Friday, May 27, 2016

67 223 239 | Pittsburgh Penguins and San Jose Sharks, Stanley Cup Finals 2015-16

Interesting time stamp.  Remember, the United States is 239-years old, and this year only U.S. teams made the NHL playoffs, not a single Canadian team.  Also, with the team from Pennsylvania knocking out the 'Lightning', I'm wondering if in the NBA team, originally from Pennsylvania, the Warriors, could come back and knock out the 'Thunder'?  The Penguins defeated the Lightning in seven games, and in game two of the NBA Western Conference Finals, there was a clue that the series might go to game seven.

The caption also has interesting gematria, 161, connecting to Phi, and 404, like a computer error.

If I knew more about the teams and players, this headline might have a major clue within it.  For now though, if it does, it evades me.

Did you know the first Stanley Cup was awarded in 1893, 223-years ago?

Stanley = 24/33/96

The Penguins have won the Stanley Cup three times; 1991, 1992 and 2009.  They joined the NHL for the 1967-68 season, meaning this is their forty-ninth season in the league, special number.

The San Jose Sharks joined the NHL in 1991, the year the Penguins won their first Cup.  They began in 1967, just like the Penguins, as the Oakland or California Golden Seals.  Interestingly enough, 'California Golden Seals' sums to 93, and the San Jose Sharks moved to their current home in '93.

I haven't done the homework on the coaches or the players, but I see the parallel between the two teams who are meeting this year.


  1. Alright hockey ppl whose winning?

  2. The big indicator towards the Sharks, for me, is that for the past 5 years or so they have been picked by pundits to win it all and fell short. This year no one picked them, and they finally make the finals. Need more research...

    1. San Jose Sharks = 42
      The divisors of forty-two sum to 96 like 'Stanley'.
      Sixteen = 33/42/96...

    2. would you say pitt is the clear cut fav in terms of hype/eye test?

    3. Hype goes to Pitt all the way. Would be their 6th cup, not sure how many appearances they've had. 6 would match the Steelers for a nice 66 for that town.

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    5. Nice. Im gonna bet sharks first 2 games. They should win one. The odds are so close that this is either all in favor of the dog or a long series

    6. Ooops, 6th finals, it would be 4th cup.

  3. Western Conference has won the past 4 straight Stanley Cups

  4. Here is the reference sheet for all NHL teams gematria.

    I did one for MLB baseball also. Still working on it

    1. Thanks. Gut feeling says Sharks win. Pitt is -150 / SJ +130

      SJ is the lower seed but almost close to even money. Guaranteed money that SJ will win one of the first 3 games. Prob first 2 to shift the series odds.

    2. Also penguins have the 131 connection with Bryan Rust, born May 11, the 131st day of the year

    3. was he picked up midseason or on the roster from beginning?

    4. He had always been a penguin. Drafted 10, the year after their last trip to the finals. Born 5-11-92.(24 years old) ESPN had a :33 clip showing his two goals the other night.

      55 goals, born 5-11, stands 5-11.

  5. So ESPN asks on a Video who will win the Champions league. 1:32 timestamp and to see who will win they have a contest on who gets the most pigeons by feeding....

    1. Pigeons = 85
      Atletico = 85
      Real Madrid = 85

      Not giving much away on this one!

    2. jmontz your on Real Madrid losses tomorrow, Golden State wins Game 6, correct?

    3. Montz please break that down. You said if Madrid wins GSW wins. Because of the Ninety goals connection.

      Pigeons equal 510 Real Madrid 510.

    4. Sorry guys i must not be making it clear. Basically Warriors will have the reverse result to Real Madrid as that has been the pattern if the 3 games of the series that were played on the same day as other events.

      So if Real win, Warriors lose
      Real Lose warriors win.

      However this isn't an exact science, who's to say both Real Madrid and Warriors dont win on the 149th day?

      Both Have name gematria of 49.

      @ Zack, thats what i think will happen but the final is really hard to call so dont be surprised if it goes either way. If your thinking about betting on the Champions league i'd leave it, the odds are only 11/10 for Atletico to win it anyway so not missing anything massive if they do.

      @ Warri Madrid finished on 90 points in their season. Ninety = 33. They lost 69 days ago to Atletico 1-0 at home. Atletico finished on 88 points. Eighty Eight = 69.

      The game also has date numerology of 69. Real Madrid also have a ton of 41 connections that are linked to the final.

      Zidane took over 145 days before the final. Zinedine Zidane = 145. Took over on 4th jan 4/1.. 41. Ref is age 41, appointed 18 days before the final. Real = 18. Soo many more connections with this final but trying to find the really significant ones has been a problem.

      Diego Simeone (Coach of Atletico) Has gematria of 35. 149 is the 35th prime. He also has gematria of 80. (Sevilla = 80 who won the other european cup).

      As you can tell its a hard one to call.

  6. With all the train wrecks this past year and last year in Pennsylvania I would not be suprised if the Penguins win.

  7. As of the end of the regular season Pitt has played exactly 3800, 1685 wins, 1619 loses and having tied 383. San Jose has 1902 reg games, 883 wins, 773 loses, 121 ties.

    Lots of 38-83 on them like the Warriors. I think SJ wins.

