Sunday, May 22, 2016

33 84 | Morley Safer covered Vietnam at age 33 (Dead at 84, days before Obama's Vietnam trip)

The age of 33 pops, so does the year numerology of '1965' in light of Morley Safer dying at age '84'.

1965 = 19+65 = 84

Notice below the mention of '99%'.  It could be coincidence, but the number '523' is the 99th prime number, and on 5/23, or May 23, Obama will be in Vietnam.

In light of Safer dying at age 84 and being remembered for his work in Vietnam, a work before President Obama is supposed to travel there, let us document what is significant.

Morley Safer died the same day Flight 804 disappeared, a flight that disappeared 804-days after the 'Asian' plane, Malaysian Flight MH-370.

Do you see what is going on here?


  1. Replies
    1. LeBron's birth year. Good point.

      LeBron James = 114
      Executive = 114

    2. This is some crazy shit. That flight 804 had 66 passengers, left at 23:09, all lebron numbers and they lost last night. Tomorrow should be interesting.

    3. Wish i picked up on your story regarding the horse that died at preakness on his 63rd race. Seems to be an omen, Liverpool lost the europa league final in the 63rd game of their season. Sevilla (Who beat them) Just lost the Cup final and it was their 63rd game.

      I new these things were scripted but i just cant get my head around the sheer magnitude of things, literally everything from American/UK Sports to world news is all coded together.

      Blows my mind how it all works, i definitively think these guys running the show no some serious shit about the universe and how it operates!

      Suppose thats the main answer were all looking for, if we even want to know that is..

    4. You have to remember there are Masons everywhere, and they are working by principles and rules, the same ones being exposed here and that you're learning about.

    5. If you think of the world as a kind of Disneyland, then the Masons would be like the workers, with the bottom rung doing the crap jobs running the rides and herding people through the lines, while the 33 Club get to hang out in the plush secret chambers underground with their Aryan clone army and Walt Disney's frozen head .

  2. Presidential foreign travel

    Number of countries visited:

    Barack Obama: 54 (through May 1)

    "Obama’s world farewell tour " in the English Reduction system equals 99

    "Noi Bai International Airport" in the English Reduction system equals 137

    age 54.

  3. Always scripted, always by the numbers. Psyops are as fascinating as they are obvious.

  4. All part of WW3. They're trying to get the Vietnamese to fight China again!

  5. He's going to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City..
    "Ho Chi Minh City" in the English Ordinal system equals 144
    "Hanoi" in the English Ordinal system equals 47

    1. May 23rd will be 36 days since Trump made his "7-11" comment. 117= fake terror, seven eleven= 128, Isil=128 in jewish gematria Never forget seven eleven= 110 Thirty six days later= 86, Angry birds= 117 was the top movie this weekend

    2. Yep! My observation would say the same! Where's Morely from again?

  6. Side note...Air Force One is designated a VC-25A. 223-26, kind of a Skull and Bones before God? It's top speed is Mach .92 or 630 mph, but it cruises at .84 or 575

    Good stuff.