Sunday, May 22, 2016

33 63 133 | Thunder go up 2-1 on Warriors, May 22, 2016

Notice Oklahoma City won with 133-points.

Other things that stand out, 62-points in the first quarter combined.  The NBA Finals start June 2, or 6/2.  Notice the Oklahoma City Thunder scored 34-points in the first quarter.  Oklahoma City = 61, and 61 is the 34th prime.

In the first half, the Warriors finished with 47-points, and combined, the two teams scored 139-points.  139 is the 34th-prime, coming back to Oklahoma City's score in the first quarter.  We can see how from the beginning the game was set.  Notice the Warriors lost by 28, scoring 28 in the opening quarter.  If you add one through seven, it totals 28. This could be a clue for Game 7.

The Warriors scored 33 in the third, in the loss.

Three of eleven from three-points land, with a -39 for the MVP.

42-combined points for Steph and Klay, the Splash Brothers.

Meanwhile, 63-points for Durant and Westbrook, with Durant leading the way at 33, a former NBA MVP.  The 63-points goes with '2016' and today's date.

5/22/2016 = 5+22+20+16 = 63

Durant going 12-12 at the line stands out.  12x2 = 144

Westbrook going 10-19 and 9-11 also definitely stands out.

A lot pops, look it over yourself.

A quick point:  The NBA MVP was made an award in 1955, emphasis on '55.  I often think about how 'satan' worship is 'self' worship, and the MVP is about a man before the team.  Satan = 55  Anyone remember that Durant commercial in the treehouse the year he won the MVP?  Go back and witness all the fives.