Monday, May 30, 2016

33 36 57 88 93 96 151 | Warriors advance to NBA Finals over Thunder, May 30, 2016

36 on the 151st day of the year?  Remember Villanova winning with a game summing to 151?  Villanova has gematria of '36', a big number in '2016'. 2016 = 20+16 = 36

From the last time the Warriors and Thunder played in the regular season until today, was 88-days.  The Oklahoma City Thunder lost in that game as well, 121-106, a sum of 227-points.  Notice that was 2-months and 27-days ago.

From the February 27 game that the Warriors won 121-118 until today, was 93-days.

Notice that was also 3-months and 3-days.

Steph Curry would score his 33rd point at the free throw line, making three in a row, bringing the score 93-86, over the Thunder.

He would then add one more three-pointer, bringing the score to '96'.

'96 is also the year of the wins record they broke.

It's also the year Kobe came into the league.  The Joe Jellybean Prophecy...

Kobe Bryant = 41
Golden State = 41
Fourteen = 41

Joe Jelly Bean drafted 41-years ago, 1975.

10-19 for Durant, 33% from the field for Westbrook.

You have to love that Curry and Thompson combined for '57'.

85 shots?  The Warriors were playing 'basketball'.  This was Golden State's 85th win of the season.