Tuesday, May 31, 2016

33 42 57 113 119 137 161 239 | NBA Finals Preview, Warriors and Cavs all-time, and the 2015-16 regular season games

Notice the Cavs and Warriors have played 107 times in the regular season, if you count the playoff games, which were the six they played in last year's NBA Finals, they have played 113-games against each other.  We just saw Cleveland enter the NBA Finals winning with 113-points.

Mainstream = 113
Dishonest = 113
Kobe Bryant = 113 (The Joe Jellybean Prophecy)
Michael Jordan = 113

If this series goes to Cleveland 4-2 as I anticipate, they will have played 119-games against each other.

All Seeing Eye = 119
Star of David = 119

Notice Cleveland enters the NBA Finals with 51 regular season wins.  When the NBA season began in 2015, Cleveland had not won a pro sports championship since '64, 51-years ago.

Cleveland = 51
LeBron James = 51

If you count their total wins including the NBA Finals, Golden State has 60 and Cleveland has 53.  If Cleveland were to win the series 4-2, Cleveland would have 57-wins all-time against Golden State, the number connected to Championship.  If they won 4-2, Golden State would finish with 62-wins all-time, kine of like the June 2 start to the NBA Finals this year.

Fifty-Seven = Championship = Super Bowl; World Series = 57

We saw Villanova win its fifty-seventh tournament game in the championship this season.  Foreshadowing for Cleveland?  Of course we know how 106 mph train wrecks are connected to Philadelphia and basketball championships, but are they also connected to LeBron James who starred in his first movie by that name at the end of last season?

The last time the teams played, January 18, the Warriors won 132-98.  Last year, the train wreck was on May 12, the 132nd day of the year.  If you go back and revisit my work on that wreck, '98' was the number coded into the wreck heavily, and the Cavs and Warriors met in the finals going to overtime 98-98, after last playing 98-days earlier, February 26, 2015.  Prophet = 98

From that game to the start of the NBA Finals June 2, is a span of 137-days, the thirty-third prime number.

Nike is located in the 33rd State Oregon, their slogan is 'Just Do It'.  I bring that up because the game was on January 18 or 1/18.

Just Do It = 118

It was a big news story earlier this year when Curry chose Under Armour over Nike, causing Nike's stock to slip...

From the game prior, December 25, to the start of the NBA Finals, is 161-days, a number connected to 239, like the age of the country.

Phi = 1.61 
(Phi = 16+8+9 = 33)

Notice also the span of 23-weeks.

Notice Cleveland scored 83-points 23-weeks ago.  83 is the 23rd prime number.  Golden State scored 89, matching up with 'King James'.

King James = 89

The league is scripted through James, not Curry.  Curry is just part of the narrative of LeBron.