Monday, May 30, 2016

33 42 48 90 223 | Warriors vs Thunder, Game 7 Halftime, Western Conference Finals, May 30, 2016

Notice the Thunder had 48 points at halftime.  This reminds of their name.  Remember, '223', the '48th prime'.

The Warriors '42' stands out as well.

Stephen = 33/42
NBA Finals = 33/42

The total sum of '90' points also fits in.  This is the game to determine who goes to the NBA Finals.  Golden State Warriors sum to 90/108...

Ninety = 33 (NBA Finals)

Update:  Warriors off to hot start in third quarter.  Remember this shot should the Warriors win the game... it is Curry with the referee of 'prophecy', the last minute substitution.


  1. Replies
    1. Warriors are winning. Did some research on Curry's sponsor Under Armour. Very interesting to say the least.

    2. Lebron signed a lifetime deal no way he loses to an under armour guy two years in a row.

    3. If Lebron loses, I will retire from truthseeking

  2. I'm talking about this game. Curry is signed until 2024.

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  4. Also "Oklahoma City Thunder" = 301 in Bacon Gematria, and
    103 in reduced Bacon Gematria.

  5. GS loses back to back after 12-0 on the 13th game making them 1-3* then they come back win 3 in a row on the 30th 13 days later the night before the 31st - man what a sick joke!