Sunday, May 22, 2016

33 84 | Morley Safer covered Vietnam at age 33 (Dead at 84, days before Obama's Vietnam trip)

The age of 33 pops, so does the year numerology of '1965' in light of Morley Safer dying at age '84'.

1965 = 19+65 = 84

Notice below the mention of '99%'.  It could be coincidence, but the number '523' is the 99th prime number, and on 5/23, or May 23, Obama will be in Vietnam.

In light of Safer dying at age 84 and being remembered for his work in Vietnam, a work before President Obama is supposed to travel there, let us document what is significant.

Morley Safer died the same day Flight 804 disappeared, a flight that disappeared 804-days after the 'Asian' plane, Malaysian Flight MH-370.

Do you see what is going on here?