Saturday, May 28, 2016

42 | 42-seaons ago, Bill Russell began coaching the Seattle Super Sonics

I forgot Bill Russell's Seattle connections...  he started coaching the Seattle Super Sonics 42-seasons ago, 1973-74.

Bill Russell = 42 (42-years ago)

Seattle on the 47th Parallel, home of the Seattle Supersonics, who are now the Oklahoma City Thunder.  Remember, the first NBA Championship was won by the Philadelphia Warriors in 1947.

Russell helped the Celtics win several of Boston's 17 NBA Championships.

NBA = 14+2+1 = 17

Bill Russell played his college ball in San Francisco, before playing his career in Boston.  Remember, Boston ended the Warriors home winning streak at 54-this season.

Oracle = 54

The mention of 1962... the Finals start this year on 6/2.  Philadelphia won the first championship.

Mason = 62

Notice the Warriors Titles are separated by 39-years.  Again, Revelation is based on the 39-Books of the Old Testament.

Warriors = 49 (Revelation = 49)

Tonight's game has 49 numerology.

5/28/16 = 5+28+16 = 49

Revelation is the book of 'prophecy'.

Dons = 52 (Prophecy = 52/106)

60 years ago!

Bill Russell = 42/60 (Nigger = 42/60)

Is his wingspan really 7'4"?  Maybe it is.

I love the quote from the 82-year-old.  82-games in a season.  Jordan had 82 birth numerology.

Some say cloning of people goes back to World War II.  Bill Russell made the perfect debut for a 'baseball' star, who would soon play for 'Boston'.

12/1/1953 = 12+1+19+53 = 85 (Basketball) (Boston)
Villanova won in '85, then 31-years later (Basketball = 22/31/85)

Notice, a former 'champion'.

Champion = 79 (79, 22nd prime)

I like the numbers used to communicate the dominance.

They lost in '57, eh?  To Wilt, the guy who would go on to set most of his records on dates with '113' connections.

Warriors = 49
Revelation = 49
*Warriors from Philadelphia, Philadelphia from Revelation

Jerry West is the logo of the league.  The Warriors 44th season in Golden State began with them chasing Jerry West's 44-year old record.

Jerry = 1+5+9+9+7 = 31
West = 5+5+1+2 = 13
Jerry West = 44 (Jerry West wore #44) (He is the logo of the NBA...)

Remember, the Oklahoma City Thunder, who the Warriors are playing, are originally from Seattle, Bill Russell's current home.

"If the Warriors can do their part, there's a chance in the weeks to come Russell will leave his Seattle area home for the Bay Area."  That means, if they win the Finals.

Seattle = 19+5+1+20+20+12+5 = 82