeBron James went down on May 21, 2016, the 142nd day of 2016?

5/21/16 = 5+21+16 = 42 (LeBron James = 42) (Forty-Two = 142)

I notice LeBron had 24-points on the loss, the reflection of '42'.

His team also lost with 84-points, like his year of birth, a number divisible by '42'.

As I covered yesterday, at halftime the score summed to 107-points, favorable to the Raptors.

Raptors = 18+1+16+20+15+18+19 = 107 (107 combined points at halftime)

Notice the Raptors scored 33-point in the second quarter.  Second = 33

The Raptors winning with 99-points is also interesting.  The number 523 is the 99th prime number, and the next game in the series is on May 23, or 5/23.  That one will be in Toronto as well.  Does it indicate thing will go well for the Raptors in Game 4?  We'll find out soon enough.


  1. I see this series going to 6 or 7 games. When I watched some of the last game, the anouncers were making it known that Canada had zero of their other professional teams make it to the playoffs. That's a lot of money the Canadian fans will put in, especially for this next home game. I do think you have to look at the narrative and the numbers.

  2. Crystal Palace also lost the final with all the 42 connections. They even took the lead through their number 42 who also has gematria of 42 then lost it haha.

    Seems like the 42's were doomed from the start.

  3. No it means Obama is getting capped tomarrow

    1. USA Played an International friendly today won 3-1. Puerto Rico scored their goal in the 42nd min...


    2. Puerto Rico = 59
      Kill = 59

    3. Cavaliers have a BUNK load of connections to Obama.

  4. Also, on the number 523 or 235, I think this is about seasons and cycles. We know the elite love their sacrifices and festivals based on seasons etc. They "say" earth is tilted at an average of 23.5 degrees. This is what causes the 4 seasons as the earth orbits the sun they "say" is 93 million miles away. The United States is 239 years old. But this changes 7/4/2016, when the USA will then be 240 years old. The next Summer Solstice is 6/20/2016 at 23:34 UT (time),where the energy of the energy of the sun is greatest in the Western Hemisphere. I feel like something big is going to happen before the USA turns 240 years old
    Anyhow, just some thoughts if anyone else has any insight or ideas. Thanks everyone!

    1. Two Three Five Cycle---204, 1224, 2399(J)

      Which is very curious, for if you are right the cycle would end when 240 years begins, and 5-23 is pretty much 239.9 years into Americas history.

      It certainly fits with all the other coding, 69s and 96s, cycles, rebirth, golden ratio, all those bears(which represent the same) from earlier this year, all the pi 227s and 314s we've seen. Certainly we are on the cusp of a dynamic global change or shift.

    2. Speaking about time, cycles and seasons--
      Check this out about 6/20:
      Fritz Koenig 816/840/140
      Born on 6/20/1924
      He was the sculptor who created
      "The Sphere" 361/624/104, and he nicknamed it his
      "Biggest Child" 264/630/105
      "Nine Eleven" 869/630/105
      "Zionism" 728/630/105
      "Amazing Grace" 630/105 The Sphere rotated once every 24 hours, 24/7 and was 25 feet high and cast in 52 bronze segments-
      25+52=77, 2 Towers..there is Pi 77 and 2.
      It stood BETWEEN the
      "twin towers" 2274/996/166
      "September Eleven" 996/166
      Anyway, "The Sphere" was recovered badly damaged after 9/11. Fritz Koenig then called it
      "a beautiful corpse"
      "New World Order" 1044/174

      26 weeks later-
      (God= 26)deliberately left damaged, on 3/11/2002(we all know what 311 stands for by now),it was relocated to "Battery Park" 839/822/137
      "Saddam Hussein", "Eye of Horus", Washington DC, = 822/137
      To wrap this all up, from the day Fritz Koenig was born on 6/20/1924 to 9/11/2001 is
      77 years 2 months and 23 days, including the end date.
      There is your Pi 772 and 223 all wrapped up together
      One last Bomb truthseekers: From 9/11/2001 to 6/20/2016 is 14 years and 9 months~
      149= Zachary K Hubbard, Boom!
      Zach, you did say that 9/11 is what really started your search for the truth....cycles and all goes back to that somehow

  5. James is averaging a career-low 23.5 points in the playoffs.

    5/23 again

  6. Ohh!! Que raro dato Amigo Zachary K Hubbard Es algo inofencivo. Saludos desde colombia

  7. Ohh!! Que raro dato Amigo Zachary K Hubbard Es algo inofencivo. Saludos desde colombia

  8. Thank GOD! Real gemantria and not that made up milo bullshit!!!

    1. Milo aka "Everything points to Spurs winning every year bc Im the stupidest motherfucker alive" That Milo?

    2. Or the "LOL so I grabbed random numbers from out my ass and I'm gonna explain how my fanboy crush team is going to win BASED off of systems that guys behind the scenes manipulate" but yeah that guy too

  9. This guy knows something...

    Brad Gilbert
    Brad Gilbert – ‏@bgtennisnation

    T-57 mins for monster game 3 Dubs vs OKC got my trusty Dubs thermal long sleeve on, @KlayThompson going for 34 Dubs get huge win 126-113
    4:10 PM - 22 May 2016

    126+113 = 239 (America's age)

    239 is the 52nd Prime Number

    "Klay thompson" in the English Reduction system equals 52
    Oklahoma City = 52
    Dubs = 46
    Game three = 46

    5+22+16 = 43 reflection of 34
    5+22+1+6 = 34

    Game is in OKC
    OKC = 63 jewish gematria
    5+22+20+16 = 63

    1. "Brad gilbert" in the English Gematria system equals 440

    2. T minus fifty seven mins = 93/111

  10. Warriors 47 - OKC 72 at the half.


  11. This shit is set in stone. the 3 sacrifices for Lebrons 3 rings. OKC winning on the day before All Star weekend with connections to NBA finals on that day. It just setup pefectly. That 5.1 earthquake, and finally GS scoring 118 = death. OKC Cle finals with Cle winning in 5 or 7 it seems

  12. I think if it's cavs Okc in the finals cavs win in 5

  13. i think gs will win 3 in a row end up 4-2, which make them the favorite to win. And cavs in 6