    1. By them I mean Pitt. Pronoun Fail.

    2. Didnt someone say sharks are mentioned in the bible somewhere? revelation maybe?

    3. Not sharks specifically, beast from the sea, felt like a stretch, as the beast has no shark like qualities except coming from the water.

      Revelation 13:1, which does have to do with 7 heads with 10 horns and 10 crowns, but no sharks.

    4. Ok. My pick is San Jose just by going by odds and what you've told me about Pitt being viewed as the fav in public
      eyes. Cali needs a winner when GS loses.

    5. The nearest thing to a shark in the Bible is the Big Fish that swallowed Jonah, who by the way:

      Jonah - 10+15+14+1+8 = 48
      Jonah - 1+6+5+1+8 = 21
      Jonah - 600+50+40+1+8 = 699

  8. Hmm so Pigeon equals 66 Like Thirty three, Lebron and Charles. Then 396 Like Lebron and Charles.

    Then 510 in Pigeons and Real Madrid.

    RM=13 AND 31. ALSO 186 which equals Conspiracy.


    1. This is the 61st champions league season. Sixty first = 2014.

      2014 Champions League final: Real Madrid 1-1 Atletico Madrid.

      Real went to win 4-1 in extra time, so theirs the 41 connections again. Im really torn on this i keep leaning from Real Madrid to Atletico.

      Real are going for their 79th trophy.
      Ronaldo = 79
      Cristiano Ronaldo = 79

      If Real win it expect Ronaldo to be the match winner.

    2. I like the 13 - 31 connections like Lebron. Maybe theirs a link here. Ronaldo is also 31 years old.

      He limped out of training on Tuesday with a 'Thigh Injury'

      Thigh Injury = 149. Said he's fine for Saturday.

      Their does seem to be so many connections for real madrid, but their also was for liverpool and what was telling in that final was they lost their domestic cup final to man city 3-1 on penalties. They then went on to lose the next final 80 days after 3-1. Sevilla = 80.

      Sevilla ended on 52 points. Fifty two = 124 (Like Liverpool + St Jacob Park) Also Prophecy.

      So that being said the fact Atletico won 69 days prior to the final and then finished on points that = 69, and Real finishing on points = 33 Could be significant. This is the hardest game ive tried to call.

  9. Penguins are in their 48th season. They won 48 regular season games. The series could end on 6/6/2016, 6+6+20+16 = 48.
    That is also the 158th day of the year. Their captain Sydney Crosby = 158. Penguins in a sweep.

    1. Ill take that bet. No sweep guaranteed

  10. Heres a nice Lupercalia story that might provide some clues

    It's a story about 150,000 penguins that starved to death becase they were trapped by ans Iceberg of all things.

    It's form 2/13/2016
    which is 44 days since start of year and 322 days til end of year

    Hmmm, 44 and 322.

    150,000 penguins perish after giant iceberg traps colony -- 494/224/2063

    Notice the story was posted at 3:36

    Lets take a look at the "reporter"

    Jareen -- 53/26/731
    Imam -- 36/18/70
    Jareen Imam -- 89/44/801

    53, 26, 36, 44 and an Imam to boot.

    Notice the Icebergs designation

    B09B -- 2+9+2 = 13

    perfect number for a killer iceberg and notice the story has 13 photos and it has 11 bonus photos of climate change.

    iceberg - 9+3+5+2+5+18+7 = 49
    iceberg - 9+3+5+2+5+9+7 = 40
    iceberg - 9+3+5+2+5+80+7 = 111

    climate change - 3+12+9+13+1+20+5+3+8+1+14+7+5 = 101
    climate change - 3+3+9+4+1+2+5+3+8+1+5+7+5 = 56
    climate change - 3+20+9+30+1+100+5+3+8+1+40+7+5 = 232

    Because of "climate change" plenty of penguins were 86'ed

    penguin - 16+5+14+7+21+9+14 = 86
    penguin - 7+5+5+7+3+9+5 = 41
    penguin - 60+5+40+7+200+9+40 = 361

    I wonder if the gematria of iceberg matches shark, and don't sharks eat penguins?

    1. Brother did an article about this. Check it out on extra class

    2. Brother Berg* on extra capsa

    3. Brother Berg* on extra capsa

  11. San Jose Sharks 98 points 98th season of play..that penguuin article really got me thinking though
    game 1 = 71 can't find any ties to either team for this number so i will use the reversal 17 John McCarthy Pittsburgh Penguins 1107 Bryan Rust 17 Rust > McCarthy penguins win
    game 2 = 43 can't find any ties to either team for this number but i did find Pittsburgh 3 cups, 4 cons penguins win
    game 3 = 46 sharks won 46 games sharks win
    game 4 = 48 penguins win 48 seasons and games penguins win
    game 5- 51 penguins = 51 Penguins win series on a day that matches their number game 5..5 games since west last win it east now breaks that record.
    games 3, 4, and 5 (sharks penguins, penguins) are predictable 1 and 2 could really be up in the air..
    being real..the penguins are a better team the sharks are just in a more competitive division..what these games will simply come down to is the officiating..if the refs call it tight then the Penguins will win easily..Sharks are a very physical team..Sidney Crosby will be active in this trying to do everything in his power to get the power plays..If the refs let them play and don't call anything Sharks win..

  12. game 2 6/1/2016 = 43 #43 scores game winning goal in overtime