Friday, May 27, 2016

Kevin Love during the May 27, 2016 press conference after winning Eastern Conference Finals (Sad body language)

Look at the facial expressions.  Look at the body language.  It looks like they're at a funeral.  Kevin Love was asked a question from a reporter but he didn't even lift his head from the floor it was looking towards (perhaps he was texting?), LeBron had to get his attention, to which Love responded, "Have Kyrie answer the question."

I mean, what the fuck is going on?  What is the NBA actually selling here?  Little kids watch this and look to these athletes for how to behave.  Is Kevin Love protesting something?  Is he bitter about going to the NBA Finals?

Honestly, I wonder if these guys are sad because they know I'm about to make another video exposing their fraud asses.

LeBron with 13 makes in his 13th season on the way to the NBA Finals with '33' points...