Wednesday, May 25, 2016

33 38 47 67 | David Eagle and Nick Menza both had heart attacks on stage at the Baked Potato while playing for Ohm

So Nick Menza just died from a heart attack at the Baked Potato less than a week ago while playing a show there.  He had replaced David Eagle, who had died from having a heart attack, also at the Baked Potato, while playing drums.  David Eagle would die June 26, 2015 more than a month after the heart attack.

Where do the coincidences end?

DEATH = 4+5+1+20+8 = 38

The date of June 26, 2015 is curious for other reasons.  For one, it is the day that leaves 188-days left in the year.  '188' connects to the Bavarian Illuminati.

It was also a date with '67' numerology.

6/26/2016 = 6+26+20+15 = 67

Unreal, isn't it?

Their dearths from heart attacks came 330-days apart, or 47-weeks and 1-day.

Rock = 18+15+3+11 = 47 (Radio)

Recall how the 266th Pope visited the White House on the 266th day of the year, September 23, 2015.  The Date June 26 can be written 26/6.

Also recall how May 11, mentioned as the date of open heart surgery, connects to 'Saturn', or '511'.

The date of the celebration on July 9, from 9-11 also stands out.  Think about how 'murder' sums to '79', kind of like 7/9 for July 9.


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    1. I am guessing poison, but they had to have known that Eagle would just be hospitalized, then finished him off at later date for 330 days.

      Seriously, most of my work goes back to Mustaine, who released his newest album 120 days before Menza died, and 120-Illuminati.

      Not saying Dave is killing these guys, but he seems to be a focal point for the numbers. The 5:21 Burning Bridges song is killing me.

  2. Heart Attack =409. Percussion =49. Heart =194.

    In Jewish Gematria, Baked Potato =383 - like 38 both ways. Baked Potato =110. Cardiac =101.

    Bizarre =79, & thats how to best describe this story. Zach mentioned how Murder =79....In Menza's case the Baked Potato ended up being a - Spud Nick =97. Ha :)

  3. Eagle had his heart attack on 4-7-2015, atleast that is the last OHM show he played at the Baked Pot that I can find. Thats a 47.

    He would die 80 days later, or 11weeks 3 days. The heart attacks were 410 days apart.

    1. Get this shit, Eagle died 210 days before Megadeth released Dystopia then Menza died 120 days after. Add them together for the 330 days between deaths.

  4. Megadeth---63(Eagles Age)

    Megadeth Sacrifice---136

    Mustaine- --102(Menza died 120 days after Dystopia released)

    Mustaine Sacrifice- --175, 1050(Menza dies at 51)

    David Scott Mustaine---219(Evil is what Evil Does)

    David Scott Mustaine Megadeth---1696(J)

    696-Prince of Peace, Angel of Light, Illuminate

    I think you can see what's going on here.

    Megadeth Still Alive and Well---255

  5. This remind me of the South Park movie where Kenny has a heart attack and the doctor replaces his heart with a baked potato on accident. He wakes up for a few moments. Then it explodes and he dies.

    1. I remember that.

      Kenny---69, 414

      You killed Kenny---183, (Death-38)

      You bastard---126, 756, 928(J)(Exact match, jewish too, with Eighty Six)

      As in Kenny got 86ed.

      You Killed Kenny You Bastard- --309

    2. I'm sure it's just a coincidence.

    3. I get a bit of a stoner ref in there as well, baked and POTato.

  6. The location too. 3787 Cahuenga Blvd. 'Cahuenga' = 33
    'thirty seven eighty seven Cahuenga blvd' = 404 ( similar to 44 )
    From Eagles death (26-6-105), to Menza's death (21-5-2016) = 330 days ( like 33 )

    'Cahuenga Blvd' = 46. 'Studio City' = 46. 'Sacrifice' = 46
    Dave Mustaine born 13-9-1961. Nick Menza born 23-6-1964.
    Difference between the two births = 1044 days ( kinda like 144 )

    Few random ones just messin with dates and that :)

    Megadeth's album, 'Rust In Peace' = 131 in simple
    Rust In Peace released on Sep. 24th 1990.
    From 24-9-1990, to September 11th 2001 = Roughly 131 weeks
    Rust In Peace total album length = 40:44 . ( Like 444 )

    Their song, 'Tornado of Souls' runs 5:22 ( 322 seconds )
    'Tornado of Souls' = 59/s68 reduction.

    Their album, 'The World Needs A Hero', released May 15th 2001, 119 days before 11/9 or 9/11.
    'The World Needs A Hero' = 199 / 91
    Their next album in 2004 was titled,
    'The System Has Failed' = 199
    The System Has Failed was released Sep. 14th 2004, 1099 days after September 11th 2001. ( Like 199 )

    Sorry, was a bit rabbly :) .All the best anyway, Dar!

    1. Burning Bridges is 5:21 like the date of Menza's death. It all goes back to Mustaine, the 210 days dead before the new album for one and 120 after for the other is a dead giveaway.

  7. Ohm reference
    Georg Ohm of Ohm's Law ("Ohm's law states that the current through a conductor between two points is directly proportional to the voltage across the two points.")'s_law
    "georg ohm" in the English Gematria system equals 277 (59th prime number)
    "georg ohm" in the English Ordinal system equals 88
    "georg ohm" in the English Reduction system equals 52

    Heart attacks can sometimes be triggered by cardiac dysaryhthmias secondary to electrical dysfunction. Heartbeats are generally secondary to electrical function of depolarizing/repolarizing cardiac muscle causing the 'beat' or contraction and pumping of blood. It is during the resting phase of this process when the coronary arteries fill with blood and therefore perfuse the cardiac muscle.

  8. This is a bit far-fetched, but bear with me...
    Things that make hearts stop: Natural causes, 'lethal injection' (capital punishment or Kevorkianesque 'euthanasia' methods, or just straight up murder.
    "pfizer" in the English Gematria system equals 980
    "pfizer" in the English Ordinal system equals 80
    "pfizer" in the English Reduction system equals 44

    "lethal injection" in the English Gematria system equals 670
    "lethal injection" in the English Ordinal system equals 157
    "lethal injection" in the English Reduction system equals 67
    Made this policy statement on 3/28/2016 88th day of the year
    3/28/2016 2+2+8+2+1+6 = 22
    3/28/16 3+28+16 = 47
    6/26/2015 is 277 days before the 3/28/2016 policy statement
    3/28/2016 is 66 days before the 5/21/2016 death
    277+66=343 (7x7x7)
    Policy was not widely reported until 5/13/2016 or 47 days after the policy statement was originally made on 3/28/2016.
    5/13/2016 is 9 (3x3) days before the 5/21/2016 death.
    5/13/2016 is 323 (17x19) days after the 6/26/2015 death.

    Pfizer to acquire Anacor for $5.2B
    5/16/2016 article yet posted under 5/17/2016 news cycle.
    "anacor" in the English Reduction system equals 25
    "anacor" in the English Ordinal system equals 52

    Maybe some kind of ritual sacrifice for their new Anacor acquisition?

    1. That is great stuff. I knew OHM was about currents, but I never threw the heart attack in there. Also, Nyquist is about currents.
      Very curious indeed, considering MegaDeth has a Youthinasia album.

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  10. You are all correct. But have fun proving it! 43 93 231 19. And there's a hint to tie it all together.